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OVER THE TOP pt. 1. # Armwrestling #

Over the top sideways technique. ()

Mastering all the nuances of fighting with hook is not enough to win with a real opponent. An experienced rival will usually stop us from making the move if they see it can be dangerous to them. Using only hook against top rollers is asking to lose. In short – you need hook and over the top at once. So what exactly is the top roll?

The attacking fighter, right after “ready go!”, starts to put strong pressure on his opponent’s pinky, “supinating” his palm and covering it with his own. Fighters with strong palms and fingers are very good at this technique.

Today we will try to do the same.

We will tell you about the first phase of top roll – the attack.

The most commonly used variant of this technique is to the side and over the pinky finger. Here we focus on the side variant.

Sideways top roll


During the setup, our index finger should be as close as possible to the knuckle of opponent’s index finger, applying pressure to it at the same time.


With a side rotation, pull the opponent’s fingers toward your own body. Slide your elbow sideways to the outer edge of the elbow pad. With wrist bent, pin the opponent to the pad.

In the next article we will demonstrate top roll over pinky finger.

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