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This is ”our” Polish place where we, as organizers, want to come out well! ()


This is ”our” Polish place where we, as organizers, want to come out well!


8b4fc2_planat-eng.jpgOne hundred and sixty sets of medals are waiting!

About one thousand or even more competitors. Four days of matches! In total, eight hours a day of excitement! From juniors to seniors. Come and join us in a beautiful place at the Baltic Sea.

Poland is one of the leading organizers of armwrestling events, both amateur and professional. We’ve already organized many successful events, including the first international competition in Tricity, or Lion Cup 2012. You’ve certainly noticed that even the European Championships in Lithuania had a “Polish mark” as Mazurenko Promotion Team (a group connected with the Armwrestling Federation Poland) was involved in organizing the event.  

Being aware of what went well in Lithuania, we also know what could be improved. That’s why the more serious we take organizing the World Championships in Poland. For sure, we don’t want you to experience another disappointment, as it was the case with the competition in Brazil in 2012.


35th Armwrestling Championships, Gdynia – Poland, 01-08 September 2013

There will be several thousand matches, first eliminations, then semi-finals and at the end the final match with one table and two opponents.
In the evening, at about 8 p.m. there’ll be time for hymns, emotion and tears.
The place is just perfect for the event – new and modern with enough space for all of us.
Of course there will be a live broadcast on the Internet.
Apart from our competitors, of course fans are also welcome.
Come to see live matches. It cannot be compared with any broadcast!
After each exciting day, you’ll have a chance to do a little sightseeing in Gdynia, Sopot or Gdańsk.


6eab67_ms-zapowiedz-01-net.jpgSo, if you find some time, you’re more than welcome to enter our Amrwrestling world!

The 4-day competition will be divided into two parts. On the first day (04 September, 2013) left-hand matches will be held in the following categories: younger juniors, masters and disabled athletes (both men and women). On the second day (05 September 2013) the above mentioned competitors will lock their right arms on the table. Elder juniors (up to 21) and seniors will compete in left-hand matches on the third day of the competition (06 September 2013). On the last day (07 September 2013) they will fight in right-hand matches.


158 weight classes

The agenda for each day of the competition is as follows. Each day will start with eliminations (from 9 a.m.) This year, there will be eight tables on the stage, each assigned to a given weight class. A computer programme will automatically draw competitors who will fight first. The winners will go to group A, whereas the defeated to group B. If a competitor losses twice, they’ll be eliminated. In the final elimination matches, competitors fight for fifth and fourth places. The top three competitors will compete after a break in the second part of the competition. The final matches will start at 4 p.m. on the first two days, while on the last two days at 6 p.m. So if you want to see the greater number of matches, come in the morning. If, on the other hand, you’d like to witness the decisive phase, join us in the afternoon.

The schedule of matches is available on



f9e26b_ms-zapowiedz-02-net.jpgThis is ”our” Polish place where we, as organizers, want to come out well!

The place where the event will be held is very meaningful in the history of Polish armwrestling. It was in Gdynia where an active competitor and global activist Igor Mazurenko turned Polish armwrestling into a modern sport.

At the first international competition, which we hosted, i.e. European Championships in 2000, only 160 competitors from 12 countries appeared, including 9 athletes from our national team.

Then we organized the World Championships in 2001 with as many as 560 competitors from 29 countries. The number of Polish athletes taking part in the event increased to 30. Last year we again hosted the European Championships – this time 670 athletes from 29 countries entered the competition.

They certainly remember the setting and media coverage of the competition. This year our team will be bigger and will use more advanced technology. Although it might seem that the previous event took place recently, in the meantime we managed to organize many other competitions, such as NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2012.

We expect even thousand competitors and 50 national teams to attend the World Championships 2013.


e4e741_logo-gdynia.pngThe city of sport – Gdynia!

Gdynia has long been recognized as the “City of Sport”. There are excellent modern facilities: Municipal Stadium for 15 thousand spectators, which meets UEFA criteria, the marina “Marina Gdynia” with 260 berths, the National Rugby Stadium with more than three thousand seats, small and large fields and sports halls, or the newly built modern sports hall “Gdynia” for more than 5000 spectators. It was here in Gdynia where the first Polish armwrestling club “Złoty Tur Gdynia” was opened. This city is a breeding ground for best Polish armwrestlers. With the seat of the Armwrestling Federation Poland located in Gdynia, he city has been recognized as the Capital of Polish Armwrestling. No wonder that the Polish armwrestling authorities with Igor Mazurenko at the head have chosen the city to host the 35th World Armwrestling Championships in 2013.

Those who come earlier and have some time to do some sightseeing in Gdynia, won’t regret. The Baltic Sea looks amazing in the early autumn, gentle and dangerous at the same time. Plus ports, beaches and delicious food. Make sure you find some time to explore the city, it’s really worth it!


Amateur, yet professional!

We still have a few months for preparations. Although armwrestling is an amateur sport, our ambition is to create professional conditions for athletes competing in Gdynia. That’s why our organizational committee has been working on this project since December 2012. There will be several dozen people involved in organizing the event, including interpreters, hostesses, and media support. A dozen subcontractors will work with us to make this event a success.


Enjoy great excitement at 35th World Armwrestling Championships with matches taking place in a new sports hall in Gdynia on 04-07 September 2013!


85e747_logo-zawodow.pngThe broadcast as exciting as the live match!

That’s our ambition. Those who can’t make it to Gdynia will be able to follow the event on for four days from dawn till dusk.

The finals in senior classes, right and left will be telecast worldwide. In Poland the main broadcast station will be ORANGE SPORT. Global TV stations (e.g. in Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Turkey, USA and others) have announced that they would live broadcast or rebroadcast the final matches in senior class. We’ll keep you posted as to which TV stations will broadcast the event.




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