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Armrestlers on vacations # Armwrestling #

How we spend vacations ... For someone they are short, for someone – exactly what is needed. Some spend them alone, others – with the beloved, the third – with the whole family. Abroad, in the suburbs, somewhere else. Depends on the conditions.


For some, a holiday, for others – vacations, but in the end – free time. And frankly, not everyone knows what to do with it.

Many of us are involved in sports or with science, and, in fact, because of this we are very tired very soon after the rest. And about this – my thoughts, as well as Igor Mazurenko. After all, the main trouble is that every month of vacation is absolutely similar to the other.

They say that you need to change the routine as much as possible to rest, otherwise there will be no sense in resting. What exactly needs to be changed? Best of all – everything. But usually people are conservative, otherwise they would have to change a husband or a wife. In that case, the best solution is to move on for a while. Of course, the further, the better, but it would be good just to completely change the environment. For example, at least twenty kilometers, but in a tent, in a kayak, on a yacht or on a horse. And this is confirmed by any psychologist.

It is necessary to change the lifestyle during the holidays. If you can leave – go, got a place to swim – swim (it will not be worse). And then the classic question of the sportsman appears – to train or nor to train?

This will tell Igor Mazurenko:

"Of course, it's good to rest in another place, breathe in other air. But all of us are drawn to train. For this, it's worth taking a belt from a kimono, rubber. It fit in the trunk and in the backpack both.

Almost in any corner of the earth you can find something similar to an outdoor gym. Something for which you can hook the rubber. And maybe even weights. If the load on them does not coincide with yours, take something easier, but do more repetitions. Do not disdain training in the water, on the sand – you can row, pull the rope, if there is a pair.

Usually young combatants are very afraid to break away from training, but do not panic. If a week of rest is active, the shape will not go away, but on the contrary – the ease of movements will return, and injuries will heal.

What is important – you need to avoid "bar" duels during the rest, because an experienced armwrestler-middleweight can accidentally by a sharp movement injure the hand of an amateur-heavyweight. Therefore, we should not fight tipsy".

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Have a good vacation!

Igor Mazurenko / PeSzy