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Tiberiu “Chesterik” Mihalcea RATING STORES IN Las Vegas >>>

Tiberiu “Chesterik” Mihalcea RATING STORES IN Las Vegas # Armwrestling #

As PAL has already used us to the best armwrestling shows, we can only expect the same on June 28th 2012. ()

Michael Todd USA – Sergey Tokarev UKR

In my opinion, this is quite a mismatch. Although Tokarev is very technical and can adapt to any fighting style, he is not strong enough for Todd. The matches will probably be very tough but Michael will win them all in his specific style.

Score: 6 – 0

Todd Hutchings USA – Khadzimurat Zoloev RUS

This is the match everybody has been talking about and has been waiting for. As Arsen Liliev was too much for Todd Hutchings, he will face “the smaller brother” in a hook battle for the ages.

I will have to go with Todd’s weight and endurance advantage over Khadzimurat’s raw strength.

Score: 4 – 2

Tim Bresnan USA – Andrey Pushkar UKR

After seeing Bresnan almost defeat Devon Larratt in their super match, I can only assume that Pushkar is going to have a tough time.

Tim might take Andrey’s wrist and even win some rounds. It will be interesting to see if Tim can stop Andrey’s side pressure hit.

Score: 2 – 4

Devon Larratt CAN – Andrey Pushkar UKR

According to their prior achievements, Pushkar should win this match quite easy. Larratt would only have a chance in a hook but Andrey is not the kind of guy to let himself hooked.

Pushkar’s hit will be more than Devon will be able to handle. Andrey will retain his title!

Score: 1 – 5

Tiberiu “Chesterik” Mihalcea


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