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Articles archive » 2009


2009 December
  • Grzegorz Nowak - the Special Interview

    views: 3143

    Almost six years of sports career of 20 years old Grzegorz Nowak from Gdynia resulted in many successes on national (multiple Polish Champion and the winner of Polish Cup, the strongest Pole of right hand of 2008) and ...

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  • FitMax Supports the Wheelchair Basketball

    views: 2285

    It is well known that FitMax company from Gdynia supports the Polish armwrestling, as well directly as during the organization of tournaments or while sponsoring particular national and international competitors. Apart from the ...

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  • the 9th Gdynia School Championships

    views: 2615

    On the 9th of December 2009, thanks to the coopereation of Students’ Sports Złoty Tur Gdynia Club and the Cooling and Electronic Schools Complex (Zespołem Szkół Chłodniczych i Elektronicznych) in Gdynia at Sambora 48 ...

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    views: 1789

    Today (the 9th of December 2009 is the Polish armwrestler,  President of the Polish Armwrestling Federation, active competitor (the brown medalist of the European Championships 2009) form Gdynia - Igor Mazurenko’s 41st ...

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  • Real Armwrestling on TVN TURBO

    views: 2158

    We would like to invite All the fans and lovers of Armwrestling for the first episode of „Armwrestling Real” on the 4th of December 2009. It will be nothing else as drawing nearer the idea of the sports discipline ...

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  • Masters and Disabled of the Polish Cup 2009

    views: 2417

    Since some time we can notice the increasing interest of competitors over 40 years old on the Polish armwrestling field. We mean here masters and grand masters. At this year’s 10th Polish Cup FitMax Cup - Starogard Gdański ...

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    views: 1954

    PROFESSIONAL ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE BULGARIA 2009Thursday 26 November 2009Showroom “Ford Moto-Pfohe” – Mladost Quarter, Sofia, BulgariaFinal Round, category - 86 kgThe final Round of The Professional Armwrestling ...

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    views: 2372

    PROFESSIONAL ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE BULGARIA 2009Thursday 26 November 2009Showroom “Ford Moto-Pfohe” – Mladost Quarter, Sofia, BulgariaFinal Round, category + 86 kgThe final Round of The Professional Armwrestling ...

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  • The Jubilee Polish Cup 2009

    views: 1737

    Almost 150 competitors from 17 cities of Poland, a very high sports level, amazing fights of junior, senior, master and disabled classes of left and right hand, proper stage setting, Grzegorz Nowak from Gdynia and Marlena ...

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  • The Best of the Polish Cup 2009

    views: 1375

    The annual Polish Cup, which took place in Starogad Gdański on the 27th and 28th of November 2009 at the sports-event OSiR hall appoints the strongest Poles of the year. This year three of the competitors managed to defend their ...

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  • Seniors of the Polish Cup 2009

    views: 2354

    Apart from such Polish armwrestling champions of the 10th Polish FitMax Cup - Starogard Gdański – November 27th and 28th 2009 as the gold medalists of open class (Grzegorz Nowak, Dariusz Muszczak, Marlena Wawrzyniak and ...

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2009 November
  • The Right Hand Polish Cup 2009

    views: 2843

    The 10th Polish Armwrestling Cup right hand is over. Below there is a complete list of results of already fought of categories. Additionally the temporary team classification is a follows: 1. Jaworzno, 2. Gdynia, 3. ...

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  • The Final Results of the Polish Cup 2009

    views: 2455

    Here are the final results of the Polish Armwrestling Cup 2009 in Starogard GdańskiJUNIOR MEN LEFT 57 KG1. CIBOROWSKI, MATEUSZ. ZŁOTY ORZEŁ;2. CIBOROWSKI, PATRYK. ZŁOTY ORZEŁ;3. ZAŁOGA, CYPRIAN. BLACK SKORPION;4. KRZYŻEWSKI, ...

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  • A. Lilijev Will Not Fight with J. Brzenk

    views: 2894

    The Russian competitor - Aresn Lilijev is the leading competitors of the world armwrestling. We got to know, during the last phone conversation with PAL promoter - Igor Mazurenko from Poland, that Arsen, against what is written ...

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  • The 10th Polish Cup in Starogard Gdanski

    views: 1340

    The 10th Polish Armwrestling Cup - Fit Max Cup 2009 is coming. It is the second largest (just after the annual Polish Championships) national event with the participation of the leading Polish armwrestlers. On the 27th and 28th ...

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  • Nemiroff World Cup 2009 on TVN and TVN Turbo

    views: 1719

    We are glad to inform you that thanks to the efforts of N Sport Television team, 25 minutes long coverage of this year’s World Professional Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2009 will be broadcasted on TVN and two 25 minutes long ...

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  • The New Blog of Sarah Bäckman

    views: 4316

    She came back! :) Last month Sarah Bäckman began her private blog after 3 months break. If you are looking for blogs or web page, where you can gain motivation from - that is the blog for you. As you probably know Sarah has ...

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  • The 1st Open Kołobrzeg Armwrestling Championships

    views: 2873

    "On the initiative of the City Sports and Recreation Centre and Physical Culture Sports and Recreation Association “Wybrzeże” in Kołobrzeg the armwrestling tournaments took place in Kołobrzeg for the first time. ...

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  • FAP Congress at the 10th Polish Cup in Starogard Gd

    views: 2215

    The board of FAP informs that on the 26th of November 2009 (Thursday) at 10:00p.m. in BACHUS Hotel at Mickiewicza 21 Street in Starogard Gdański the Congress of the Participants of the Polish Armwrestling Federation. We ask all ...

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  • Euroarm 2010 in Moscow

    views: 2470

    The place where the 20th Jubilee European Armwrestling Championships in 2010 will take place was determined. The President of Russian Armwrestling Association - Aleksander Filimonov and the director of «Arena ...

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  • Polish Cup 2009

    views: 1468

    Polish Armwrestling Cup will take place in 2 weeks time in Starogard Gdański. Each year all our competitors are reminded about the obligation of the clubs and competitors before such an event. By obligations we mean competitor ...

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  • The Rerun of Nemiroff 2009 on N Sport

    views: 1822

    Nemiroff 2009 so the 10th Złoty Tur Cup is over. If any of you did not manage to see this amazing armwrestling event we would like to invite you in front of the TV-sets this weekend.On Friday and Saturday (the 13th and 14th of ...

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  • The Stars of Nemiroff World Cup 2009

    views: 2408

    Over 130 competitors from 22 countries, almost 500 really exciting duels for right and left hand, participation of the world Armwrestling lead, two days of semi-finals, cup-finals and open class rivalry broadcast on N Sport ...

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  • Poland 4 Medals at Nemiroff World Cup 2009

    views: 1572

    At this year’s Nemiroff World Cup 2009 , which took place on the 6th and 7th of November in the Olympic Sunrise Casino in Hilton Hotel in Warsaw, Polish competitors did really well among titled world competitors winning ...

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  • The Final Results from Nemiroff 2009

    views: 8871


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  • The Results From the Left Hand Nemiroff 2009

    views: 3300

    Here are the results from the left hand Nemiroff 2009 from Warsaw.SENIOR MEN LEFT 63 KG1. BORLAKOV, MURAT. RUSSIA;2. WYRWA, MATEUSZ. POLAND;3. CHAGAROV, KASBEK. RUSSIA;4. RABADANOV, RAMASAN. GERMANY;5. LITVINENKO, ROMAN. ...

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  • Mateusz Wyrwa - Almost Gold

    views: 1544

    The 63kg class maybe the a feather in the Poles’ cap. Mateusz Wyrwa from Wiking Nisko club almost won the gold medal of this class. Mateusz met Muratem Burlakovem in the eliminations for the left hand and he lost with 2 ...

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  • Darek Muszczak - the Surprise of 95kg

    views: 1319

    The 95kg class has been lucky for the Polish competitors for some time. Last year Lucjan Fudała, this year Dariusz Muszczak successfully defended Poland. In the eliminations Darek  fast and successfully eliminated Ion ...

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  • John Brzenk - Even Better

    views: 1681

    From year to year John Brzenk is getting better. But no one should think he is becoming weaker with age. Yesterday he proved that he is making progress and improving his skills. John knocked all of his competitors into a cocked ...

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  • Cyplenkov - Again The Best for the Left Hand

    views: 1549

    We are glad to inform you that we have 2 Poles in today’s semifinals. Grzegorz Nowak in the over 95kg class and Piotr Bartosiewicz in 86kg class are going to defend Poland during the right hand cup-finals of Nemiroff World ...

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  • The Results From the Light Classes

    views: 1594


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  • The Results from the Right Hand from the 4th Place

    views: 3839


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  • 2 Poles in the Cup-finals

    views: 2090

    We are glad to inform you that we have 2 Poles in today’s semifinals. Grzegorz Nowak in the over 95kg class and Piotr Bartosiewicz in 86kg class are going to defend Poland during the right hand cup-finals of Nemiroff World ...

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    views: 1483

    Here you can find starting list of Nemiroff 2009 Left and Right hand. Just click on this link: STARTING LIST

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    views: 1378

    We are done with 63kg class of Left Hand Nemiroff World Cup 2009. Here you can find restults and places of all eliminations.SENIOR MEN LEFT 63 KG4. RABADANOV, RAMASAN. GERMANY;5. LITVINENKO, ROMAN. RUSSIA;6. MORKONAS, GINTARAS. ...

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    views: 1561

    We are done with 70kg left hand of Nemiroff World Cup 2009. Here you can find all results:SENIOR MEN LEFT 70 KG4. KOPOSYEV, VITALIY. UKRAINE;5. BEDNARSKI, BARTLOMIEJ. POLAND;6. GROCH, DAWID. POLAND;7. TARABRIN, KONSTANTIN. ...

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  • Eliminations 78kg Class

    views: 1617

    We have also finished the fights of 78kg class. There is a list of competitors ranked from 4th.  SENIOR MEN LEFT 78 KG 4. MALAKHOV, ANDREI. RUSSIA; 5. BARTOSIEWICZ, DAWID. POLAND; 6. RUDNYTSKYY, ROMAN. UKRAINE; 7. ...

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  • Eliminations 65kg Class Woman

    views: 1463

    The women 65kg class has finished. The order from the 4th place is as follows: SENIOR WOMEN LEFT 65 KG 4. VIKTORIIA, ILIUSHYNA. UKRAINE; 5. OSTROWSKA, MALGORZATA. POLAND; 6. BONDIK, VERA. KAZAHSTAN; 7. OCIPOVA, VERONIKA. ...

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  • Nemiroff World Cup 2009 Finals

    views: 1947

    Today we have just fought off all the elimination fights. The competitors signed with A and B will take part in the semifinal fights and the F competitor is waiting in the cup-final.  SENIOR MEN LEFT 63KG F. BORLAKOV, ...

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2009 October
  • The Tournaments in Kołobrzeg

    views: 1465

    The soonest days are rallied round the Professional World Armwrestling Cup. However we have a good news for the competitors who would like to check their preparation for before the Polish Cup. On the 11th of November 2009 in ...

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  • Debuts 2009 - The Tough Rivalry

    views: 1931

    Over  120 competitors from 66 cities, a great organization, high sports level and amazing fights in particular weigh categories – that is how we can describe this year’s 6th Open Polish Amateurs ...

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  • Fitmax for 50% at Złoty Tur

    views: 1804

    Nemiroff World Cup 2009 – 10th Zloty Tur Cup is the unique event. That is why Fitmax company, that will be present at the tournaments with its products decided to prepare a special promotion for all the guests. Every client ...

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  • The Auction of the Armwrestling Table

    views: 1670

    Curiosity for everyone keen on armwrestling and souvenirs of the tournaments. This year the Professional World Cup will take place for the 10th time. According to this fact the organizers decided to put for auction the ...

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  • Denis Cypelkov's calendar for 2010

    views: 1669

    We are glad to inform that there is a next calendar for 2010 available in our internet shop.  This time the main character of the calendar is Denis Cyplenkov – Armwrestling representative from Russia. We would like ...

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  • Babyev in Open at Nemiroff 2009

    views: 1326

    This year’s Professional World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2009 will be star line-up as usual. We will be able to see the Ukrainian competitor – Rustam Babev in the up to 86kg this year. For today Rustam is in the ...

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  • Jagnesak will be at Złoty 2009

    views: 1742

    The famous puller from the Slovakian Armwrestling Team - Lubomir Jagnesak unfortunately will not start at this year’s Nemiroff World Cup 2009 which will take place on the 6th and 7th of November 2009 in the Hilton Hotel in ...

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  • Kote Razmadze about Złoty Tur Cup

    views: 3627

    Redaction of Armpower asked Denis Cyplenkov a trainee to say something about the international tournament Złoty Tur Cup. Below we show you cogitations of Kote Razmadze from Russia.I Got to know about the tournament from  ...

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  • Igor Akhmedshin about Złoty Tur

    views: 2156

    The Armpower red action asked the former President of European Armwrestling Federation (in 1995-2001), the founder of Russian Armwrestling , the organizer of international tournament Złoty Niedźwiedź Cup (in 1990-1999), ...

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  • The 6th Birthday of Złoty Orzeł Choszczno

    views: 1972

    Students Sports Club „Złoty Orzeł” Choszczno has its 6th beginning anniversary today (on the 20th October 2009). Exactly 6 years ago as the initiative of Artur Głowiński and some of the amateurs of  armwrestling ...

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  • 3 Medal for Poalnd at Over The Top

    views: 1560

    For the next time Polish armwrestlers proved that they are in the running of the rivalry of the best in the world.  Our National Team composed of 8 people of the “Over The Top” tournament organized annually in ...

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  • The Great Start of Poland at Judgement Day

    views: 1967

    Almost 100 competitors from over 10 countries, medals for Polish Armrestling team  in almost every weigh category, a lot of places just behind the podium and second place in team classification, extreme emotions and high ...

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  • Real Armwrestling in Hungary

    views: 2066

    Today Real Armwrestling television program team with an editor of the edition, reporter of N Sport television  Adam Roszkowski in the vanguard, and competitors: Grzegorz Nowak from Gdynia, Dawid Bartosiewicz from Choszczno, ...

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  • Real Armwrestling - Today on N Sport

    views: 1802

    Today ( on the 16th of October 2009) at 8:05 p.m. on N Sport channel there will be the next broadcast of program on a whole dedicated to our sports discipline. It will be the next episode of the “Real ...

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  • Polish Cup in Starogard Gdański

    views: 1531

    We are glad to tell you that this year’s  jubilee 10th Polish Armwrestling Cup will be organized in Starogard Gdański. The city has already hosted the best Polish and world armwrestlers for several times. This time one ...

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  • Black & White Cup - Zębice 2009

    views: 1619

    Most of Polish competitors are currently preparing for the one of the most important tournaments of the year: Professional World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2009 which will take place on 6th and 7th of November 2009 and the 10th ...

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  • Who with Whom at Nemiroff 2009

    views: 2159

    A starts list is probably the most interesting document before every kind of armwrestling competitions (and not only). The organizers of this year’s Nemiroff World Cup 2009 gave us the initial list of competitors who have ...

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  • Debuts 2009 Are Comming Soon

    views: 1447

    This year’s Polish Armwrestling Championships, so the  Debuts 2009 are coming inevitably. We remind all of the fans of Armwrestling who would like to take part in this all-Poland event that the tournaments that will ...

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  • D. Bartosiewicz - My Preparations For Nemiroff 2009

    views: 2152

    The last year’s rivalry of Professional Armwrestling World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2008 brought Poland the four cup medals (two brown ones, silver one and gold one). This was the unquestionable success of Polish ...

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  • R. Stragoń will not start at Zloty 2009

    views: 1949

    Because of personal causes we will not see one of the leading Polish competitors Radosława Staroń from Ostróda at this year’s  Professional World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2009.As the Polish national team  ...

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  • Real Armwrestling on Armtube

    views: 1877

    We would like to present you the first episode of the television programme called REAL ARMWRESTLING, which was emitted  on N-Sport television this August. In the first episode a television camera accompanied competitors who ...

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  • Pulling John During Zloty Tur?

    views: 1923

    There is a big break for the armwrestling fans during this year’s 10th Zloty Tur Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2009. Organizers of the tournaments have been talking  about the presentation of the whole film "Pulling ...

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  • Nemiroff 2009 - Teams Applications

    views: 1938

    In connection with the huge amount of the eager to come and take part in the 10th Zloty Tur Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2009 the organizers of the tournament ask for sending the following information to: contact@zlotytur.com- for ...

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  • The Accommodation Zloty 2009 - Hilton Hotel

    views: 1713

    The Organizers of this year’s 10th Zloty Tur Cup – 7th Professional World Cup – Nemiroff World Cup 2009 have negotiated the special price in the place of the tournaments Hilton Hotel in Warsaw during the tournaments, for the ...

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  • Armwrestling Today on N Sport

    views: 1646

    Today (the 2nd of October 2009) at 08:05 p.m. on N Sport  channel there will be an emission of almost 30 minutes long program whole devoted to our sports discipline.   It will be the premiere episode of “Real ...

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  • Debuts 2009 - The Left Hand Will Appear

    views: 1567

    The most important tournaments for the beginners of armwrestling  in our country are coming. We are thinking of course of the 6th Open Championships of Polish Armwrestling Amateurs, so the annual popular Armwrestling ...

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  • Zloty 2009 - The Occasional Certificates

    views: 1360

    The forthcoming international tournament Zloty Tur Cup is a great opportunity to examine many of competitors of the international format. The annual tournament has been visited by the armwrestling world lead for many years. So ...

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  • Real Armwrestling - Soon on N Sport

    views: 1993

    This summer the concept of shooting the periodic television episodes called “Real Armwrestling” appeared on Igora Mazurenko and N Sport television’s initiative. The idea did not appeared incidentally. During the ...

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2009 September
  • Dzierzoniow - R. Woźny Was the Best

    views: 2148

    On Saturday the 26th of September 2009 we were witnesses of the following armwrestling struggles in the Sports and Recreation Centre in Dzierzoniow near Wroclaw. It was the first even of this kind in the region and was called ...

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  • The Meeting of The Champions in Jaworzno

    views: 1888

    On Sunday the 20th of September the meeting  with World and European Champions:  Lubomir Jagnesak from Slovakia and Śnieżana i Ruslan Babayev from Ukraine in order to acquaint the interested people with the ...

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  • The Poles at Nemiroff 2009

    views: 1977

    The jubilee 10th Zloty Tur Cup and at the same time the 7th World Professionals Cup – Nemiroff World Cup 2009 are coming. In the beginning of November in Hilton Hotel in Warsaw near OLIMPIC Sunrise Casino we will ...

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  • Dzierzoniow Championships

    views: 2053

    This calendar year apart from the rivalry of such competitions as  Nemiroff World Cup – Warsaw 2009 or 10th Polnad Cup  – Starogard Gdanski 2009 you may try your hands at smaller armwrestling events. ...

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  • D. Muszczak Has Changed the Category

    views: 2363

    Dariusz Muszczak from Myszkow, the leading Polish contestant has changed the category from +95kg to 95kg. at the same time as the representative of Poland as Nemiroff World Cup 2009 he will represent our country in the up to ...

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  • Glowacki Polish Fighter at World Championships 2009

    views: 1764

    As at all kinds of tournaments the audience attention is mostly focused on seniors fights. And when the ones who fight are the competitors of the heaviest category, the direct observers of the fight began to liven up. That is how ...

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  • Polish Seniors at World Championships 2009

    views: 1674

    The third and fourth days of the 31st World Championships – Italy 2009 was devored to the seniors rivalry. Polish Armwrestling Team was represented by 16 seniors during the competition on 11th (left hand) and 12th (right ...

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  • The Champions in Jaworzno

    views: 1984

    We are pleased to inform you that on 20th of September 2009 (Sunday) at about 18.00 there will be a meeting of international armwrestling champions with Polish competitors in MCKiS Tytan Jaworzno Club. The guests for the special ...

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  • Polish Juniors at World Championships 2009

    views: 1546

    I was wondering for a long time what to write about the starts of our team at this year’s 31st World Championships which took place between 7th and 13thof September 2009 in Italy. On one hand I would like to describe all ...

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  • Polish Veterans and Disabled at World Championships 2009

    views: 2124

    More and more men and women over 40 years old grave for our sports discipline. Also the amount of disabled armwrestlers increases from day to day. To this year’s 31st World Championships in Italy, which took place between ...

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  • Poland 4 Medals at World Championships Italy 2009

    views: 1670

    The biggest world Armwrestling even Has Just ended. It is past 31st World Championships. We have come back to Poland with 4 world medals. Michalina Romanska from UKS 16 Koszalin won in junior up to 45kg category 2 brown medals ...

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  • Italy 2009 – Day 3 and Day 4

    views: 1875

    World Armwrestling Championships in Italy are drawing to a close. The last two days (Friday and Saturday) are the struggles of left and right hand. According to the information that reached us – on the 3rd day of the ...

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  • Results of 2 days of the European Championships

    views: 1891

    Here is the link to the full list of results of 2 first days of the European Armwrestling Championships. I Gould like to note that on the second day Poland won two medals – one brown and one silver! ...

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  • Italy 2009 -After Day 1

    views: 1604

    On the first Day of World Armwrestling Championships has passed. It has turned out that yesterday’s organizational problems were caused by the oversight of the organizers in the terms of electric current. The organizers ...

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  • Italy 2009 - Polish Results Day 1

    views: 1389

    Official results of Polish team after the first Day of the armwrestling tournaments: Juniors:     * Dominik Śliwiński - 60kg - 8 miejsce     * Przemysław Żegota - 65kg - 4 place ...

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  • Armpower.net Breakdown

    views: 1676

    According to the breakdown of the internet connection of our deliver our page was not accessible until 22:50 9th of September  2009. The reason for the breakdown was theft of the devices used for sending data between world ...

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  • ITALIA 2009 - DELAY DAY 1

    views: 1749

    The following interesting information are coming to us from the place of the Armwrestling World Championships. As we got to know the planned start of the juniors left hand has not come yet. From 9:00 a.m. until now (13:30) all ...

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  • Representation of Poland After Competitors’ Weighting

    views: 1654

    Polish armwrestling team is in Italy, where the struggles of the best competitors of the world so the World Armwrestling Championships will start tomorrow, since yesterday. According to the quick telephone account given by Igor ...

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  • Zloty Tur with Tradition

    views: 1797

    Since the organization of the first edition of Zloty Tur cup in 2000 the organizers of the tournaments have not suspected that within 10 years the tournaments will host the greatest stars of world Armwrestling. On the other hand ...

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  • The 4th Lubuskie Championships

    views: 1475

    Lubuskie Vojvodeship Armwrestling Championships took place for the 4th time.  This time they were organized by the city of Żary and the UKS Szaki Żary Club  (so far the Championships were organized by UKS Złoty Orzeł ...

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2009 August
  • Paslek 2009

    views: 2460

    The next holiday stop of armwrestling competitions in our country was Paslek. On 29th of August 2009 in the Ecological Park the “Open Armwrestling Paslek Championships” took place for the first time. The competition ...

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  • Debuts 2009

    views: 1580

    We are looking forward following all-Poland armwrestling tournaments. This time in the 6th Polish Amateurs Championships Polish armwrestling debutants will be able to take part. Last year’s rivalry showed that level of ...

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  • N Sport at World Championships in Italy

    views: 1242

    For the second time the Polish National Team will be accompanied by N Sport television crew. The journalist and cameraman of the TV station together with our competitors will go to this year World Championship – Italy 2009. ...

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  • Tournaments in Nisk

    views: 1519

    29th August (Saturday) 2009 on the area of NCK “Sokół” in Nisk the next holiday armwrestling tournaments will take place. This time the catchword will be “Festival of Forcible Sports in Nisk”.It ...

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  • Rustam Babayev my 1st Zloty Tur

    views: 1977

    Talking about the Zloty Tur Cup I have reminded of my first time at the tournament in 2001. It appeared that it was not the first but the second Zloty Tur Cup. As a young contestant from Ukraine I came to Poland for the first ...

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  • World Championships 2009 Final Cost Evaluation of the Team Travel

    views: 1767

    We are looking forward  the next big sports event – 31st World Championships – Italy 2009. Polish Team will be represented by 31 competitors. Below the final cost evaluation and detailed plan of the journey id ...

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  • Polish vs Slovakian Armwretling

    views: 2648

    In July in the current year sparing being the part of the preparations of prominent Polish and Slovakian competitors to this year’s World Championships – Italy 2009. From Poland, on 18th July 2009 such contestants as: Lucjan ...

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  • Igor Mazurenko trians in Ukraine

    views: 1983

    Summer holidays for most of us are a time of rest and relaxation but not for some arm wrestlers. Pullers preparing for event cannot waste time for relaxing. One of those pullers is the reign double European bronze medalist ...

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  • 2009 Nemiroff Cup medals

    views: 1541

    This year’s Nemiroff World Cup will be really special. Besides the great and titled competitors we will host many noble guests connected with the event itself. All of this is a result of this being the tenth edition of the ...

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  • S. Glowacki – Will it be gold at World Championships 2009?

    views: 1737

    31st World Championships in Italy are coming. Polish National Team has been already completed.  At the beginning of September (07-12 September) 2009 our country will be represented by 31 persons National Team in Italian town ...

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  • www.zlotytur.com

    views: 1874

    The Nemiroff World Cup 2009 is coming. It will be the 10th edition of this event. As for such a jubilee the organizers have prepared an offical web page of the event. www.zlotytur.com is only about the "Zloty Tur". ...

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  • The First Zloty Tur is returning to Poland

    views: 2097

    The history of the Zloty Tur Cup reaches the year 2000. The first international cup for the Zloty Tur Cup had place then. The best pullers from Poland and Ukraine had taken part in the tournament. It turned out to be a Poland vs. ...

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  • PAL BULGARIA - ROUND 6 - 2009

    views: 2024

    PROFESSIONAL ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE 2009 VI Round (- 86 kg) 30.07.2009, Community-Centre „Prosveta” – Pomorie, Bulgaria VI Round of The Professional Armwrestling League Bulgaria 2009 was held on 30th July ...

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  • Semerenko banned for doping

    views: 2383

    Alexey Semerenko according to a decission made by the EAF Anti-doping Committie has been banned from competing for 2 years.  The official EAF communiqueDuring the 19th European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria 2009, the ...

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  • Rudnicki shorten suspension in FAP

    views: 1568

    The board of FAP informs that Szaki Zary Club used the privilege according to &23 Chapter IV point 2 and appealed in the case of suspension of the contestant Lukasz Rudnicki. According to the status of FAP the recant of the ...

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  • 1st Paslek Championships

    views: 1599

    The following tournamnts on the Holiday map of armwrestling rivalry will take place in Paslek (near Elblag). These will be the last summer tournaments this year. 1st Open Paslek Championships will take place on last weekend of ...

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2009 July
  • The Lubuskie Championships

    views: 1605

    T There are a lot of holiday armwrestling tournaments this year. This time the UKS Szaki Club Żary with the accompaniment  of the Service-Recreational Centre AMBER, the Tobie i Miastu Fellowship from Zary and the town ...

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  • I Open Skierniewice Championships

    views: 1757

    On 24th July 2009 in the Żubr beer hall on the estateof  Zadębie at Konwaliowa Street near the municipal swimming pool in Skierniewice , " I Open Skierniewice Armwrestling Championships for the Mayor's Cup" ...

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    views: 2202

    The Vice-World champion Stefan Lengarov (“Vitosha Armwrestling” – Sofia, Bulgaria) with 209 points has won the IV Round of The Professional Armwrestling League 2009, which has held on 11.07.2009 in “Chaika ...

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    views: 2335

    The Vice-European champion Plamen Kisov (“Armsport” – Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria) with 238 points has won the V Round of The Professional Armwrestling League 2009, which has held on 11.07.2009 in “Chaika ...

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  • Polish Team – World Champonships 2009

    views: 1759

    Below we show the final list of Polish National Team selected from 9th Poland Championships – Zary 2009 to Armwrestling World Championships – Italy 2009.Because of the fact that FAP Has to inform WAF of the content of ...

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  • The New Team For Nemiroff 2009

    views: 1531

    Below we present the verified list of the contestants of Polish team for this year’s Nemiroff World Cup 2009 taking into consideration starts of left and right hand. We remind that the final decision about the start of each ...

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  • Igor Mazurenko - special interview

    views: 4747

    A 40-year old athlete from Ukraine. At first sight well build, must have been training a lot, the founder of Polish arm wrestling. He has organized numerous national and international events. His has proven his managing skills by ...

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  • Fudała vs Brzenk - will there be a Vendetta?

    views: 4332

    It’s possible that we will see the fight between Lucjan Fudała(Poland) and John Brzenk (USA) this year. This will be the fight for the PAL organization Intercontinental left hand under 95kg championship title and belt. ...

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  • The Team for Nrmiroff World Cuo 2009

    views: 1529

    Jubilee, international tournament Jubileuszowy 10th  Złoty Tur Cup 2009 and at the same time 7th Professionals World Cup – Nemiroff World Cup 2009” is comming. To tell the truth there is some time to the ...

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  • UMARBEK SHAKMANOV our condolences

    views: 2127

    On the 5th of June 2009 after a tragic car accident and 10 days of coma Umarbek Shakmanov multi time Russian National Champion, left hand European Champion 2006 in the 80kg category, winning against such pullers as Rustam Babayev ...

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  • Euro League canceled

    views: 1607

    We would like to inform that this year’s European Armwrestling League – Poland 2009 has been canceled. The main organizer – EVENTIC due to the financial crisis has withdrawn as the main sponsor of the event ...

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  • Richard Lupkes - puller of the week by kdlt.com

    views: 2452

    Richard Lupkes looks like taken straight form a super hero move. This farmer form Rushmore, Minnesota is 188cm and weighs over 142kg. His biceps is 58cm and his fore arm 51cm. He is one of the main arm wrestlers in the ...

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2009 June
  • Yahoo about armwrestling

    views: 1972

    It gives us a great pleasure to inform you that the first ever article about arm wrestling apeared on the http://sports.yahoo.com/ web page. Thanks to the kindness of Maggie Hendricks the information about the Armfight in Las ...

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  • PAL BULGARIA - ROUND 2 - 2009

    views: 2109

    PROFESSIONAL ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE  BULGARIA 2009 II Round (weigh class - 86 kg) 13.06.2009, hotel „Victoria Palas”– Sunny Beach, Bulgaria Stefan Lengarov („Vitosha Armwrestling” – Sofia) ...

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  • PAL BULGARIA - ROUND 3 - 2009

    views: 1578

    PROFESSIONAL ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE BULGARIA 2009 III Round (weigh class + 86 kg) 13.06.2009, hotel „Victoria Palas”– Sunny Beach, Bulgaria Plamen Kisov („Armsport Club” – Blagoevgrad) has won ...

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  • Marta Opalińska allways wants to win!

    views: 2379

    For some time now we have presented you the figures of our European Championships medalist. Today we want to introduce you to one of our juniors – Marta Olapińska from Grudziądź.Marta Oplaińska has trained armwrestling for ...

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  • Lucjan Fudała - I believe in my skills

    views: 2820

    “The winner of the last year’s World Cup left arm in the under 95kg category – Lucjan Fudała from Jaworzno had advanced to the final of this year’s European Championships in the under 100kg left hand ...

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  • Bożena Cichopek our medal Master's

    views: 2941

    Bożena Cichopek of The MCKiS Tytan Jaworzno Armwrestling Club is a real fighter in the arm wrestling world. For some time now, since 2007 to be specific she is trying her luck on the arm wrestling table. She is one of the main ...

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  • Andrey Sharkov - Armwrestling symposium

    views: 2082

    The board if the Polish Armwrestling Federation is planning on organizing a 2-week arm wrestling symposium for Polish athletes. The main person to lead the symposium will be World vice Champion, multi time Ukraine champion ...

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  • Vendetta Oncescu vs Todd in Las Vegas

    views: 2022

    Right from the beginning this fight has brought us a lot of excitement. Many arm wrestling experts gave the advantage to Ion Oncescu from Romania. His quick top roll attacks were the key to his win during the European ...

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  • Vendetta - Brzenk vs Cyplenkov

    views: 1995

    Without a doubt this was the fight which the whole arm wrestling world was waiting for but only few could have seen it live. We will try to give you a report from this six round championship fight for the World Champion title and ...

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  • A great success in Las Vegas

    views: 2303

    It is not a secret that the Vendetta organized by the Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) in Las Vegas in the TapOut centre has opened the eyes of many arm wrestling fans and activists from USA. They had an opportunity to see ...

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    views: 1556

    Wi invite you to watch the videos from the Las Vegas ArmFight  Brzenk vs Cyplenkovhttp://www.armpower.net/?page=armtube&fid=1107   Todd vs ...

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  • Official weight-in

    views: 4082

    This is the result of the official weight-in of the competitiors taking part in the Las Vegas Armfight: John Brzenk (USA) - 103kgDenis Cyplenkov (RUSSIA) - 137kgMichael Todd (USA) - 112kgIon Oncescu (ROMANIA) - 100kgWe ...

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  • Las Vegas ArmFight

    views: 1804

    The first ever Vendetta in Las Vegas has finished just a couple of minutes ago. Amazing atmosphere, more than 500 VIP spectators had a chance to witness an incredible armwrestling event. Ion Oncescu and Michael Todd have met ...

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  • The competitors in Las Vegas

    views: 1752

    On the 18th June 2009 all the competitors have arrived in Las Vegas to take part in the arm fight organized in this city. We could have seen that each athlete is well prepared. The competitors have spent their last day on ...

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  • Cyplenkov prepared better than ever before

    views: 1638

    According to the words of Denis Cyplenkov who has arrived in Las Vegas on the morning of the 18th of June, he is prepared for this fight as never before. “I had a chance to analyze a couple of times the mistakes I have made ...

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  • John is here for his Champioship belt

    views: 1547

    On the night of the 17th of June an armwrestling legend John Brzenk has arrived to Las Vegas. After a short talk right after his arrival we can say that John is in his top form and felling strong than ever. During next ...

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  • Olympic Picnic 2009 vs Armwrestling

    views: 1772

    On the 6th of June 2009 for the third time The Open Championships during the Olympic Picnic were played. Although the date of the event collided with the 19th European Championships around 30 athletes from the Polish armwrestling ...

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  • Murat Boyraz Championship 2009 CANCELED!!!

    views: 1394

    As an answer to the official request of Turkish Armwrestling Federation, The European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) would like to inform that the „Murat Boyraz Championship 2009” event , organized on the 25th of July ...

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  • FAP athletes banned

    views: 1461

    According to the decision of the Polish Armwrestling Fedration (FAP) athletes listed below are banned for 1 year from competing in national and international events:1. Grzegorz Piotrzkowski (Chariman of the UKS Iron Starogard ...

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    views: 2792

    At Mirosław Krawczyk's (the official EAF photographer) a contest for the “Miss foto EUROARM 2009” has been organized during the 19th European Championships – Sofia, Bulgaria 2009. From the several ...

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    views: 1505

    The upcoming weekend will be the time when two great athletes meet on both sides of the table. Of course we are talking here about John Brzenk, and Denis Cyplenkov. This arm fight will take place in Las Vegas (USA) in the TapOut ...

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    views: 1306

    Unfortunately because of some personal problems we won’t be able to see Mykhaylo Rudakov form Ukraine in the under 95kg category during the European Armwrestling League. He will be replaced by another athlete form Ukraine: ...

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    views: 1820

    We want to inform you that in July there will be a re-transmition of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of the 19th European Armwrestling Championships - Sofia, Bulgaria 2009 on the N Sport channel. Here are the dates and ...

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  • 17 Euro medal for Poland

    views: 1656

    This has been the biggest success in the history of the Polish National Team. 17 medals for Poland during this year’s European Championships in Bulgaria. The Polish athletes came back home with a total of 7 silver and 10 ...

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  • 2 Poles in the senior's half finals

    views: 1581

    The next day of The European Championships has brought as a pleasant surprise. Just as the day before the Polish National Team has two athletes in the half finals. In the women’s right arm 70kg category – Marlena ...

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  • Euro 2009 results - day 4

    views: 2797

    Here are the results of the right arm seniors "19th European Championships - Sofia, Bulgaria 2009" SENIOR MEN SENIOR MEN RIGHT 55 KG1. BEZKOROVAINYI, DMYTRO. UKRAINE;2. MEHMET, KAYA. TURKEY;3. GAZIZOV, RIDIK. ...

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  • Pictures of the Polish medalist - European Championships 2009

    views: 1339

    The pictures from the 19th European Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria 2009 will be featured on the web page as soon as we get back to Poland, but we wanted to show you just a bit of the excitement. Below are a couple of ...

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  • Euro 2009 results - day 3

    views: 1931

    Here are the results of the left arm seniors "19th European Championships - Sofia, Bulgaria 2009" SENIOR MENSENIOR MEN LEFT 55 KG1. BEZKOROVAINYI, DMYTRO. UKRAINE;2. CHOMAEV, ARSEN. RUSSIA;3. GAZIZOV, RIDIK. ...

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  • Seniors - 2 left arm medals

    views: 1605

    We are proud to inform that 2 of our athletes have won medals today during the European Armwrestling Championships 2009. Małgorzata Ostrowska in the women’s left arm 60kg category finished 3rd winning the bronze medal. ...

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  • Euro 2009 results - day 2

    views: 2638

    Here are the results of the right arm "European Armwrestling Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria 2009" JUNIOR MENJUNIOR MEN RIGHT 50 KG 1. KHAPAEV, ASLAN. RUSSIA; 2. BOKALO, VOLODYMYR. UKRAINE; 3. NARMONTAS, GEDAS. ...

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  • Euro 2009 results - day 1

    views: 2454

    Here are the results of the left arm "European Armwrestling Championships, Sofia, Bulgaria 2009" JUNIOR MEN JUNIOR MEN LEFT 50 KG1. KHAPAEV, ASLAN. RUSSIA;2. KAVALENKA, EVGENIY. BELARUS;3. BOKALO, VOLODYMYR. ...

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2009 May

    views: 3571

    The biggest battle in the history of armwrestling is coming soon. The battle of the titans: the living legend, John Brzenk from the USA will compete in a 6 round arm fight against the young, highly talented and massively build - ...

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2009 April
  • Ion IRON Oncescu vs Artur Glowinski

    views: 2192

    Hello!First PAL Armfight Vendetta ever organized in Romania is very close. On Monday 04.may.2009 in Bucharest, Romania, there will be a 6 round match in +95 kg weightclass PAL, left hand. The opponents name are the best ...

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  • Polish team - over 50 competitors

    views: 1689

    Right now Polish team have over 50 competitors. If this list will not change - there will be some record this year.

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  • Polish team is ready for Euroarm 2009

    views: 2157

    Here is a temporary list of Polish team for Euroarm 2009:Kat. do 50 kg junior:Biernacki Przemysław – lewa, prawa ręka Szaki Club ŻaryKat. do 55 kg junior:Łukaszewicz Mateusz – lewa, prawa ręka Szaki Club ŻaryZawora ...

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  • Medals for Euroarm 2009

    views: 1618

    Here you can see all medals for European Armwrestling Championships 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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    views: 1915

    On November the 18th Alexey Voevoda together with the Russian national team had visited a German town of Winterberg. During this time Alexey hasn't been in the preparation period to another stage of the Bobsleigh World Cup ...

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    views: 2331

    According to the Polish Armwrestilng Federation's decision made at the 2009 Zary congress, the fees for the 19th European Championships (Bulgaria) bus transportation will be partly refunded. The rest of the costs (stated ...

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  • Mistrzostwa Europy

    views: 4382

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