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Las Vegas last bets! >>>

Las Vegas last bets! # Armwrestling #

This time I asked an excellent player from Russia to point his favorites. See yourself how Ivan sees the ARMFIGHT #42 duels. Check his accuracy during the direct account on our web page from 09.00 p.m. of the Polish time on the 28th June. ()

Ivan, what are your predictions for the fights in Las Vegas?

Ivan Matyushenko:

Devon Larratt (Canada) vs Andrey Pushkar (Ukraine) – left: 1-5 Andrey is much stronger left-handed. There are no chances for Devon. I have never seen Devon pulling lefty on a high level.

Michael Todd (USA) vs Sergiy Tokarev (Ukraine) – right 4-2 for Michael. Sergiy knows how to pull against Michael and he will do his best but he is physically much weaker to my mind. And Michael is in great form lately. Also he will use pal referring to his advantage.

Todd Hutchings (USA) vs Khadzimurad Zoloev (Russia) – right 4-2 to Zoloev. Todd looked great against Krasimir but Zoloev is much stronger than when he was pulling against Jerry. The only thing Todd will be able to do is to top roll Zoloev.

Tim Bresnan (USA) vs Andrey Pushkar (Ukraine) – right 6-0 for Andrey.




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