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Armwrestling icon is back? >>>

Armwrestling icon is back? # Armwrestling #

Let’s not forget about the background of this story. And about a group of people ready to risk and act, people with vision. ()

Armwrestling icon is back?

It was August 1985, Beverly Hills. One of Russian athletes admitted in an interview that having watched the film Over the Top, he knew exactly what he would be doing in his life. I guess it was Vasiliy Kuznetsov. But he was not the only to think this way. Had it not been for the tournament and the movie, there would not have gathered one thousand competitors at the upcoming world championships. That’s how it started…

But let’s not forget about the background of this story. And about a group of people ready to risk and act, people with vision.

Are they back in business?

e065ad_photo.jpgI think so. A lot will be going on in near future. Finally, competitors from both sides of the ocean have a choice!

It was August 1985, the matches started. Armwrestlers from United States, Canada, Israel and Japan competed in qualifications. Then the final match took place on 26 July, 1986. The event lasted 18 hours without a break! Of course, it was in Las Vegas.

The next year Over the Top was released starring Sylvester Stallone. It looked like a true story.

Will this atmosphere, scale and big money be back?

Let’s ask Marvin..

In 1985 a keen armwrestler and owner of a car showroom, Lori Cole met Marvin Cohen.

Is Alex Marvin Cohen a link connecting these two big events? I mean Over the Top and the World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships.

One thing is certain – we know little, but what we know is very exciting. Our competitors have already checked the flights from Europe to the USA. They are also trying to get visas. The strongest ones are thinking about the prize money and wondering how they would manage to transport the truck to their country. We haven’t felt such excitement for many years. Let’s take a closer look at the event.

Let’s hear from Marvin.


Marvin Alex Cohen? Hello! Are you organizing the World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships?

Marvin Alex Cohen: Yes, I am…

Marvin, it’s been many years since Over the Top was held and people still associate your name with this event.

Marvin Alex Cohen: At Over the Top I was responsible for all sponsorships which equaled 6 million dollars. I also provided the truck and prize money as well as hotel rooms and flights for hundreds of pullers.

Anything else apart from that?

Marvin Alex Cohen: Well, I was the one to show Stallone how to armwrestle. In the movie I made an appearance as Rick Z Bull Hurley.

Marvin, how come you came up with the idea of the World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships after so many years?

Marvin Alex Cohen: Joe Hand Promotions PPV Department of UFC approached me regarding armwrestling events as they realized no US promoter had TV or real prize money. They look at pullers as true athletes who deserve respect through TV and big prize money.

Their final objective is to have a one million dollar Super Match with invited competitors from around the world. The target date is late summer 2014.

Will the prizes this year also include a truck?

Marvin Alex Cohen: The main prizes at the Championships include a brand new truck worth 46 thousand dollars, 20 thousand dollars for first place heavy weight, 50 thousand - Super Match. The winner of August heavy weight class and winner of Michael/Travis will meet at a next event after August. The prize will amount to 100 thousand dollars.

Sounds great…

Marvin Alex Cohen: This is just the beginning if you all get involved worldwide…

By “you all” you mean competitors from Eastern Europe?

Marvin Alex Cohen: There would be no entry fee for any foreign competitors.

It looks like competition for „A1” and NEMIROFF WORLD CUP?

Marvin Alex Cohen: Our team respects and honors A1. As well as what Igor Mazurenko has accomplished. Therefore all winners of A1 and Igor’s events (NEMIROFF WORLD CUP) will be given FREE hotel rooms in Las Vegas August 22-23 and 24. Let me know who they will be. Any problems with visas, contact me! All sponsorship clothing will be permitted. Pay per view will be telecast in Russia and the United Kingdom. We will inform you as we add countries. What’s also important is that there will be very few rules on August 24. Joe Hand Promotions and I want no one to foul out.

Thank you for the information on the event. Can you tell us a few words about yourself…

Marvin Cohen: I started my career as an institutional stockbroker. I’ve owned a construction company. In the 80s. I won the US Arm Wrestling Championships. My final match I flashed Jeremiah Christensen in Vegas who beat Virgil Arciero to win in Petaluma.

When any competitors come from overseas I will pull left handed with anyone for vodka and/ or tequila. Drinks after the event at the party.

Do you like betting?

Marvin Alex Cohen: I once wagered 15000$$$ for Virgil Arciero Vs Cleve Dean. Obviously I love the sport. I hope armwrestlers will be soon able to make a living from our great sport.

When I worked out in the 80s with John and Virgil I was bending half inch steel rods with right hand grip on armwrestling table from a Ready Go position.

You’ve also worked in the movie industry…

Marvin Alex Cohen: I became VP of Cannon Films and consulted to Disney and Sony Pictures. The first “Arnold Schwartzenegger” film that I did all the product placement was “Total Recall”.

What else do you do?

Marvin Alex Cohen: I now raise Adronicus Mastiff Dogs and Pit Bulls as well as have a 28 stall horse sanctuary. I have a daughter and son and 8 cats. I work 21 hours per day. I have 7 active cell phones. I am also very passionate about MMA

See you in Vegas!

Marvin Alex Cohen: Looking forward to see you there!

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