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How much will be penalty for doping, who can judge in the finals and which country will host the World Cup 2015? ()

On September 16-th,  as a part of the World Armwrestling Championship, a Congress of World Armwrestling Federation was held. During the event, representatives of countries participating in the championship discussed a lot of key issues that concern the armwrestling world today.

The good news is that the family of the World Federation had been enlarged by five new members, the acceptance of which has been voted unanimously. Those are Afghanistan, Estonia, Iceland, Iraq and New Zealand.

During a speech to the audience, the president of the World Arm Wrestling Federation Assen Hadzhitodorov focused on the activities of the committee formed recently - Investigative Committee, which is headed by the president of the Swedish Federation  Anders Aksklo. This authority is investigating the activities of the previous World Federation. "We reviewed a number of documents, but to say what happened three, five or ten years ago, following them - almost impossible. Of course, everyone can have their point of view on issues in the past, but objectively it is very hard to prove anything today. Therefore, we have two suggestions for this problem: first, we need to make vote count with open protocol procedure and have somebody in charge for this action; second, we recommend to appoint a special board for resolving disputes. All this is necessary in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past. The history should be left just for historians"- said Aksklo.

Also, the word was given to the Chairman of the World Federation Anti-Doping Committee, Jean-Frederic Andre, who said that during this championship 60 doping tests will be held, and one athlete  will be chosen for retesting of the teams Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Slovakia. A new Anti-Doping Code, according to which a disqualification for doping will be 4 years instead of two, was also announced. The new code will come into force on January 1-st, 2015.

World Armwrestling Federation finally determined the place for XXXVII World Armwrestling Championship. The host country of WAC 2015 became Malaysia, for which voted a majority of those present. Presenting the country, Assen Hadzhitodorov noted that Malaysia is a convenient  country with first-class resorts, which doesn’t take fee for visa. Moreover, the Malaysian Association is ready to provide contracts for live broadcast with a company, that is broadcasting Formula 1 events.

"Arm wrestling in Malaysia appeared recently - just 10 years ago. But by this time we organized a lot of tournaments. So we decided to host the World Cup. More over, our government fully supports our initiative and is ready to contribute significantly to its realization"- said vice-president of the Malaysian Armwrestling Association Fadhli Zil.

In addition, Congress has made some changes in the statute and regulations. Thus, in the semifinals and finals the referee can not be of the same nationality with one of the athletes. Congress did not support a proposition to divide junior class 18 into two subclasses.

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