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Here comes the revolution! >>>

Here comes the revolution! # Armwrestling #

We’re about to open a new chapter in armwrestling. Next year the disabled will have their own competition ()

This is a complete revolution in armwrestling. Until now, the able-bodied and the disabled have competed in armwrestling championships together. This will change starting with next year. International Armsport Federation for Persons with Physical Disabilities asked the WAF permission to hold independent championships. The WAF management with its president, Assen Hadjitodorov, agreed that the newly formed organization shall take care of the disabled. What’s more, WAF will be included in the management of the organization.

The idea appealed to Igor Mazurenko, the president of the Federation Armwrestling Poland (FAP).

Championships for the disabled will be held in three categories: for the deaf mute, the blind and the physically disabled – said Mazurenko. – In a few months there will be drawn up armwrestling rules for the disabled, however we already know that all the matches will be held in a sitting position. We’re beginning a new chapter in armwrestling. We want the disabled, who require special care and need a different format of sports events, to have their own competitions. Hence, we would like to carry out this project with special care and attention.

The new organization will be headed by Aleksander Filimonov and run in accordance with the rules specified by the Olympic Committee. The first European Championships are scheduled for June 2014 and are to be held in Poland, while the first world championship are planned to take place in Moscow.

Iza Małkowska

photo. Irina Romanchenko


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