Krasimir Kostadinov: “I am expecting my fight with Vitaly Laletin!” >>>

Krasimir Kostadinov: “I am expecting my fight with Vitaly Laletin!” # Armwrestling #

Bulgarian athlete Krasimir Kostadinov is definitely interesting to look for. He pulls in different weight classes and has smart pulling style. And he is ready for revenge!


Krasimir, tell, please, how is your preparation for the Worlds?

– Hi everybody!  My preparation for the worlds is great!!! Hope to show my best in Hungary!!!

In which categories do you plan to pull? Will it be 110 kg left hand and +110 kg right hand as previously?

– Will pull the same categories, left - 110 kg, right +110 kg.

Have you recovered from injuries? Can you say that nothing bothers you, and you are ready to fight at 100%?

– I think my right is good now. The competition will show ... My left is good also and I am expecting my fight with Vitaly Laletin!!!

Are you going to "pay" Vitaly Laletin and take the gold back?

– Mostly of my preparation for the left was focused for Vitaly, so everybody will see if there will be something different from the Europeans...

Some top athletes refuse to pull at European and world championships and prefer only commercial tournaments and prize money.  You continue to pull on amateurs.  What motivates you  (because you are a multiple champion)?

– As most of the people know, there are just a few countries in the world, where competitors take money for Europeans and Worlds. We are happy that Bulgaria is one of those countries.

Wish health to all the competitors!!! See you in Budapest! And ... let the best ones win!!!