From powerlifting to armwrestling: Oleg Tudorean >>>

From powerlifting to armwrestling: Oleg Tudorean # Armwrestling #

At the last European Championships, the Moldova national team showed a good fight. This team though acts as a small team, but it shows a good result. Oleg Tudorean became the European champion among juniors to 21 years.


Oleg came to armwrestling recently, but already has a weighty reward. Perhaps this he was helped by the fact that armwrestling is not the first "iron sport" for Oleg:

"My name is Oleg Tudorean, I am the multiple champion of Moldova in armwrestling. I have been training armwrestling since 2015, the absolute champion of Moldova Lilian Oprea trains me. Before the armwrestling, I was involved in powerlifting and I was the champion of Moldova in the weight category up to 75 kg. In 2014, the World Powerlifting Championships of the WDFPF federation took place in Moldova, where I took the second place in the category of up to 75 kg among juniors to 18 years. The first armwrestling competition I participated in was the commercial tournament organized by Boyar, I took the fifth place at this tournament. At the moment my best result is the gold of the European Championship".

Given the hobby for powerlifting, you can guess that Oleg knows how to work with iron, but in addition he pays time for the table:

"As before, I work a lot with iron in training, but since I started wrestling, I love pulling more".

The path to the top at the European Championships was difficult for Oleg, he reached the final with a defeat, where he faced two heavy fights:

"I am very pleased with my performance, I did not expect such a good result. Of course, I wanted to get on a pedestal. The most difficult for me was a duel with Irakli Zirakashvili from Georgia, who reached the final without defeats. In the end, I won twice and became the champion of Europe. At that moment, I am very happy and understand that I had gone all this way not in vain".

The national team of Moldova showed an excellent result, and as Oleg says - this is the best performance of the team:

"Our team of 11 athletes pulled very well. I can say that this is the best performance of the national team of Moldova at European championships. In total, we brought home 6 medals. "

Oleg does not intend to stop and in the autumn we will see him at the World Championships:

"I'm already preparing for the Worlds in Hungary. I will pull in the category of up to 70 kg, if it turns out to put up a good form, then I will try my strength in the fights among seniors".