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The Nemiroff World Cup 2013 left many questions >>>

The Nemiroff World Cup 2013 left many questions # Armwrestling #

It came as a shock, the undefeated Cyplenkov has finally been beat! ()

The Nemiroff World Cup 2013 witnessed an upset. During two days of the tournament we have posted about 30 articles on There was a lot to talk about and to show. The first day wasn’t especially spectacular, and Cyplenkov’s victory was no surprise, but the second day right hand bouts took everyone by surprise.

The watching audience had a chance to see things nobody expected.

The biggest surprise came from the Americans.

Tim Bresnan showed impressive composure. When Semerenko left the stage in fury after losing to him, Tim just waited on stage in total peace. Nothing could throw him off-balance.

Dave Chaffee stoically rubbed talcum powder in his hands and elbow in preparation for the fight, in which he beat Cyplenkov. His face showed no emotion at all. Pushkar was ahocked after the Chaffee vs. Cyplenkov bout. Usually smiling and talkative, he had almost nothing to say to us in the studio this time, his thoughts seemed to be somewhere else.

The whole audience went crazy after Dave won. I was in the commentators’ booth at the time of the bout with Igor Mazurenko. Shame nobody took a picture of us, because our jaws were probably hanging to the floor.

Andrey Pushkar won the OPEN category right-hand. Would he have won if Cyplenkov hadn’t backed out?

The very fact of his backing out surprised Cyplenkov’s fans greatly.

There was also some bad blood. Denis and Andrey’s meeting at the table, which ended in giving up the hand was booed by the audience.

Is giving up the hand to save strength for later fair play, or is it just avoiding the fight? What is the opinion of armwrestlers, what do the fans think?

Why have Denis and Andrey used that strategy? What has upset Semerenko so much, that he ran out of the stage after losing to Bresnan?

Who, aside of Dave Chaffee was the star of the night?

Is Denis Cyplenkov feeling threatened by Dave? Is he still going to start in TOP 16?

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Iza Małkowska

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