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Gdynia – a source of power for armwrestlers! >>>

Gdynia – a source of power for armwrestlers! # Armwrestling #

Andrey Pushkar at a training camp in Złoty Tur. ()

Let me start with a bit banal remark. Armwrestling is unique and incomparable with any other sport. Here, a single barbell is not enough. Powerlifters, for instance, need only a barbell, regardless of whether an athlete lifting it is light or super heavy. One barbell is perfectly enough. When it comes to martial arts, the situation looks a bit different. Apparently, thousands of various boxers may train using the same punchbag, but when it comes to general preparation, the number of pieces of equipment is enormous, including tires, hammers. ropes, or chains. But, everyone can use them, no matter whether he’s light or heavy.

Armwrestlers, on the other hand, have to train using various equipment. After all, it’s impossible to train with a sparring partner all the time. Hence, it’s necessary to adjust training equipment with individual needs of specific athletes, or with a specific “type” of armwrestlers. As I wrote in one of my previous articles, there will soon be developed a special handle for those willing to beat Oleh Zohk.

Some athletes are not “typical” as they are way stronger than others. They need special equipment to train with so as to confront their opponents who are as strong as they are. Yet, there are only few of them and they can’t train together.


Definitely, Andrey Pushkar can be classified as such an athlete. We all know that he’s incredibly strong. He hasn’t got too many sparring partners to train with in Ukraine. We know it, too.

That’s why he came to Poland to visit our club in Gdynia - Złoty Tur. The club is next to the seat of MAZURENKO ARMWRESTLING EQUIPMENT, where Andrey had an opportunity to train on our latest equipment.

While designing some of the equipment, our engineers in Gdynia took into account Andrey’s comments. So he could use the equipment and see if it really worked for him.

As benefits a leading company in the industry, MAZURENKO ARMWRESTLING EQUIPMENT is working on a new type of equipment, but it’s cloaked in secrecy. As I learned from Igor Mazurenko, it will more than yet another new lift, or even a technical solution.

A totally new philosophy and new methodology of training in armwrestling underlines that equipment. I can’t reveal any more details as I wasn’t allowed to even take a look at this new thing.

Andrey spent a few days in Gdynia training at the club, which was the very first armwrestling club in Poland. You can feel a unique “power” and atmosphere in this place as there are hundreds of photos, mementos, diplomas and posters featuring armwrestling champions.

Training at Złoty Tur was for Andrey a kind of escape from daily routine, from working out in his gym in Ukraine.

Igor Mazurenko’s help and advice was also very valuable to Pushkar.

The first half of this year’s season was a streak of success for the Ukrainian armwrestler. He would win each competition and beat everyone. In fact, he hardly needed to break sweat to defeat his rivals. No one could even dream about beating the champion.

So what are these intense preparations in Gdynia about? Is Andrey getting ready for “anything special”? What is it all about?

Pushkar will have to face serious challenges. First, he’s competing in Moscow A1, then in the Las Vegas tournament to finally lock arms with his opponents in Poland at the World Championships. He won’t have much time to rest before the NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2013.

Having planned to take part in so many competitions, he’s now building his form. Will he manage? We will see…



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