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Akperov – Atayev fight story continued >>>

Akperov – Atayev fight story continued # Armwrestling #

Lack of respect for rules, someone’s lack of manners or a federation error? What’s up with the Atayev case? ()

We wrote about this case in January:

The fist fight between Vadim Akperov and Kamran Atayev happened in 2012. Supposedly, after a lost fight, Atayev attacked Akperov, they had to be separated by referees. Here’s a video of the event:

The Russian Armwrestling Federation has put penalties on both fighters – Akperov received a financial penalty, Atayev too, but he was also disqualified for two years. His disqualification period ends on the 15th August this year. That means that he cannot start in the WC in Azerbaijan. Which is strange, because … his name is on the list for the champioships!

How is that possible?

It would be enough for the Russian Armwrestling Federation to send us an info about such incidents. But we knew nothing of it – says Assen Hadjitodorov, president of WAF and EAF. – I heard of it only in March this year, during my stay in Azerbaijan. I said I didn’t know about any officialy disqualified fighter. When I looked into it, it turned out that he started as a representative of RAA (Russian Armwrestlig Association), then he represented Azerbaijan in 2011, RAA again in 2012, and now he wants to represent Azerbaijan again.

This is unacceptable, not only because he was disqualified, but also for a fighter representing one country – if he wants to represent another – he needs an official governmental agreement and go through 2 years trial period.

Alexander Filimonov informed us that Ataev has two passports – Azerbaijan and Russian, which might allow him to circumnavigate the rules. It also turns out that he hasn’t yet paid his fee of 30 000 rubles. The president of RAA and the vice-president of EAF confirmed Atayev’s disqualification and insured that Atayev will not fight this year in Baku.

We’ve been expecting an official Azerbaijan Armwrestling Federation statement, but the only thing that happened was a talk between Igor Mazurenko and Elchin Mamedov, vice-manager of the Organizing Committee for the XXIV European Championships.

The talks have proved that the Azerbaijan Armwrestling Federation is hiding behind the back of the RAA – says Mazurenko. – They say that because Atayev fought in Russian colors on A1 despite the fact that he fought for Azerbaijan the previous year, it’s permissible, and even if not, then the penalty and suspension do not apply. The proving point is supposed to be the fact that Atayev received the Master of Sports title in 2012.

The final decision in Atayev’s case was made a few days ago, outside the Azerbaijan Armwrestling Federation, in an EAF vote. Atayev will not fight in Baku.


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