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Denis Cyplenkov vs Andrey Pushkar >>>

Denis Cyplenkov vs Andrey Pushkar # Armwrestling #

Today Cyplenkov met Pushkar at the table. However, the final left-hand bout will take place tonight ()

Andrey Pushkar

Have you put all your force into today’s fight with Cyplenkov?

I still have the semifinals, the finals and the open category before me. So I had to keep some strength for the final bout with Denis.

That means we’re going to see you even stronger tonight?

I’ll do my best, we’ll see what comes of it.


Denis Cyplenkov

Has someone really drawn you into a fight toady?

Today there is a lot of tactical approach. Many spectators might not get it, but a lot of the fighters are saving energy for later bouts.

Aren’t you afraid that one day you’ll push your limit too far too soon, and somebody will beat you?

I think that often enough I face the guys who are right behind me in the charts. Especially Pushkar, who is maybe 1% less powerful than me, and some day he may just launch an attack and win.

The same goes for the younger generation of contestants, because one day one of them is bound to rise up and beat me. It’s obvious that I’ll grow old and weak one day. But I need this sort of challenge. I need to be in the corner sometimes, that’s where I find best motivation to train and fight.


Iza Małkowska


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