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A. Pushkar -  strength, power, speed!  >>>

A. Pushkar -  strength, power, speed!  # Armwrestling #



Much will depend on the draw! - says Andrey Pushkar four days before the World  Cup


We have managed to ask Andrey a few questions before he starts to pack for travel, to Poland. 

How well prepared do you feel? 
Andrey Pushkar: I'm in a form I have expected to reach before these competitions. All goes according to the plan. In every aspekt: strength, power, speed, it’s all right! 

A life form? 
Andrey: I think so. But, my rivals probably, say the same about their form. There, at the Cup there will not be anyone who is poorly prepared. So that eventually the table will show?. 

Did you change anything in preparation compared with the previous season? 
Andrey: Yes! As I’m gaining experience, I can see more details, and it’s followed by changes. As well as in trainings , my diet, and other areas.


The best diet for a competitor of your weight is…? 
Andrey: A lot, or even more, good food :-) 

Thanks, this is a simple way. Are you going to have any special weapon at this year's Cup? 
Andrey: Yes, I am! Every athlete has his secret method. 

What kind of? 
Andrey: It's a secret! 

Who else, besides yourself, can you see on the podium at this Cup? 
Andrey: It all depends on how the ladder will be drawn. In my opinion the difference better-worse between the lead is about two percent. The most important is the order of the fights. Who will meet whom? Who will come first?

So what do you think of your chances? 
Andrey: Nemiroff is such a tournament that entering the top three is already a success. 

Okay, so who will be standing near? 
Andrey: On the left hand Travis Bagent and Denis Cyplenkov are most likely to. On the right hand for sure also Denis and for sure Jerry Cadorette. 

See you in Poland! 
Andrey: Follow me!


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