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ARMFIGHT #41 Shrek’s way >>>

ARMFIGHT #41 Shrek’s way # Armwrestling #

First of all I’d like to underline, that three comperes of the ARMFIGHT #41 in Stara Zagora: the beautiful Weronika Bonkova and two gentleman made a great show! ()

They had a perfect contact with the audience which shared the excitement and cheered the competitors in following rounds. Of course it would have all been of a little avail if the fights hadn’t been so marvelous, and that’s merit of the Great Eight.

Secondly, the referees deserve praise. There was no lapse that could have an impact on the score. I have only one remark to the referees working at the table. Sometimes, as they made a decision after a consultation with the side referees – they forgot of the spectacular indication of the winner of the particular round. It made a little harder to find out what the score was for the people less familiar with our discipline. It’s just a trifle, however worth to mention.

Thirdly, the Bulgarian hosts showed how proud they are of the fact that they entertain such notabilities as John and the other players. The worm atmosphere, fondness and respect – they will for sure tell about them as they come back home.

Fourthly I’m obligated to announce the verdict of the female audience in case of the selection of the most handsome competitor. Definitely and with no doubts the winners were Dmitriy Trubin and Igor Miroshnik. Krasimir ranked the second. As to the rest opinions were equivocal. The classification was closed by Todd and Terens (sorry).

Fifthly... whose idea was is to call Arsen “Shrek”?! Why is he making endeavour it to take root in media? It’s a huge misunderstanding! Young, handsome, smiled and... Shrek! It looks like a kind of conspiracy, and I’ll be returning to this matter.

Arsen Liliev, I was observing him form the first day, from Monday, even before the official meetings and drawing. At first he seemed to be a little muffled, which I put down on the long journey. Later... he also did not gleam among the other players, he did not smile much. I asked him outright and Arsen told me what it looked like – “ Going to Bulgaria I was in a fighting mood, even aggressive. I wanted even to eat them all raw! Now, as I’m looking at the I’m beginning to doubt it.

I do not accept second places! I must win!” On Monday and Tuesday, as the time of the start was getting closer, the players were joking less, the English-speaking group kept together, the rest look like they were looking for a moment of solitude, each one was concentrating in their own way. Arsen began to smile.

But he was not at all satisfied with the drawing. He wanted to meet John Brzenk at the beginning. He wanted him to be able to verify the “Legend”. However the fate pointed out Dmitriy Trubin as the one to be the first to check the American’s form. What it all looked like you’ve already know from the previous articles, 6:0 and that’s all. Let’s get back to Arsen. His opponent in the first fight, the player form the South Africa was really happy after the drawing. He stressed that he knew his place in a raw, but he really wanted to spring up among these elitist armwrestlers. He did not spring up in the duel with Arsen and he had no chances! Fast four to fast zero and goodbye. Arsen came back to the changing room and ate the last piece of chocolate. Dmitriy was nervously fidgeting in front of the hall, looking for coolness and shade.

Their fight was quite readable. The one to the top, and the second one too, the one to disruption and the second one too. Next day Dmitriy said that his hand hurt him so much that he hardly washed his face! It was a hard fight although the result does not show it. After the fight Arsen was already calm, he knew that whoever he meets in the final – will be less threatening opponent than the Kazakh. And so it was, the fight with Todd distinctly confirmed his predominance. As of yet – Arsen is unbeatable. Will any of the other ARMFIGHT #41 players be able to imperil him? Trubin announces that he will be training a lot and stresses that it’s Worth to develop in this sport for such players as Arsen. So the return fight? When and where? I think everything will be clear before the leaves turn yellow.

In conclusion I remind you that I’ll try to find out why the champion Arsen is called Shrek. Who’s behind that and whom or what purpose does it serve? That’s a problem!

In the picture: Arsen and the author. Tell me if any of us is similar to Shrek.



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