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ARM-WALL ON ARMPOWER.NET! # Armwrestling #

Share your achievements on the newly created ARM-WALL! ()

ARM-WALL has been up on for a few days now, ready for you to inform the whole world of your armwrestling achievements.

Youll probably askwhy do it here instead of my Facebook profile?

Thats simple.

How many people know your Facebook profile, and how many visit the site?

We have over 12 000 fans logged on Facebook, and twice that many unlogged visits.

If you want more people to see your achievements than just your friendspost your video, photo or comment on our ARM-WALL. Its enough to just register and login every time when you want to post.

Soon there will also be an ARM-WALL contest for all the users, with attractive prizes!

Dont be a lurker! Share your triumphs with armwrestlers from all over the world, not just with your Facebook friends!



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