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Olesya Romanenko: Organizing events is my passion and that is what matters most. It’s also a rewarding job! ()

Name: Olesya Romanenko

Age (although it’s not appropriate to ask about that, we asked this question): 22;

City: Ekaterinburg (Russia);

Job: General Secretary of the Urals Federation of Armsport “The Bear”;

Interests: Armwrestling, music;

Hobbies: Music, going for walks with friends;

The most important things in people: kindness, loyalty, integrity, zeal;

Inspiration: This beautiful world ..;

The most important thing in life: to find fulfillment in life and achieve your goals.


When did you start to practise armwrestling?

Olesya Romanenko: At first I competed in a junior class for 2 years (from 2006 to 2008), and in 2010 I became a referee and the speaker referee at competitions. I also became a secretary-general. It was Yuri Wladyslavovich Zylinskov who talked me into that. The first competition that I ran was “The All Russian Urals Cup 2010” which was a part of an international tournament called “ The Golden Tiger”.

Are you going to compete in armwrestling tournaments?

Olesya: No. I chose to become an organizer of sports events, although my friends have tried to encourage me to compete in armwrestling tournaments. Organizing events is my passion and that is what matters most. It’s also a rewarding job! At the recent European Championships in Lithuania Igor Mazurenko handed me a diploma and an award for my work.


What do you think of the organization of the Lithuanian competition?

Olesya: I think it was a well-organized event. Each problem was immediately dealt with so the audience did not even notice that. The referees worked well as a team. Everyone knew what to do. I was at the European Championships for the first time and I immediately felt a part of that team. The referees did their best and I really liked that.


What do you do apart from sport?

Olesya: My job involves organizing sports events.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much to do with armwrestling. In my free time I do what most girls at my age do – I spend time with my friends and stuff like that.


In the pictures you’re acting as a mime?

Olesya: Yes, I sometimes act as a mime. The kids enjoy it! I used to perform in a theater, but now it’s just an additional job.

What about the tattoos on your arm? Do you have any other tattoos?

Olesya: The tattoo on my arm is my motto. It also helps me hide my scars. So far I have only tattoos on my arm and leg. But soon I will get new ones.

What scars do you mean?

Olesya: Oh, I got these scars when I was young  and they were as deep as if I fought with a bear. That’s why I got the tattoo.


The World Championships are around the corner. How are you preparing for them?

Olesya: The Ural Federation is carefully preparing our athletes both physically and mentally. As for me, I’m familiarizing myself with all the items on the agenda, I’ve consulted the technical director Martin Mielniczuk. Surely there will be more work than during the European Championships.

It seems that after the World Championships you’ll be the first to be certified to conduct competitions with the use of a computer program approved by the EAF. How do you feel about that?

Olesya: I’ll be happy! For a competitor the ultimate reward is Olympic gold. To me, that is the best award!

What would you like to say to all those who are in preparation for the World Championships?

Olesya: The motto of our Federation is “Steel muscles and strong nerves.” This is exactly what I wish you all, each and every competitor who is preparing for the championships. Remember, physical abilities are not the most important thing in armwrestling.

Thank you for the interview and see you in Gdynia!

Olesya: Thank you, and let me invite everyone to this tournament in Gdynia!

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