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2017 July
  • Kydyrgali Ongarbaev: "I will miss this World Championship"

    views: 63

    Kazakh athletes can surprise viewers. Kydyrgali Ongarbaev presented a pleasant surprise to the rivals at the World Championship and so good news for spectators and fans.

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  • Armwrestling “PAL” T-shirt

    views: 1228

    Original ARMWRESTLING “Professional Armwrestling League” T-shirt

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  • Is it worth to start when you are 40 years old?

    views: 1943

    There often arises a question on the lips of many people: what is the best age to start practicing armwrestling. Well, in our opinion: the sooner the better. Our sport is so accessible to everyone and has such a variety of weight and age classes that there is an appropriate one for practically both young and older athletes.

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  • Irina Driaeva: "I will try to repeat the golden double in Budapest"

    views: 640

    Irina greatly coped with a weight class changing and got two medals at the Europeans. Was in easy?

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  • Slow muscle fibers = endurance?

    views: 2096

    The results of numerous studies conducted on MAZURENKO ARM, allowed to draw certain conclusions about the work of muscles and the development of endurance of the athlete. Igor Mazurenko will explain what's what.

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  • Yellow Roll Armwrestling Handle

    views: 1271

    Manufactured by using 3D technique. It perfectly cooperates with a regulated lift. Its special design, increases strength of the wrist and fingers.

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  • Armfight leggins

    views: 424


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  • Golden debut of Levan Montsonelidze's

    views: 1439

    Not every athlete can boast of gold in his debut championship, but the exception to this rule is Levan Montsonelidze's perfomance at the European Championships held in May 2017.

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  • Welcome to the new kind of traininig!

    views: 813

    Almost every athlete wants to increase his productivity. This is normal. Therefore, I have a proposal for you - this is a new kind of training!

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    views: 1595

    Or what should we wait for this autumn?

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  • EAF -2017 Doping Control Pre-Results

    views: 1349


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  • Conic Handle 3D

    views: 1519

    Manufactured by using 3D technique. It perfectly cooperates with a regulated lift. Its special design, increases strength of the wrist and fingers.

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  • Armwrestling Division T-Shirt

    views: 1006

    Original ARMWRESTLING T-shirt

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  • Armrestlers on vacations

    views: 543

    How we spend vacations ... For someone they are short, for someone – exactly what is needed. Some spend them alone, others – with the beloved, the third – with the whole family. Abroad, in the suburbs, somewhere else. Depends on the conditions.

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  • Denis Tsyplenkov vs Devon Larratt?

    views: 5463

    Recently on the Internet we saw a video with Devon Larratt calling Denis Tsyplenkov for a fight...

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2017 June
2017 May
2017 April
  • EAC-2017: Turkish team

    views: 1823

    Not sure what to expect from the Turkish team for the 2017 European Championship as many sportsmen will be missing the event because of the exams on the same week in Turkey.

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  • Expert's answers: Vyacheslav Karpov

    views: 1657

    Recently, we published an interview with a Russian athlete and concurrently a vascular surgeon Vyacheslav Karpov. We also invited you, readers, to ask Vyacheslav the questions you are interested in.

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  • Georgian National Armwrestling Championship: review

    views: 2084

    In Georgia, after a three-year absence, the national armwrestling championship was held.

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  • How to create a t-shirt for armwrestler?

    views: 1172

    In some days at armpower stores there will be long-awaited rash guards. Is it hard to make a T-shirt that the armwrestler will like, - says the representative of the “Gera” trademark Sergey Kunynets

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  • How to "sell" an armwrestler?

    views: 855

    How to sell or to buy an athlete and not go into negative? Briefly about the "transfers" in our sport. A case from the work at the Congress of the Armwrestling Federation of Poland this year.

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  • Asian Championship in arm-wrestling: the preparatory stage

    views: 1024

    In the beginning of summer, the XVI Asian Armwrestling Championships will be held in Kyrgyzstan. How is the preparation for this event going? General Secretary of the Asian Armwrestling Federation Ahmed Aliev answers

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  • American Armfighter T-Shirt

    views: 1235

    Original AMERICAN ARMFIGHTER T-shirt

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  • A month before the Europeans

    views: 1379

    Exactly one month remains before the start of the European Armwrestling Championship-2017. On May 13, the strongest sportsmen will arrive in the Polish city of Katowice, and will represent their countries in this championship.

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  • Vazgen Soghoyan: «There were many breathtaking fights an American ...

    views: 1434

    The USA National Armwrestling Championships ended recently and Vazgen Soghoyan finished it with a golden double. Was it too hard to conquer golden medals this time?

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  • Serious plans by Ayder Alidinov

    views: 1098

    At the last championship of Ukraine in the category up to 100 kg Ayder Alidinov from Crimea took part. Ayder traditionally showed a high level of pulling and predictably became the absolute champion in his weight category. Once again, spectators and fans of arm-wrestling celebrated composure, concentration and calmness at the table of this athlete.

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  • WAF Classification Documents

    views: 826

    Dear sportsmen, if you are going to pull in disabled class at the World Armwrestling Championship, read this article, please!

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  • Dominik Zaorski – a young champion!

    views: 891

    It seems that the representative of the Polish team UKS "Szesnastka" Dominik Zaorski, is the youngest prize-winner in arm-wrestling, speaking about the big championships in Poland. For example, and the category of junior-18 in Szczyrk with his participation there was "fire"!

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  • Sergey Bogoslovov: "I will miss the European Championship"

    views: 1686

    At the last championship of Russia there were many interesting fights and talented sportsmen. One of such sportsmen, undoubtedly, is Sergey Bogoslovov.

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  • Championship of Poland: review

    views: 1157

    The XVII Armwrestling Championship of Poland took place on March 31 - April 2 in a small town in the south of Poland.

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  • Ermes Gasparini: “I quickly understood how to pull with Todd”

    views: 3143

    Some time ago we saw a Vendetta between Italian armwrestler Ermes Gasparini and American superheavyweighter Michael Todd.

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  • Khetag Dzitiev: "I don’t plan to compete in 70 kg anymore"

    views: 2072

    At the last championship of Russia not only Vitaly Laletin changed the weight category. In the new category was also Khetag Dzitiev, who this time fought in the category of up to 75 kg.

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  • Training Diary for Armwrestling

    views: 5003

    Practical training diary for every armwrestler. Language English and Russian.

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