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Dave Chaffie: „I came here to fight” >>>

Dave Chaffie: „I came here to fight” # Armwrestling #

It’s his first time on Nemiroff, in Poland and in Europe. He’s got this to say of Cyplenkov – everyone has a weak spot, Denis too ()

What was your reaction to the invitation to Poland?

I did not hesitate a moment. Igor Mazurenko invited me over Facebook, it was obvious to me I couldn’t say no. If you want to become the best fighter in the world, you have to go to Nemiroff. Nemiroff is the only chance to meet guys like Pushkar or Cyplenkov.

Aren’t you afraid to face Cyplenkov?

Why? I came here to fight, not to fear.

If someone was to beat Cyplenkov, how would they go about it – not by force, that’s for sure!

Cyplenkov has the strength advantage over everyone, but everybody has a weak spot. And someone is bound to find it, sooner or later. Maybe it’s me…? I’ve seen many of his fights, I think I’m prepared for him.

What technique are you going to open the fight with?

Cyplenkov fights mainly with a hook, so I’ll try to go for the top roll. But I can use many techniques, I’m adaptable, like a chameleon


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