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Esra Kiraz: “I want to live my life as a champion” >>>

Esra Kiraz: “I want to live my life as a champion” # Armwrestling #

At the Europeans the Turkish team was not so numerous as always. Many of the best Turkish athletes were busy passing an important exam, so they couldn’t take part at the main event of European armwrestling. But for the upcoming World Championship they all will be in tune. ()

Esra Kiraz is one of the main contender for the gold medal in her weight category.

How is she ready to meet her rivals?

Esra, tell, please, how is going your preparation for the Worlds? What stage are you in? Do you have time to reach the peak for the championship?

–  I've been working hard for world championship and I keep working. Now my form is very good and I do not have any injuries. Everything is fine. I really want to be a world champion. I will do everything for that. I will be ready completely when the competition time comes up!

Can you say that you have become stronger compared to your past competitions?

– I think I get stronger every year. Because I work with a great discipline. But this year I feel better than ever.

Last year you took 2 silver - is it a good result or will you be satisfied with only gold?

– Maybe a good result... but not enough for me. I want to live my life as a champion. So my aim is always to have the gold medal.

Did you watch the European Championship? What can you say, did you see worthy rivals for you? How do you think, who will be the hardest to fight against and why?

– Yes, I watched regrettably the European championship. I know all of my competitors. Please, do not get me wrong, but this year my category in the European championship was really easy. Because Snezhana Babaeva and I were not there. Of course my best rival for now is Snezhana Babayeva. She is very experienced athlete. But I can not underestimate any competitor. During the match in my eyes are all equal. For this reason I will fight with the same ambition.

Thank you for your valuable inquiries. I wish all who will participate in the World Championship – all the national teams, sportsmen and referees – good luck! 

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