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Eugen Prudnik: I always fight 100% >>>

Eugen Prudnik: I always fight 100% # Armwrestling #

He’s a professional actor. How does one combine an artist’s life with that of an armwrestler? ()

What is your profession?

I’m an actor, I work in the Kiev National Theatre

Does this affect your armwrestling career?

Yes, very much so. Armwrestling helps me rest from acting, and acting is my rest from wrestling. I combine both very well.

Your category, -86 kg, seems to be very difficult.

Yes, but every strong man has their weak point. I always try to find that weak point and utilize it to my advantage. And 95 kg is even more difficult. The heavier, the more difficult.

In the world championship in Gdynia you dominated your category. It was obvious that the other guys couldn’t get at you. Have you used all your might during the eliminations at Nemiroff?

I always fight 100%. One cannot underestimate one’s opponent. I approach each fight individually, and always give my best.


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