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Genadi Kvikvinia: "I am pleased with Levan’s performance" >>>

Genadi Kvikvinia: "I am pleased with Levan’s performance" # Armwrestling #

At the European Championships-2017, Genadi Kvikvinia took two medals, but, unfortunately, there was no gold among them. ()

Genadi was fighting in his characteristic emotional style, but this time there were not enough emotions for the Georgian sportsman, he took home bronze and silver medals: Levan Saginashvili and Oleg Melentiev on the left hand left Genadi behind, and on the right hand we saw his classic stand-off with the a good friend Levan. The result is much better than at the last European Championships.

Genadi, how do you like this championship?

- As always, the competition was at a high level, so there were good impressions.

Why this time you were in second place? Did Levan became stronger?

- Yes, the second place for me - not at all what I wanted, but it happened. I am glad that Levan won the first place, with which I congratulate him.

Levan and I are good friends, and, of course, I am glad of his victory. Levan really became stronger and more powerful. But I was in good shape too. Apparently, I did something wrong in my training. I continue preparing for the future competitions, and during this training I want to strengthen the weak spots.

Who else, besides Levan, impressed you?

- Nobody particularly remembered, but I am pleased with the performance of Levan.

Did you want to meet in fights with Krasimir Kostadinov to get revenge after the Zloty Tour?

- Yes, I wanted to meet at the table with Krasimir, but this time, probably, he was not well prepared, or something prevented him. It is a pity that we did not compete with him.

We wish Genadi good preparation and hope that he will show his best fight at the World Championships!

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