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Tim Bresnan: I love a challenge! >>>

Tim Bresnan: I love a challenge! # Armwrestling #

It’s not his first time on Nemiroff World Cup. How is he planning to trick Cyplenkov? ()

Why do Americans so seldom visit European tournaments? Nemiroff seems to be the only event they come to.

One definite factor is the cost, which is steep. On the other hand, we Americans are used to winning, but we do not like hard challenges. I, on the other hand, love a challenge. That’s why I came here, to face the 5 best fighters in the world. The level of the event and it’s atmosphere is superb, and Igor Mazurenko is the best at organizing such events.

What are your goals?

Winning the Cup, obviously!

What technique are you going to use?

I will adapt to my opponents’ technique.

When you are facing Cyplenkov, he’s bound to press the hook.

When that happens, we will definitely have a break, we’ll have to be strapped.


Iza Małkowska

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