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MAZURENKO ON TOK FM # Armwrestling #

On February 2, Igor Mazurenko appeared in one of the most popular Polish radio stations TOK FM. ()

He was a guest in a weekly programme called “Los Polandos”. The host of the broadcast - Paul Sulik invites citizens of other countries living and working in Poland. The characters talk about how they see our country, and how they perceive their “otherness” when compared to “locals”. They also describe their work, they way they run business and they also talk about all the similarities and differences between us.

During an hour’s conversation Igor talked mainly about armwrestling.

He tried to explain to the audience, what our sport really is.

The second part of the conversation concerned the relationship between people living in Poland and Ukraine. All the listeners could see that there are few Poles who know Polish history as well as Igor does, a person who has lived here for “only” several years.
Another topic was World Championships. The event will take place in the beautiful seaside city of Gdynia this year, and it is billed as the best prepared competitions in the history of our sport.

For those who understand Polish a little, here is the link to the broadcast., 0.html

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