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Dilemmas? Finally! >>>

Dilemmas? Finally! # Armwrestling #

As soon as a new competition is announced we start to speculate about the men open or “absolute” class. ()

As soon as a new competition is announced we start to speculate about the men open or “absolute” class. We wonder if Andrey will confront Denis, if Travis or John will manage to make to the event. Of course we don’t forget about money prize for men first place in the open class. Let’s face it -we simply act like chauvinist “jerks”, me included.

This season is particularly busy. But let’s try to look at things from ladies’ perspective. They’ll have a chance to compete in the World Cup in Lviv, competition in Orawa, second edition of Moscow “A1” - Irina Makeeva is trying to talk into participation as many athletes as possible. Not to mention NEMIROFF where Marlena will be defending her titles. And finally, the World Championships in September.

Plenty of events!

Alex Marvin Cohen has announced that the money prize in women classes at his competition in Las Vegas in August would be really high.

Arm Wrestling Payout

Men's Right Hand


Men's 221 and Over Right Hand


Men's Left Hand


Women's Right Hand


1st - $ 10,000

1st - $ 20,000


1st - $  2,000


1st - $ 5,000


2nd - 3,000

2nd - 3,000

2nd - 1,000

2nd - 1,500

3rd - 1,000

3rd - 1,000

3rd - 500

3rd - 1,000

Women classes there include:

Women's Right

136 and under – meaning under 61.68 kilos.

137 – over 62.13 – meaning over 62,13 kilos

Marlena has competed in the 65 kg class and as far as I can remember she was quite tired of fixing her weigh in Lithuania.

The competition in Las Vegas is to take place on 24 August. The World Championships in Poland will begin for Marlena on 6 September. There’s only a 12-day break between these two events.

So who will represent Poland in LA?

Igor Mazurenko contacted Marlena and it all started.

Dillemas? I wish there would be more of them!

So let’s think about it…

There’s not much time. Until recently Marlena’s training schedule was precisely arranged. She planned a short break after the Lithuanian competition and then preparation for the September’s championships. And all of a sudden, a new challenge has arisen.

What is she supposed to do?

Would she manage to reach top form in Vegas and then in Gdynia?

Wrong question!

Would she manage to lose weigh so as to fit into the American weigh class without the loss of strength, taking into account a long flight across the Ocean?

We all know that such a journey may result in a weight loss or gain in the case of women. It’s hard to predict anything here.

Why would Marlena have to lose weight, you may wonder. Well, she’s got really high chances of winning the competition in LA, but not in the “plus” class. If she were to compete with a lady over 80 kg and Marlena’s technique would count for nothing.

So if she decides to go, she’ll have to fit into the 62,13 kg class.

Marlena is the face for FitMax, an experienced fitness trainer – many have lost unwanted pounds during her classes.

She’s got what it takes.

But will losing weight be good for Marlena.

I don’t think so. Tall as Marlena is, with strong legs, she may have problems with maintaining form if she loses weight.

Is it worth taking part in two competitions?

Is it worth risking an injury for „almost” certain win in a professional competition and a big prize?

On the other hand, as Tevie the Milkman used to say: Marlena’s technique excludes any serious injury. It’s more likely that she would suffer from overload or fatigue.

There’s no denying that two flights and her stay in LA may bring negative results as far as Marlena’s training cycle is concerned.

How to sort it out?

What’s more valuable- a victory in LA or winning in Poland?

Marlena has to make a decision . It’s like a “now or never” dilemma.

In my opinion two „highly likely” gold medals at the World Championships may bring her more prestige and other benefits than triumph in Las Vegas.

But as Tevie the Milkman used to say- you have to live life to the full, now or never.

That’s what I think. What does Marlena think about it?

Marlena: Let me just say that the competition in Las Vegas is very tempting…


Marlena: I’m in preparation for the World Championships. I’m in Norway now training in a very unconventional way…. The LA competition is very tempting, but we – Marta Opalińska and I, will make the decision after coming back to Poland.

Let’s hear from Igor Mazurenko:

It’s up to Marlena. I think that it’s manageable to show top form in LA and in Poland. An injury in this weight class is not likely to happen. I mean the under 62, 13 kg class. If Marlena competed in over 62,13 kg class, she might be defeated by a stronger opponent. If I were to choose between 2 gold medals at the World Championships and a victory in LA, I would go for the Championships in Gdynia. But, again, it’s hard to say which option would be better for Marlena. Winning in LA may bring her publicity, and it’s also important. What can I say? It’s up to Marlena. She can count on me.

So we’re looking forward to Marlena’s decision…



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