Dmitry Trubin: "No privileges to rivals!" >>>

Dmitry Trubin: "No privileges to rivals!" # Armwrestling #

In preparation for the next start Dmitry Trubin never ceases to amaze the world of arm-wrestling with his shape. What kind of competition does the Kazakh athlete prepare for? Who sees in his rivals?


Dmitry, tell us, to what kind of start you are now preparing, and at what stage is your preparation?

- Now I work out preparing for the Asian Cup, and, if I can, for a few Vendetta. As for the rivals - so far it has not been determined. Perhaps it will be Dave Chaffee.

Looking at your photos in social networks it seems that you have significantly increased in muscle mass, is this part of your plan?

- My overall physical form is now good, I recovered from all injuries. Indeed, I now gained a little muscle mass. But I have reached a new level, and I need this mass. If before that I fought on the World Cup with underweight, that is, my rivals were heavier than I, now I will not give them such privileges. Now I will weigh at least 140 kg in the competitive weight, and in the off season - up to 145 kg. I have to drop 5 kilograms – such plans I have.

Now everyone is discussing a possible duel between Denis Tsyplenkov and Devon Larratt, what can you say about this?

- I will say about the struggle between Tsyplenkov and Larratt that this is a very interesting option. There will be a very interesting fight if it will be possible to arrange this armfight. Tsyplenkov will try to win quickly, and Larratt will try to load Denis. In my opinion, the score will be 4: 2 in favor of Denis Tsyplenkov. I'm sure Denis will put up a good competitive form, he is a professional in his field. And Larratt, probably, is not ready still. I judge by the fights he had in WAL. Everyone saw that he was pulling hard with many sportsmen, and the category was not easy for him, and Denis, I think, would have walked on it without noticing it.

If I had a chance to compete with Larratt, I would have bravely accepted this meeting and would have shown the level at which I must fight, a new level, new training. I still have time till November, but I'm already in good shape.

Soon we’ll see the Worlds, you will participate as a coach. What do you expect from your wards?

- Now I am preparing students for the world championship. Of course, I place great hopes on everyone and expect good results from them. At the next Worlds I plan to take at least three students. The task is the championship. And there - the table will show.

Obviously, Dmitry will show a form that neither potential rivals nor viewers have yet seen. Who will be able to rebuff the updated Dmitry Trubin?