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„SEM” ABOUT HIS PLANS # Armwrestling #

On 18 February 2013, Sem was ranked first in the +90 category and in the open at a Ukrainian tournament „The Battle of the Titans”. ()

A good start of the season for the 36-year old athlete.

„The Battle of the Titans”

+ 90 kg.

Alex Semerenko (Krivoy Rog);

Denis Kovalev (Mykolaiv);

Vladimir Semenov (Energodar).


Alex Semerenko (Krivoy Rog);

Musayelyan Meagher (Mykolaiv);

Musayelyan Arthur (Mykolaiv).


Alexey has gone down in history as "the first serious opponent of Andrey Pushkar", however he’s not going to content himself with that. Admittedly, beating “Sem” resulted in Pushkar joining the group of world leading armwrestlers, though Alexey had been part of this group long before that. We all remember his matches in Poland where in 2005 he confronted John Brzenk and Farid Uzmanov.

We also remember the final of Lion Cup - Fitmax Challenge 2012 where, again, he was beaten by Andrey Pushkar.


Alexey, what are your plans for 2013?

Alexey: I’ll definitely take part in the „Moscow Absolute”. But I won’t compete in the Championship of Ukraine. I decided to prepare myself thoroughly for the second edition of the competition in Bulgaria (Alexey refers to the next edition of Armfight #41 - World Armfight Cup, held in June 2012). As Igor Mazurenko told me, there are many potential opponents in the US I could pull, so I’m looking forward to specific challenges.

From what we’ve learned it seems that PAL is interested in „Sem” taking part in this year’s matches.


Alexey Semerenko

Date of birth: 1977-04-12

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 112 kg

Biceps: 47 cm

Forearm: 50 cm

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