Sabin Badulescu: “All I felt was the weight difference” >>>

Sabin Badulescu: “All I felt was the weight difference” # Armwrestling #

Romanian armwrestler Sabin Badulescu attacks Europeans’ pedestal not at first time but this time conquered it. What interrupted Sabin to get the gold?


How long did you go to the prize place at Europeans? How do you think, what interrupted you to get it earlier?

– I've started to train seriously as an athlete in 2013 for the vendetta with Davide Kappa. I could have get the silver medal in 2015 at 110 kg but my decision for that year was to participate in 100 kg category, so I've made a drastic weight loss.

Who was your toughest rival and why?

– I didn't feel any of my adversaries to be spectacular, considering the multiple European and world titles they have. All I felt was the weight difference (20 kg and 40 kg above my weight).

In qualification for the final, I made a false start and then we started the match from referee grip. I made a false start again and I stopped as soon as I realized that but the referee let the match continue, which he should not have done according to the rules. I asked him, after the match, why he didn’t stop the match because I stopped and he laughed and told me that I deserved that.

Did you prepare to fight with some special rivals on your workouts?

– I did't make any special training for anyone, I'm training only to achieve my highest potential.

What, as for you, didn’t allow you to get higher place?

– I think the weight difference was the impediment in achieving the higher place.

Who surprised you at the championship?

– I was pleasantly surprised by Viorel Dobrin in all his matches, Cvetan Gashesvki and Ioan Puscasu in his match against Krasimir Kostadinov.

Tell, please, about your plans.

– I will continue to train seriously, I hope to have no injuries and I my goal is to win the world title in + 110 kg category being the participant with the smallest weight.