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"I have to say, that in my previous reports as other vice-presidents too, I was able to comment our work within Slovakia only". ()

Vice-president report

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

When I was elected as EAF vice-president back in 2012 I expect to work for armwrestling development and its recognition by international bodies.

During the years I realized that my plans finished just like ideas and dreams.

I have to say, that in my previous reports as other vice-presidents too, I was able to comment our work within Slovakia only. I have to say that we did a lot and there is always something to report. We creative from our early years and trying to bring something new into armwrestling. The same it was last year when we introduced new type of competition – NATION’s TEAM tournament. We did a lot to develop it, prepare and organize it. But unfortunatly with no support from WAF neither EAF.

But back to vice-president report. It should’t be like this, it shouldn’t report about work at national level.

I expect more from vice-presidents, I expect more from President.

I was proposing my help several times to President or General secretary. I was ready to add my hands to develop our sport / armwrestling – and we all know that there is plenty of work in several areas. When I have asked our President in 2012 about his visions, about future of armwrestling – silence was his response.

And it was the same all the time. I never get response from our leaders. NEVER.

Moreover we do not have EC meetings at all. We didn’t speak about development of armwrestling, we didn’t speak about nothing, because there were no place to speak.

That is why I decided to open my mouth and start asking the questions.

Firstly it was last year, when disabled sportsmen were excluded from WAF without permission of congress.

I was the one who has asked many questions, who put this issue in front of EAF and WAF Congress. Result you know. Disabled stayed with WAF.

This year I opened my mouth again when IAFD (federation which based on WAF Congress decision should handle the disabled sport) was excluded from WAF again without Congress approval.

At the same time more and more questions have come into my head.

What happened in Vilnius last year, when President let finish last day of tournament without medals for winners?

Why we are not controlling our financials pro-active? Why President may spend any financials amount without limits?

Why President is controlling all parts of our organisation including doping, financials?

Why President and General Secretary doing on his own work which belongs to other elected officials – Doping director, Scoring Director, Financial Director?

Why President supports special hotel pricing for EAF championships if it is forbidden by our rules? (Prices in Sofia are 30% higher than week before and week after championships)

Why EAF is not transparent organization?

Why President is lying to members about SportAccord recognition?

Why President is talking about importance of TV coverage and after all years we have it there is no real result coming from it (except increased expenses for host country)

Why President and General secretary do not want accept regular points sent on time into Congress agenda?

And finally why President is not informing members in time and properly about important matters?

EAF is not private company. EAF is our organisation. We are members. We have power to change armwrestling. It is our obligation to sportsmen.

Marian Capla




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