Juniors-18 and 21: left hand review >>>

Juniors-18 and 21: left hand review # Armwrestling # Armpower.net

The first competition day of the world armwrestling championship has come to the end. Today, young people of the age categories of 18 and 21 delighted us with an excellent struggle for the left hand.


The general mood, as befits the world championships, was well-coordinated, the fights were fast, the athletes fought very qualitatively, and the confirmation is that a low number of protests (about three).

The general level of preparation was high, but I want to note a few particularly interesting fights.

Thus, Oksana Pismennaya from Kazakhstan won the weight category of 70 kg among juniors. Remarkably, she repeated her last year's success in the junior category, and now we are looking forward to her performance in the senior category.

A skating rider in the category +80 kg of boys-18 was walked by the Georgian athlete Vaso Imerlishvili. Despite his young age, he has an impressive strength and, it seems, absolutely did not feel his rivals. Could someone resist him on his right?

Islam Reissov won success, similar to the achievement of his compatriot Oksana Pismennaya. In the final match, he met his long-standing (as far as possible in the category under 21 years) rival Oraz Bassarov. After a protracted struggle, rematching and tickling nerves for coaches and spectators, Islam took the gold.

The Azerbaijani athlete Nemat Vakilov pulled very technically. Last year, he finished the European Championship in second place, and this year in a rematch pulled the winning gold from an athlete from Kyrgyzstan.

When the athletes-finalists of the category 65 kg Ekaterina Lyakhova (Kazakhstan) and Marina Shulika (Ukraine) appeared on the stage, we were looking forward to an excellent protracted struggle - both girls fight in similar styles and, as it was thought, are equally strong. But Ekaterina confidently demolished Marina, than proved complete dominance in the category.

The pedestal submitted to Turk Oguzhan Kocak on his left hand. Right had, obviously, Oguzhan protects for the category of senoirs, so tomorrow he will not fight.

Very vivid and colorful was the confrontation between the favorites of the category up to 75 kg Vladislavs Krasovskis (Latvia) and Betkili Oniani (Georgia). The situation of the European Championship was repeated - Vladislavs won in the qualifiers, but the final was very hot. After fouls, straps, referee grips, the Georgian took gold away. Do boys leave some power to repeat their feat of the European Championship on the left hand in senior class?

We expect tomorrow to be no less spectacular and productive duels. Follow the news!