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LUBO WON’T RACE ALEXEY… # Armwrestling #

They won’t manage to race each other down the bobsleigh track. We’ve already informed you about the difficult situation of Alexey. Now Lubomir Jagnesak has joined the group of armwrestlers who decided to part with bobsleigh. ()

I don’t like it! I’ve just begun to support bobsleigh, I’ve just picked up my favourite of the Russian team (Alexey), I’ve been really glad that Voevoda would finally have a rival in the team of Slovakia, and all that for nothing!

During our telephone conversation, Lubomir Jagnesak announced that he’s definitely parting with bobsleigh. It can’t be helped. The good news is that he’s coming back to armwrestling!

What’s more, he’s in top form. Now he weighs 92 kilograms, the size of his biceps is 47 cm, forearm 43 cm. We can also expect an excellent body shape, stronger legs and general fitness. But the body shape counts for nothing in armwrestling!

Lubo experienced a serious right hand injury a few years ago.

Participation in tournaments brought about only pain and troubles. Now, however, his right hand is “almost ready”. Lubo has specific plans for the 2013 season.

He definitely wants to compete in the World Championships and NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2013. Will he take part in the European Championships in Lathuania? It’s not certain. But we know that he’ll miss Moscow A1.

Welcome back Lubo, we’re looking forward to your fights!

Lubomi Jagnesak


Born on 14 May 1987

Lives in Rabca;

Law graduate.

Many times:

Junior World Champion;

Senior World Champion;

Junior European Champion;

Senior European Champion;

Professionals’ World Cup winner;

Champion of Slovakia.

We’re looking forward to filling this table with new titles.




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