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The Lost Load >>>

The Lost Load # Armwrestling #

One important, significant but one of many others and next Vendetta in Vegas turned to be an extremely hard challenge. It was something that couldn’t have been expected! ()

This evening I answered the phone, it was Igor Mazurenko calling. He and Marcin “Chmiel” Mielniczuk have already came to Vegas. I expected to hear about their trip, but what I (and of course you now) heard was alarming news. Igor and Marcin’s whole luggage was lost!

Our crew doesn’t have CD with all the materials for TV. They have simply nothing they always take with to the tournaments. And the worse is that in the lost language were also T-shirts for the players. Specially designed and sew in Poland.

There is still a Chance to find the language, and the carrier (a well known company which name begins with ‘L’) promises, that they will find and deliver the lost cases today.

As today, filming of the interviews and players’ statements are planned and in the evening also the general rehearsal of the whole technical infrastructure.

"It has never happened to us before!" – told us Igor Mazurenko, and it could be heard that he really had a problem.

Stop-press new! Andrey Pushkar’s luggage was also lost!

Now, we’re waiting for some good news from Las Vegas!



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