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HANDS OF STONE 2011 - M. Skalski the best! >>>

 HANDS OF STONE 2011 - M. Skalski the best! # Armwrestling #


On the 11th of June 2011, entertainment Hall of the Błoński Cultural Center has become the arena of Polish (with a hint of international, since there was one representative of Ukrainie – Igor Miroszkin strating) armwrestling, all through the tournament called HANDS OF STONE 2011.
An organizer (Dominik Gliński ) prepared nine weight classes, ranging from 65 kg men by Women and Mastersi OPEN,  Men OPEN Amateur, to the heaviest category +90kg and OPEN, which as usual brought the most excitement. Let’s remind that in each class there were prize money to win from 50zl to 500zl, so there was what to fight for. Awards were funded by the Mayor of Błonia Mr. Zenon Reszka, as well as private sponsors, for what many thanks for them.


20110614113233_DSC_2591.JPG65kg Class

Here,  the  leader  was  Dariusz  Wisniewski  from Pyton  Warszawa Club,  who  entered  directly  the  cup-finals  without any defeat  by  beating  such  successful  competitors  as  Maciej Gralak, Damian Kotlarz  (both  gentlemen  competed  in  the  semi final,  won  by  Maciek),  Chris  Krystian Korbiel or Damian Kuśnierczyk.  Finally,  in  the  final  Maciej Gralak appeared,  who  this  time  had  to  accept  the  superiority  of  the  competitor  from  Suwałki  - Dariusz  Wisniewski.







20110614113233_DSC_2649.JPG70kg Class

Was probably one of the fastest category in the tournament due to the small number of participants. Only two competitors from Warsaw entered for the competition - Tomasz Rucz and Mariusz Podgórski, the second one latter went directly to the cup-finals, beating Tomek Rucza and Mateusz Macanowicz. In the semi finals, Tomasz Rucz with a rapid attack to the top beat Mateusz and in the cup-final met his teammate Mariusz Podgórski, who this time was unbeatable.





80kg  Class

Category, which brought the first tournament sensation. Dark horse of this category was Kamil Pachla from Nisk, who surprised everyone winning with always strong Mariusz Chodyna  from Wyszków. Fights of these two competitors were really what is the essence of professional Armwrestling. In their duels everything that made the contest to be on a high sports level could be seen (from bursting through to the fights in the belts, to the loud cries issued by both players), and gathered audience watching fights of these athletes was really moved.

Finally, in the final Kamil Pachla won. Right behind him came Mariusz Chodyn. Piotr Dadanow, a competitor from Jaworzno ranked third.


90kg Class

More and more kilograms, more and more excitement, and the next sensation... The winner of this category was Michał Węglicki from Mława, who defeated the so titled competitor as Maricin Molenda from Jaworzno (second place), or Natan Kajdas from Jaworzno (third place).
20110614113233_DSC_4553.JPG+90kg Class

There was just one favourite of this category - Marcin Skalski from Piaseczno. Marcin in the final beat the Ukrainian competitor Igor Mirosznik. The third place took Mariusz Grochowski  from Jaworzno.
 OPEN Amateur Class
This category can be described in two words -. This player easily won the class, defeating Bartek Wiatrowski in the final. Third place went to Piotr Palczewski.

So there is a new Armwrestling star growing - Jan Żółciński, who if gains more experience, will be able to easily compete for gold medals at the Polish Championships and the Polish Cup..




OPEN Masters Class

This category was won by Janusz Bukowski from Mława who defeated Piotr Palczewski in the cup-final. Third place went to Wojciech Waleśko from Pyton Warszawa.

Women OPEN Class

Bezapelacyjnie zwyciężyła , która w finale pokonała debitantkę owych zmagań. Trzecie miejsce przypadło Sylwi Klag.
Decisively Damińska Asia from Łódź who in the final defeated an debutant of Armwrestling struggles-Agnieszka Wódecka won. Sylwia Klag ranked third.

20110614113233_DSC_4523.JPGMen OPEN Class

Judging by what Marcin Skalski did in the category of +90 kg it could have seem that in the OPEN class he will go without a hitch, so would smoothly cope with his opponents. Unfortunately, wewere wrong. Without any loss to the finals came not Marcin, but a competitor from Ukraine - Igor

In the semi final Maricn Skalski met another sensation of this event - Emil Wojtyra from Węgrów (4th place of 90kg class). Lusting for revenge for the lost elimination duel with Igor - Marcin easily coped with much lighter competitor form Węgrów and a long-awaited finale was approaching fast.
What we saw in the finale, exceeded our expectations. I think that the fight of Marcin and Igor can  easily compete for the title of the FIGHT OF THE YEAR 2011. After long and fierce duels, in which it was close for both these competitors to struck a hand to the opponent to a side pad. Accompanied by the loud doping of fans finally Marcin Skalski won. And the representative of Piaseczno took home the main Cup and the prize money of 500zl.
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