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ASK ENGIN TERZI # Armwrestling #

The readers ask questions, Engin answers. ()

Question: What are the best workouts you can do at home for wrist/cup, individual fingers, and thumb?

Even if you would like to train at home you still need at a dumbell set. You can train regular dumbell wrist curl with putting your elbow on your upper leg that you would use as a bench. You can also train your inner wrist by doing wrist curls from down to up while your arm hangs straight down while sitting somewhere. You can hold the dumbell in a static rowing position and in that position you can train wrist curl by keeping arm & lat static but the wrist dynamic. You can train your front wrist by putting the weight on only one side of the bar. You can do dumbell finger curls by letting the dumbell go till the finger tips from your hand and curl it back to close your fingers again. You can also use hand grippers both in dynamic and static ways.


Question: I read on armpower that you train your shoulder, do you think it is very important to train shoulder, because when I begin to exercising for the shoulder and pull in latter days my shoulder hurt and I heard I am not the only one. Can you orient us?

Yes i train shoulder regularly and yes it is important to have solid bridge between the arm and body. I have shoulder pain only if i don’t train my shoulders and armwrestle. You are as strong as your weakest link. If you regularly train your shoulders and get used to then i don’t believe that training shoulders will hurt you when you pull at the table. Just train your shoulders at the end of every table training but with different exercises. I do front shoulder, side shoulder and top shoulder (military pres) in different trainings. If i train all in same training then it hurts me as well. It is your body that applies the real pressure and the connection between your arm and body needs to be strong. Your shoulder, your lat and chest need to be trained.

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