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On the road to Vendetta #46: Dmitri Silaev >>>

On the road to Vendetta #46: Dmitri  Silaev # Armwrestling #

Last year he won the Russian Championships. Is he ready to fight pro? ()

You have recently won the Russian Championships, tell us more about that.

I have prepared systematically for this event. After resting after Zloty Tur, I have made some small changes in my training – as it turns out, they have worked well.

There were 17 contestants in your category – were they difficult opponents?

Muriew was difficult in left arm. I've met him for the first time ever, he's a tough opponent. Oleg Melentiev made a huge progress in right arm. In the finals, I have met with Paizulaev. My initial fight with him was great, but in the finals he was injured, unfortunately. This year the level of the championships was better than the last. One had to be prepared for every opponent individually and choose appropriate techniques.

What are your future plans? What is the most important in your pro career – Europeans and Worlds, or professional armwrestling? Or can you fight everywhere?

I am planning to go to Vendetta, the Worlds, Zloty Tur.

I really liked fighting amongst professionals. Vendetta is a new thing for me, I want to test my metal. Armfights require different ways of preparation, as you are fighting one guy for six rounds.

You will be in the next Vendetta in Vegas. Do you think you are ready for professional armfights?

At the stage I'm in currently, Armfights are attractive because it is a professional event. Everything is important there – strength, stamina and technique.

Do you know who your opponent will be? Who would you like to fight?

I don't know yet who my opponent will be. I would like to meet Armen Chapukyan, Christian Binnie, Krasimir Kostadinov, Richard Lupkes, Tim Bresnan.

Will you alter your training in preparation for a particular opponent? What will you focus on the most?

I will no doubt alter my training, depending on the arm that I will be fighting with. It will not be easy from the emotional perspective; it will me my first Vendetta. I will fit my training to my opponent and his style.


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