THE TROPHY! # Armwrestling #

In the photo you can see the Belt of the World Champion of the PAL organization. Who will become his owner, we get to know on the 28th June in Las Vegas.


The Fight of the Evening, awaits us. It is this time unique because of the double role of  Andrey Pushkar and will be taking place as the first of the four fights at Vendetta in Vegas. In a six-round duel for the champion’s title the Canadian Devon Larratt and the Ukrainian Andrey Pushkar are going meet. Six rounds (or seven in case of a draw 3:3) will decide beyond questions which professional is the strongest on left arm.

You’ll be able to watch it all live. On our web page – you just need to click and from 09:00 p.m. of the Polish time the direct broadcast will be starting.

The Fight of the Evening will for sure go down in the history of our sport. But let’s not forget of the second struggle of Andrey Pushkar this evening. Right arm and Tim Bresnan as his opponent. The 28th June will be a hard day for this player.

The remaining two fights – in spite of the less valuable starters – will match the dramaturgy of the most important fight. So you’re welcome to see the broadcast from Las Vegas.

Until the evening of the 28th June Igor Mazurenko takes care of the belt. When will the trophy go next to Ukraine or Canada?

The 28th June 2012, the broadcast from 09.00p.m. of the Polish time


Vendetta in Vegas
Fights order:

Devon Larratt vs Andrey Pushkar – left arm

Michael Todd vs Sergey Tokarev – right arm
Todd Hutchings vs Khadzimurad Zoloev – right arm
Tim Bresnan USA vs Andrey Pushkar Ukraine – right arm