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On the 2nd-3rd September 2011 in Istanbul (Turkey) after two years break, an international tournament, "Murat Boyraz” will be held. The competition will be divided into five men classes: up to 65kg, 75kg, 85kg, 95kg, +95 kg, and two women classes: up to 55kg and +55 kg. The two-day competition will take place on both the left and right hand.

As befits the international competitions, the organizers provide quite high prize money. In men classes there are to win: right hand - I place - $ 1,000, II place - $ 500, III place - $ 200, left hand: I place - $ 500, II place - $ 300, III place - $ 100. Whereas in women classes there are to win: right hand: I place - $ 500, II place - $ 300, III place - $ 100, left hand: I place - $ 300, II place - $ 200, III place - $ 100.




This is the first edition of this tournament after a two years organizational break. Immediately the question arises, why such a good tournament had a break and if it really will take place this year? The, We asked the Vice President of the European Armwrestling Federation - Igor Mazurenko from Poland to explain this situation.

Virtually all began in 2009.

Well, in 2009 at the European Championships in Bulgaria, the president of Turkish Federation - Ahmet Hadimoglu arrived and informed the EAF Director, that the organizer of the tournament, "Murat Boyraz" is not a member of the Turkey Federation, and thus the European Armwrestling Federation. Thus, the tournament is illegal and suspended, and all the competitors of Turkish Team are prohibited from starting at these competitions. In addition, Ahmet Hadimoglu as the Vice President of the EAF at the Congress of the European Federation put to the vote the ban of start of other players, who are members of the EAF at the tournament "Murat Boyraz”. Members of the EAF in a public vote agreed with the proposal, and since 2009 the tournament "Murat Boyraz" due to the lack of a strong competitors was suspended by the organizer.

20110615141335_547.jpgHowever, in recent months in Turkey, and specifically in Turkish Federation, there have been big changes. Ahmet Hadimoglu was dismissed from the functions of the President of Turkish Federation. Ahmet, as a person who signed a contract to host the European Championships - Turkey 2011 did not keep a single point of the contact, thus the EAF at the last congress of the European Federation also dismissed Ahmet Hadimoglu of the functions of the EAF Vice President. Thus loophole for the tournament "Murat Boyraz" organizer has opened so the possibility to re-restore of an international tournament appeared, which is becoming more popular in Europe.

And how will the tournament go we will get to know at the beginning of September this year.



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