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Fails and discoveries of PAL >>>

Fails and discoveries of PAL # Armwrestling #

Last year, the professional arm wrestling worked in the mode of action. We have seen in a series of two armfights in Vendetta in Vegas, as well as the cup among professionals Zloty Tur. What the professional sports matches can be called the most positive and negative in 2016? ()

 Igor Mazurenko told us what fight was a failure in the past year:

"The main failure of this year became a duel of Alexey Voevoda and Tim Bresnan. Frankly, until this point, most viewers believed that Tim Bresnan was an average athlete. But things have changed.

The crew of James Cameron was preparing a documentary about vegans who have achieved success in the sport. Of course, the Alexei’s success of the Olympics did that in this film got the materials about armwrestling, so the athlete has started to prepare for the triumphant return in arm wrestling.

Alexey didn’t win against Tim Bresnan, who was perfectly prepared.

In 2015, Voevoda met with Bresnan, saw him fight and decided to cope with it. We know that Tim Bresnan, repeatedly took part Professional World Cup but did’t get high places. Instead, he pulled much better in the United States!

Tim came to Las Vegas before, he was well prepared and rested. The time difference for Tim was three hours and for Alexey - 10 hours.

This affected the physical condition of Alexey, but he went there to fight, instead of looking for excuses. And lost.

Cameron’s filming crew asked if Alex can still compete with someone and win. Previously, we have agreed to one more fight, but since the summer Alex started to engage in politics, it was a major step in his personal life. Employment is not allowed to spend one more fight.

We can not tell if Alexey Voevoda will return to the arm-wrestling, but his pulling at Vendetta was a failure of the past year", - Igor Mazurenko.

How about the discovery of the year?

"In the same February there was one interesting duel between Michael Todd and Dmitry Trubin for the Intercontinental Champion title and belt at PAL version. Many experts were not given a chance to Dmitry, everybody thought that Michael will win. We saw Todd training, he weighed 132 kg, he was in good shape. It seemed that the victory in his pocket. But the score - 4-2 in favor of Trubin. The character of Michael Todd did not allow him to retreat, and soon we saw him fight with Denis Tsyplenkov. Therefore, Michael can be named discovery of the year".

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