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Elin Janeheim: “My future plan – to be the best!” >>>

Elin Janeheim: “My future plan – to be the best!” # Armwrestling #

Sweden sportsmen Elin Janeheim has one more European title. Was it hard to get? ()

Last year Elin Janeheim, being 14 years old and having two European titles, won her first title at the World championship in 60 kg class left hand. She shown considered fights, good style full and passion. This year she made double success and got gold medals both hands. In addition, this young girl tried herself in the seniors’ category.

Elin, this you were at third time at Europeans. Did you feel more nervous or worrying that last year?

– No, I was more focused on what I was going to do this time. I felt I was stronger than the last year. But of course I was nervous.

Who were your main rivals? Did you know how to pull with them?

– I was going to compete against new competitors.

I didn't know how I was going to pull against them, so I did the thing that I usually do, and that went ok.

I have spent hours at the table with my father to test new techniques and also with my secondary family Storuman Armsport.

This time you participated in seniors too. Was it totally different then junior categories? How do you think, what was not enough for you to win?

– The seniors are stronger! Especially Ekaterina Afonina! She is very strong and a good armwrestler though.  It was a difference for me to compete against them, but I have learned myself some things that I wouldn't do again. And that is good! But I will compete against them more I think.

What are your future plans?

– My future plans is to be the best of the best.

We hope Elin’s plans will come true and we’ll see a new star in women armwrestling. And now wait for new Worlds’ title for her!v

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