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Press Conference and the account of the weighting >>>

Press Conference and the account of the weighting # Armwrestling #



A conference at the Hilton Hotel. Firstly, Mrs Iwona Guzowska a member of parliament, supporting Armwrestling for several years and genuinely supporting struggles of the World Cup, honored us with her presence. We must stress that Mrs Guzowska feels perfectly among athletes and it is still a natural environment for her. We had to wait for Denis Cyplenkov. Therefore, once a question about his obvious rival was asked: - "Travis, do you think that Denis is late because he is afraid to look you in the eye?" And that moment the question was "passed" to Cyplenkov. Travis was pulling dangerous faces, but looking in his eyes is hard to believe that it he is not as bad as he tries to show. Whereas Denis looked tired of journey. HeH  evaded questions and sat slightly to the side. Cyplenkov must have been really tired. But Travis was shining among journalists. John Brzenk appeared at the conference for the first time as a player but not as a Special Guest and a trainer of the American team. John said that now without the pressure of the result can fully appreciate how impressive emotion are brought by the World Cup. John as the coach of the Americans appears to be optimistic and hopes that someone from the USA will take away Denis at least one Cup.

 Our "old, good friend," Rustam Babayev looks to be stronger and bigger than he was when I saw him for the last time. It is exceptionally quiet and well disposed. I wonder if will fight effectively in the open. The least visible at the conference was Andrey Pushkar - but he looks the most impressive of everyone we saw at a table in the Hilton Hotel. Andrey said little, but experts saw characteristic features on his shoulders - a good strength and conditioning form. As cycling fans get to know if a player is in good shape while looking at their feet and, so armwrestlers can assess the preparation of a competitor looking at his arms and forearms. Another United States representative Jerry Cadorette we finally saw at the weighing ceremony! And I’ll tell you, that he looks impressive! There is a certain concept among experts and some supporters that the Americans will 'set' with each other against Denis. Anyway, it will be interesting. Now let’s moved to the venue and look forward to the remaining players. For now, at 08.00p.m. Polish time – some of them still need to do weight. Bagent is getting late, may he believes that presence at the conference is enough?

Tomorrow, the event starts at 9.00. watch us, the excitement guaranteed!

The Chassis band in an excellent form, the hall has a great sound system, we waiting for more than sport excitement!



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