Emil Amirshadyan: "It seems I can hardly beat Arthur Makarov" >>>

Emil Amirshadyan: "It seems I can hardly beat Arthur Makarov" # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

Emil Amirshadyan is the current world champion on the left hand and the silver medalist on the right in the category up to 70 kg. At the World Championship in 2016 he overcame many top athletes, and in a few weeks he will be at the table with the strongest athletes of the world again. Emil gave a comment about his preparations and plans.


Emil, can you tell us about your preparations for the upcoming Worlds?

- My preparations for the World Championship are going well as planned, but I can not regain my old form in any way.

Does everything go according to plan and with no injuries?

- Everything goes according to plan. The left hand is better prepared at the moment, the right hand has a small injury, but I hope it does not prevent me from pulling well. I do not have time to make my best shape, but in any case, I'm ready to pull.

Do you have to lose weight? Do you plan to change the weight category?

- Yes, I lose weight, but not much. Now my weight is 73 kg. So far, I do not plan to change the weight category and I will fight in the category of up to 70 kg.

You will are one of the main favorites to win. Can you become the champion again?

- I can not say if I will become a champion this time, because I do not know who prepares for the championship and how well participants will be. For me, all the rivals are main and equally important, on the left hand is likely the main rival will be the current European champion - Mindaugas Taraasitis.

And what about the right hand? You are a silver medalist in the world and lost only to Artur Makarov. Are you ready to compete with him this time?

- I'm not specifically preparing for anyone and it seems to me that I can hardly beat Arthur this year.

We remember what this athlete is capable of and very soon we will see him in action. We wish him good luck in the upcoming championship.