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Articles archive » 2017


2017 January
  • American Armfighter T-Shirt

    views: 274

    Original AMERICAN ARMFIGHTER T-shirt

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  • Exercises with a half-table Mazurenko Equipment

    views: 2194

    Half of the professional armwrestling table works perfectly with the regulated lift, especially when it comes to bicep or wrist exercises in a standing position.

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  • Training for beginners #1

    views: 3120

    Many beginners often ask similar questions: how to start exercising my arm in a correct fashion? Can I combine these kinds of sports with some different sports?

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  • Problem armwrestling

    views: 1308

    Last year was very eventful and rich in events in the world of armwrestling. There was a lot of sensations, beautiful victories and fights, a welcome return and disappointments. But...

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    views: 1578


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  • Comeback and debuts-2016

    views: 1300

    Last year was rich in comebacks and debuts. Whose was the best match?

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  • Conic Handle 3D

    views: 682

    Manufactured by using 3D technique. It perfectly cooperates with a regulated lift. Its special design, increases strength of the wrist and fingers.

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    views: 1060

    One-sided pendant with thong, arms in combat, PAL USA logo, made of base metal, gold colored.

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  • Provisional Suspension Disclosure WAF 2016

    views: 3097

    WAF public disclosures

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  • Armwrestlers, who changed the sport. Devon Larratt

    views: 3320

    Devon Larratt without a doubt became one of the Legends of our sports esspecially with the performance that he has shown in last 12 years.

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  • Armwrestling at LA Fitness Expo

    views: 785

    Recently at LA Fitness Expo there was an armwrestling championship. Vazgen Soghoyan became a right hand champion there!

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  • Top-10 of the most interesting articles of 2016

    views: 1560

    What were readers of armpower.net interested in?

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  • Fails and discoveries of PAL

    views: 576

    Last year, the professional arm wrestling worked in the mode of action. We have seen in a series of two armfights in Vendetta in Vegas, as well as the cup among professionals Zloty Tur. What the professional sports matches can be called the most positive and negative in 2016?

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  • Specialized armwrestling exercises - the way to success

    views: 3546

    "When I first paid attention to this sports discipline I realized that armwrestling differs significantly from any other sport in trainings. Since 2000 (after the inculcation of armwrestling in Poland) I'm looking for different types of exercises and training methods helpful in achieving the expected success" - said Igor Mazurenko.

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  • Gabriela Vasconcelos and Esra Kiraz: results of the year

    views: 1311

    Two of the strongest ladies-armwrestlers shared their thoughts about past year.

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    views: 2855

    KNURLING HANDLE FOR WINDING ON TAPES. Excellent for developing finger muscles, which makes the grip more powerful, and useful to any of the armwrestling techniques. It also helps to increase wrist’s strength.

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  • Fighters T-shirt

    views: 399

    Original FIGHTERS OF ARMWRESTLING T-shirt - black.

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  • Krasimir Kostadinov and Ermes Gasparini: results of the year

    views: 1325

    Both sportsmen had brilliant ending of the year. But was it successful for them in general?

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  • The new list of prohibited substances by WADA

    views: 928

    We bring you an updated list of WADA prohibited substances.

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  • Christian Binnie and Reza Dilmaghanian: results of the year

    views: 981

    Christian Binnie and Reza Dilmaghanian both took part in PAL events. Was it a real success for them?

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  • Calendar for armpower.net

    views: 607

    Do you want the arm wrestling world to know about your competition?

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  • Vazgen Soghoyan: results of the year

    views: 1151

    American armwrestler Vazgen Soghoyan had a bright year full of numerous competition where he showed his sports skills. Is Vazgen pleasured with 2016?

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  • Dmitry Silaev: results of the year

    views: 783

    For Dmitry Silaev 2016 was rich in events.

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  • Training Diary for Armwrestling

    views: 2691

    Practical training diary for every armwrestler. Language English and Russian.

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