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Torn Muscles Season >>>

Torn Muscles Season # Armwrestling #

At the Professional World Cup several athletes seriously injured during the fight. Pectoral muscles torn spoiled the plans and results of the standings. ()

Recently there was incomprehensible for armwrestling fashion to do one of the bodybuilding’s favorite exercise – bench press. Exercise is very effective for builders, it gives a quick weight gain of the pectoralis major muscle, but, as a consequence, this muscle has not enough endurance to fight on hands.

Season of tore muscles was opened by Rustam Babayev at the tournament X-men in London in November last year. Then, during the struggle Rustam felt a sharp pain on the left side of the chest and stopped fighting. He injured the muscle so that had some time to rest. Then he had tried his hand at Senecka Ruka championship, and started preparing for the Professional World Cup. Here he pulled successfully, but refused to participate in the Open category because of the possible re-injury.

Andrey Pushkar can be called the next "lucky guy". At this year's Vendetta All Stars tournament in the match against Dmitry Trubin Andrey Pushkar felt pain when he wanted to pin his opponent's hand to the pillow. It happened in the fifth round, and in the sixth Andrey did not pull. Discomfort testified that micro-injury happened, and Andrey had a month and a half to rest.

Two weeks before the Zloty Tur Michael Todd during bench press under tore his right side chest. During deadlift, he tore back muscles.

Bruises covered the entire right side - from the palm of his hand to the navel. However, he came to the Cup, and we have seen how he fought. Michael stated the fact that the bench press has become a hindrance.

In the race for the weight, Bogdan Ivakhnenko is also involved. Pressing 170 kg with his weight 80-85 kg, Bogdan thought that it was effective. But Zloty Tur made it clear that he's a little wrong. It was the second losing the fight, which had the disappointing results.

Dmitry Trubin’s pecs were not intact too. During the fight with Vitali Laletin on his left hand, he tore the left side of the chest. This affected the outcome of the struggle to right: Dmitry took first place in the category of +105 kg, but in ultimate he didn’t get to the prize pool. Chest pain affected on the outcome of the struggle with Hermes Gasparini.

Lithuanian Modestas Grigaitis, who participates in professional competitions, and does not attend the championships of Europe and the world, this year during the fight with the Iranian Mehdi Abdolvand, ripped chest muscles so that they were down and gave hematoma. The pain was so strong that Lithuanian could not fight, what was very sorry.

All these guys recognize that the bench press with heavy wieght negatively affected on their tone and pulling.

What do you think, is it necessary to use a bench press for armwrestler?

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