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Articles archive » 2010


2010 December
  • Championships in Mykolayiv

    views: 1962

    Dear Colleagues,I want you to be informed about competition, which took place in Mykolayiv (Ukraine) at one of the universities.December 17 weighing was held.Following the announcement, which hung on the bulletin board at the ...

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  • Merry Christmas

    views: 1930

    Let the upcoming Christmas holidaysbe full of faith, love and peace,and the coming year 2011 bring youdream worth fighting forand hope, without which it is difficult to live.Wishes to you:Mazurenko Armwrestling ...

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    views: 1767

    We would like to remind all fans of our sport that tomorrow (Wednesday - December 22nd, 2010) on TVN channel at 0:05  30-minute reportage of this year's Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010 will be broadcasted.TVN is ...

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  • Marta Opalinska - Interwiev with the Silver Medalist of the WC 2010

    views: 2325

    Many world-class stars, a lot of excitement and armwrestling on a high sports level, long and hard journey of our representatives and two silvers won by Martha Opalińska from Grudziądz in the 60kg class for junior left and right ...

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  • Maciej Gralak at Dzien Dobry TVN

    views: 3279

    Yesterday (14-12-010) at the morning program "Good Morning TVN" ("Dzień Dobry TVN) in the "Green Door" ("Zielone Drzwi") the broadcast of a reportage, where the main character was multiple ...

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  • World Championships - Defeats and Victories (column)

    views: 6392

    Any event of this kind leave traces in our souls, and much more. Typically, each year we experiment and do not know what we want, what we expect. Frankly speaking, this experiment has been going on for too long (32 years). But ...

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  • Day 2 of the WC 2010 - Opalińska with Medal Again

    views: 1969

    We are after the second day of the competition (09th December 2010) at the XXXII World Armwrestling Championships - Las Vegas 2010, so after the junior masters, grand masters, super masters and disabled right hand rivalry. Like ...

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  • Next Films - Youtube and Armtube

    views: 1408

    In preparation we have for you about 100 video clips from our camcorder which worked at the Nemiroff World Cup 2010 in Sopot. Clips are short, but provide the whole truth about the tournament from the backup. Videos appear on the ...

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  • Results of the World Champipnships USA 2010

    views: 2118

    Results of the World Championships that are taking place in the USA are already available. For now, we present the results of the first 2 days of the competition. We remind you that Poland has won two silver medals which were ...

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  • Photos from the USA - Day 1

    views: 1684

    The first day of the World Championships 2010 is over. Here are some pictures from competitions in the camera's eye. We remind you that before us are another three days of the competition, during which our team has a chance ...

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  • The 1st Day of WC 2010 - Opalińska for Medal

    views: 1597

    Yesterday (08th December 2010) the first day of the XXXII Armwrestling World Championship - USA 2010 was held - the left hand junior, masters, grand masters, super masters and disabled rivalry. The Polish team was represented by ...

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  • XXXII WC - T. Bagent's Seminars

    views: 1705

    Every day, in parallel to the XXXII World Championships - Las Vegas 2010 seminars organized by the American player - Travis Bagenta takes place. Of course, armpower editors also went to this seminar.The seminar is conducted in a ...

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  • Igor Mazurenko Happy Birthday!

    views: 1898

    Today (09th December 2010) a founder of the Polish armwrestling, a medalist of European and World Championshiops , the President of the Armwrestling Federation Poland (FAP) and the Vice President of the European Armwrestling ...

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  • WAF Congress Mesquita 2010

    views: 1933

    On 7th December 2010 in Casablanca Hotel the next WAF congress was held. It can be said that it was conducted in a friendly atmosphere. Several important aspects of organizing and conducting armwretling competitions have been ...

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  • EAF Congress Mesquita 2010

    views: 2532

    On the eve of the competition the European Armwrestling Federation held another Congress of the World Cup participants. In a friendly atmosphere various problems connected with the fate of European armwrestling as well as the ...

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  • XXXII WC - Polish National Team Registered

    views: 1356

    XXXII World Championships - Las Vegas 2010 has already begun. We are after the official registration of teams. Of course, at this year's World Championships there is also Polish National Armwrestling Team. Unfortunately, on ...

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  • V South Poland Championships

    views: 1729

    Once again the nationwide struggle of the South Poland will be held. As every year the championship is hosted by Wodzisław Cultural Center, and a main organizer ia Przemyslaw Gajdowicz.On 29th January 2011,apart from the ...

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  • Radosław Staroń - A Special Interview

    views: 2581

    In the history of the Professionals' World Cups the Polish Armwrestling Team have often gained cup medals. At this year's struggles of the world best armwrestlers, so popular around the world Nemiroff World Cup ...

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  • World Championships 2010 - First Impression

    views: 1813

    A long, hard and tiring - it's the first impression, not haunting throughout the journey to the XXII World Championships - Mesquite, Nevada, 2010. The way to overcome was 10.000 km and 22 hours, along with changes, ...

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  • The 2nd Day of Nemiroff 2010 on TVN Turbo

    views: 1668

    We would like to remind all the fans and lovers of armwrestling that the premiere of the second following episode devoted to this year's Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010 in TVN Turbo will be held tomorrow (04th December 2010) ...

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    views: 2178


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2010 November
  • Photo Gallery - The Polish Cup 2010

    views: 1845

    We are pleased to report that there is a photo gallery from yesterday ended Polish Armwrestling Cup - Kołobrzeg 2010. Unfortunately, due to late at night pictures are placed in random order. Today, the gallery will be ...

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  • PC 2010 - The Strongest Poles

    views: 1483

    We are after one of the largest armwrestling events in Poland - XI Polish Cup. The event was hosted by Millennium Sports Hall of Kołobrzeski Sports and Recreation Centre, and the direct the organization was undertaken by ...

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  • Juniors - XI PC Kołobrzeg 2010

    views: 1330

    There are more and more young very talented representatives of the youth generation appearing at the Polish armwrestling arena. It was nice to watch junior men and women fighting like the experienced competitors on this ...

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  • Seniors - XI PC Kołobrzeg 2010

    views: 2018

    The terms of seniors classes of the XI Armwrestling Polish Cup, which was held on 27th-28th November 2010 in the sports hall in Kołobrzeg a lot of good can be said. But perhaps the most important thing is that everyone showed us ...

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  • Disabled and veterans - XI PC Kołobrzeg 2010

    views: 2113

    A nice touch of the all-Poland armwrestling rivalry is a start disabiled comeptitors and veterans - masters (competitors over 40) and grand masters (competitors over 50). And so it was during this year's "XI Armwrestling ...

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  • Left and Right Hand Results - Polish Cup 2010

    views: 2487

    Teams:1. Złoty Orzeł Choszczno - 242p2. Tytan Jaworzno - 234p 3. UKS-16 Koszalin - 155p4. Złoty Tur Gdynia - 136p5. Szaki Club Żary - 120p Junior Teams:1. Złoty Orzeł Choszczno - 72p2. Tytan Jaworzno -  66p3. Black ...

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  • Watch The Polish Cup!

    views: 1751

    The Polish Cup 2010 in Kołobrzeg has just begun. Television armbest.tv started to broadcast eliminations and cup-finals of this tournamnet live. You are more than welcome to watch them.www.armbets.tv

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  • Right Hand Results - Polish Cup 2010

    views: 2915


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  • Maciej Gralak on TVN

    views: 1899

    We are pleased to announce that on the 14th December 2010 (Tuesday) at 10.30, our leading competitor of disabled class, European vice-champion, multiple Armwrestling World Champion  - Maciej Gralak from ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 on TVN and TVN Turbo

    views: 1057

    All fans and lover of  armwrestling are welcomed for two episodes on TVN Turbo, and a one episode on TVN from this year's Professionals' World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010 ".This is a plan of ...

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  • A Pilot in Armwrestling Family

    views: 1606

    At the beginning of November 2010, after almost two years of school, the President of the Federation Armwrestling Poland - Gdynia Igor Mazurenko received a pilot licenses to 5400kg and a single-engine. "I will no cease with ...

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  • D. Wisniewski Silver in New York

    views: 2514

    On the 18th of November in New York annual competitions in armwrestling for sale EmpireStateGoldenArmTournament of Champions were held . It was the 33rd edition of the tournament, and the whole thing took place in New ...

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  • Polish National Team XXXII WC Las Vegas

    views: 2034

    This year's, thirty second World Armwrestling Championships will be held this time in the United States and more precisely in Las Vegas. From 4th to 12th of December 2010 in Casa Blanca Resort & Casino the best ...

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  • Tars Ivakin - A Great Come Back

    views: 3388

    From a direct telephone conversation, we got to know that multiple over Champion of Ukraine, the European and World Championships, Professionals' World Cup medalist, and the leading competitor the Professional Armwrestling ...

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  • Alexey Voevoda vs Bobsleigh

    views: 3143

    During the "Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010" former armwrestler Alexey Voevod from Russia (the brusher) and Alexsandra Zubkov (the pilot) won his second Olympic medal in the bobsleigh. The Russian then took the bronze ...

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  • PAF Congress - PC Kołobrzeg 2010

    views: 1510

    FAP Board announces that on 26-11-2010 (Friday) at 9.00 p.m. in OSIR Kołobrzeg Łopuckiego 36 Street, 78-100 Kołobrzeg while the organization of XI Polish Armwrestling Cup - Kołobrzeg 2010 ...

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  • Teams Registration and licence

    views: 1658

    Federation of Armwrestling  Poland recalls the compulsory of registration of teams for the upcoming Polish Armwrestling Cup. Submissions should be sent to marcin@eaf-armwrestling.com marcin@armpower.net or by fax or by ...

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  • Mobil Delvac Strong Traker Results

    views: 2413

    The strongest truck driver was Marcin Dudek from Świebodzin, who won Saturday's cup-final of the Mobil Delvac Strong Tracker. Title fight was held on the 6th November during the Professionals' Armwrestling World ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 on N Sport

    views: 1733

    I encourage all fans and lovers of armwrestling to watch rebroadcasts from this year's Professionals' Armwrestling World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup, which took place from the 5th to the 6th November 2010 in ...

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  • II Kołobrzeg Championships

    views: 1700

    In a few days there will be another national armwrestling struggles. On the 13th November 2010 (Saturday) "II Open Armwrestling Championships in Kolobrzeg" will take place. The event will be held in a conference room of ...

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  • Cyplenkov vs Larratt - true or false?

    views: 5047

    Nemiroff 2010 ended up with the success  of Denis Cyplenkov on both hands. Success, as always, "has many fathers," and therefore immediately after the tournament, interesting ideas appeared on websites, forums, ...

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  • The Professionals' World Cup 2010 - Finished

    views: 1998

    For the first time in its history the Professionals' World Cup was organized  do not like every year in Warsaw, but at the Sheraton Sopot Hotel. Probably many of you were affraid of this change of this biggest  ...

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  • There Is Only One King!

    views: 2429

    For three years, organizers of the Professionals' World Cup enriched the tournament in weigh classes of the left hand. Thus, the fans had double excitement connected with the emergence of the strongest for right and left ...

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  • 86kg Class Dominated by Babayevs

    views: 1695

    From the very beginning, the first place, as it can be confidently said was reserved for Rustam Babayev, and he did not disappoint us. But no one expected that just behind Ruslan Babayev - his younger brother will come. Both ...

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  • 95kg Class Without Poles on the Podium

    views: 1252

    We did not expect that, our chances were high, especially after knowing the start list and information about the absence of John Brzenk (back injury prevented him from fighting for left hand). From the very beginning a brick ...

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  • Andrey Puszkar Beside the Podium of OPEN!!!

    views: 1496

    The fact that Andrey Pushkar is not on the podium is not the case! In his weight class, over 95 kg he did a great job. He was only defeated by Denis giving him a hand and the saving strengh for the other contenders. The plan ...

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  • Silver Radosław Staroń!!

    views: 1280

    As you have already managed to see the results, we  have a Pole on the podium. This is an extremely pleasant surprise, because no one expected such a sensational performance of Radek Staroń from Gladiator Ostróda. ...

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  • Arm Tube and World Cup 2010

    views: 1582

    We are pleased to report especially for you that the most interesting duels of the lasting Professionals' World Cup  can be watched at the arm tube of our armpowera on site.Videos available ...

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  • A successful debut of the Chassis Band at Nemiroff 2010

    views: 1319

    For the first time this year the organizer Igor Mazurenko decided to enrich the repertoire of the Professionals' World Cup in live music and we think it was a hit!Ideally set music warmed up the audience and struggling ...

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  • Maciej Gralak Among the Best!

    views: 1072

    Well known medalist of the European Championships of the disabled class, a great fighter also in seniors classes, this time he decided to participate in the Professionals' World Cup in the 63 kg class, and certainly his ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - The Finals

    views: 2663

    Here is an initial list of socres and finalists of Nemiroff 2010 - Right Hand.F - Cup-finalA,B - Semi-final SENIOR MEN RIGHT 63KGF. CHOMAEV, ROBERT RUSSIA (5631)A. AFANASIK, IVAN BELARUS (5673)B. KVARATSKHELIA, OMAR ...

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  • Right Hand Scores - Nemiroff 2010

    views: 2911


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  • The Left Hand Scores - Nemiroff 2010

    views: 2508


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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Live on TV

    views: 1797

    We are pleased to announce that on the 5th and 6th November 2010 live broadcast of the Nemiroff World Cup 2010 - Professionals' World Armwrestling Cup will be held both days at:- 8:30p.m. Polish time- 9:30p.m. Bulgarian ...

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  • Debuts 2010 - the Next Successful Tournament

    views: 2196

    In the Armwrestling world there are several concepts that are well known to each competitors. We are not talking about the armwrestling principles, but about concepts defining the competition. One such name is the name ...

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  • Invitations for Nemiroff World Cup 2010

    views: 1371

    In just a few days the largest fest in the armwrestling world will take place - the annual " Professionals' World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2010." This time, on 5th and 6th November 2010, the ...

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  • Who Will Not Appear at Nemiroff 2010

    views: 1924

    From year to year Nemiroff World Cup is growing and gaining momentum. But not everything goes as it would be wanted, starting with the organization itself, ending with a will to participate in the tournament. It is so that ...

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2010 October
  • Armwrestling in Kracow Energym

    views: 1962

    Competition in Krakow Energym (the 23rd October 2010) seemed to be very interesting from the beginning.  From the beginning it was difficult to predict how many players can be expected. Ultimately, the competitors from Nisk, ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Dawid Muszczak's Interview

    views: 1995

    Another competitor of the Polish armwrestling team for this year's Professionals’’ World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010 is Dariusz Muszczak from Myszków. Dariusz is an experienced competitor of the ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - train timetable

    views: 1747

    For everyone going to this year's Professionals' World Cup in Sopot we present the timetable of trains from Warsaw (Warszawa) central station to Sopot and on the way back. PKP – trains – ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Grzegorz Nowak

    views: 2936

    European vice -champion and World Junior Championsh, current, silver medalist of European Championships (Russia, 2010), bronze medalist at last year's super-heavy class of the Professionals’’ World Cup, multiple ...

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  • Competitions in Energym in Cracow

    views: 1582

    On 23rd October 2010 in Cracow Energym Club at Wrocław 28 Street the club's open day will take place. On that day, various activities including competition in armwrestling, are provided for all comers!Registrations will be ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Dawid Groch

    views: 2025

    Another competitor from the Polish Armwrestling Team for this year's Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010, which we would like to present to you is Dawid Groch from Nisk.Dawid once again tries to force in this unusual ...

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  • 4 Medals for Poland at Judgment Day 2010

    views: 1785

    On the 17th October an international tournament, "Judgement Day 2010" was held in the beautiful capital of Hungary - Budapest. This year, Poland was represented by only two contestants - Marlena Wawrzyniak and Marta ...

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  • Głowiński Starts in 86kg at Nemiroff 2010

    views: 3184

    For several years, Artur Glowinski from Choszczno is a leading competitor of the Polish armwrestling. His sports career in armwrestling began in almost the same way the history of the Polish armwrestling was forming. Artur ...

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  • Debuts 2010 - a Hotel

    views: 1529

    We would like to inform  everyone interested in going to the next annual event in Stare Miasto - Debuts 2010, that the contest’s official is "Pensjonat nad zalewem". Here are the most important information ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - The Official Trailer and Music

    views: 1421

    The official announcement movie of the upcoming tournamnet - Nemiroff World Cup 2010 was made . The announcement uses already known to you track of the Chassis band.The movie can be watched at:http://www.youtube.com/user/ZlotyTur

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  • The Polish Armwrestling: Champion's Training on Sale Now!

    views: 1430

    The first instructional video about armwrestling was prepared by Vivere Film Studios appeared in the market,.The two DVDs contain the materials covering:    * Full exercise of one of the best Polish armwrestlers - ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Mariusz Grochowski

    views: 1264

    Another competitor of the Polish Team to start at this year's VIII Professionals’ World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup, which will be held on 5th-6th November 2010 in the Sheraton Sopot Hotel is a competitor and also MCKiS ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Marta Opalińska

    views: 1381

    One of the two representatives of the Polish National  Armwrestling Team for this year's Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010 will be a young but very talented competitor from Grudziądz - Marta Opalińska. This is her debut at ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Lucjan Fudała

    views: 3036

    This year, once again at the Professionals’ Armwrestling World Cup -  Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010 gold medalist of the left hand 95 kg class of this cup - Lucjan Fudała from MCKiS Tytan Jaworzno will cross his hands ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - 95kg class - It will be hot!

    views: 2476

    "Złoty Tur Cup” for ten years in a row already and the Professionals’  World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup for seven years draw the attention of all world’s armwrestling lovers. The popularity of this event ...

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  • Russian National Team for Nemiroff 2010

    views: 2028

    Almost from the very beginning of fighting of the  international tournament "Złoty Tur Cup – Professionals’ Armwrestling World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup" a strong group of players was formed by a Russian ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Maciej Gralak

    views: 1905

    The next competitorsr forming the Polish National ArmwrestlingTeam for Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010 is Maciej Gralak from Złoty Niedżwiedź Bydgoszcz Club. Maciej Gralak is an experienced competitor starting in the disabled ...

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    views: 1818

    All competitors and armwrestling fans have already had the possibility to book accommodation for this year's "XI Polish Armwrestling Cup - Kołobrzeg 2010", which will take place on 26th-28th November 2010 in ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Rafał Woźny

    views: 2105

    Another competitor of the Polish national armwrestling for the Professionals’ World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010", which will be held on 5th-6th November 2010 in the Sheraton Sopot Hotel is Rafał Woźny.Rafał ...

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  • Kłodzko Land Championships

    views: 5077

    On the 11th September, 2010 in Kłodzko Fortress (Twierdza) Gallery the Kłodzko Land Open Armwrestling Championships  - Kłodzko Fortress Gallery were held for the first time. " Organization of this tournament was taken ...

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2010 September
  • XI Polish Cup in Kołobrzeg

    views: 3957

    We are pleased to announce that this year, our eleventh Armwrestling Polish Cup will take place in Kolobrzeg on 26th-28th November 2010.The annual Polish Cup is one of the biggest events in Polish armwrestling. In addition to the ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Dariusz Wiśniewski

    views: 2493

    Professionals’ World Armwrestling Cup - Nemiroff World Cup – Sopot 2010 is coming . On the 5th and 6th of November 2010 the best of the best in the world will arrive at  Sheraton Sopot Hotel. Poland will be ...

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  • Nemiroff 2010 - Interview with Marcin Skalski

    views: 2849

    Among the competitors of the Polish National Armwrestling Team for this year’s international tournament the Professionals’ World Armwrestling Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2010 there is a young however really up-and-coming ...

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  • Armfight in Bucharest

    views: 3873

    "The Vice-European champion Marin Pantaleev (BUL) has finished with a  score of 3:3 against the champion of Romania in heavy-weight class Olimpiu "Paco" Fat (RUM); in a exceptionally interesting 6-round event ...

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  • Armwrestling on UT-1 Ukraine

    views: 2084

    The 29th of September 2010 (Wednesday) at 7.40 p.m. on national television UT-1 Ukraine in "Men's Club" progremme a series of the weekly programmes about armwrestling is beginning.Thanks to the cooperation of PAL ...

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  • Strong Traker in Pyrzyce Postponed

    views: 1855

    Due to the mourning introduced on the 28th of September in West-Pomerania Voivodship after a  tragic accident of a coach, eliminations in Zajazd Faraona will begin on Wednesday the 29th of September. The rest of dates remain ...

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  • 12 Medals for Poland at Over The Top

    views: 2373

    On the 18th of September 2010 competitors from 14 countries arrived to Germany to compete at the annual international Ovet The Top tournamnet. Among the others there were 9 representatives of wihte-red colours: Sławomir i Emil ...

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  • Armfight Vendetta!

    views: 1485

    Preperation time for Nemiroff World Cup 2010 is for us a time of hard work. However we find time to prepare a special Armfight Vendetta duel especially for armwrestling fans. On the 28th September 2010 in Bucharest (Romania) the ...

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  • Armpower vs October B&F

    views: 1949

    We have a new portion of armwrestling in the October all-Poland monthly "Body-bulding and Fitness" ("Kulturystyka i Fitness) (a press patron of the Polish armwrestling) in Armpower section for all the armrestling ...

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  • Chassis Band at Nemiroff 2010

    views: 2428

    The annual "Professionals' World Armwresling Cup -Nemiroff World Cup" surprises us not only with the high sports level but also the increasing organizational level from year to year. The organizers of the ...

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  • Strong Traker at Nemiroff World Cup 2010

    views: 1545

    For the first time in the history of the annual "Professionals' World Armwrestling Cup - Nemiroff World Cup – Sopot 2010 while struggles ofthe best armwrestling professionals from the whole world (over 100 ...

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  • A New Armwrestlers at the Babayevs

    views: 1589

    Yesterday (on the 21st September 2010) a new member of the armwrestling family was born. At 8.00 p.m. Lina Babayev's and multiple Ukrainian, European, World and Professionals' World Cup Champion from Ukraine Rustam ...

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    views: 2093

    We are glad to inform that as the Professionals' World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2010, that will take place on 5-6.11.2010 in Sopot Sheraton Hotel, is coming the Organizers are introducing a new tournaments T-shirts line apart ...

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    views: 1908

    Tomorrow (Friday) the Polish National Team are going to conquest the annual international German tournament "Over The Top" that will take place on Saturday (the 18th of September 2010) in At the Freizeithalle, ...

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  • Debust 2010 - Juniors Will Take Part!

    views: 1749

    We have already known the exact date of the 7th Amateurs' Polish Armwrestling Open Championships, so the popular Armwrestling Debuts. In the end of October, and more precisely on the 31st of October (Saturday) in the sports ...

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  • Arsen Liliev - interview

    views: 5005

    Conversation with Arsen Liliev before Nemiroff World Cup 2010   Arsen, tell us something  about your preparations to coming Professionals’ World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2010  in Sopot. For how long ...

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  • Slovakian Professionals' League

    views: 3621

    Traditionally, as every year the new season of the Slovakian National Armwrestling League (SNLP) began with the initial competition in Bańska Szczawnica. The tournament was the integral part of the celebrations of Salamandra ...

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  • EAF Meeting

    views: 1829

    Last weekend the representatives of the Polish and Slovakian part of EAF directorate met in Slovakia at the special technical meeting concerning the running of the next European Championships. The subject of the meeting was the ...

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  • The National Team for XXXII WC Las Vegas 2010

    views: 1589

    The FAP board kindly asks to send the applications of the competitors who want to represent the Poliah National Team at this year’s XXXII World Championships – USA 2010, that will take place from 4th to 12th of ...

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  • The Cost Calculation for XXXII WC Las Vegas 2010

    views: 1923

    Below there is an initial cost calculation of the trip of the Polish National Team to XXXII World Championships – Las Vegas 2010: Date: from the 4th to the 12th of December 2010-09-10-04th -05th December – teams ...

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  • Kłodzka Land Championships

    views: 2012

    On Saturday (the 11th of September 2010) in Galeria Twierdza Kłodzko  at Noworudzka 2 Street from 11.30 the Kłodzka Land Open Armwresling Championships – Galeria Twierdza 2010 will take place for the first time. The ...

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  • Debuts 2010

    views: 1895

    The Polish Open Amateurs’ Armwrestling Championships, so the popular annual armwrestling Debuts are coming forward. This year (similarly as previous years) OSP BOLO Old Town with Pawł Gradecki (in the photograph below) ...

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    views: 1830

    Below we present a list of official hotel for the time of this year’s Nemiroff World Cup 2010: Sheraton Sopot Hotel, Conference Center & Spa ***** Powstańców Warszawy 10 Street Sopot 81-718 tel.  +48 ...

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  • Inviation to Nemiroff 2010

    views: 1908

    The annual, eleventh Złoty Tur Cup and at the same time VIII Professionals’ World Cup  - Nemiroff World Cup 2010 is coming. More and more pass and ticket  requests for this unusual tournament with the ...

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  • Will Nemiroff be sold?

    views: 2806

    Since 2004 as the result of efforts made by the President of the Polish Armwtrsling Federation (PAF) and vice President of the professional organization Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) – Igor ...

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2010 August
  • New Polish National Team for Nemiroff 2010

    views: 1861

    At the end of last week on Armpower.net an initial list of the Polish National Team for this year's Nemiroff World Cup – Sopot 2010 was published. After consultations of competitors, trainers and armwrestling activists ...

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  • After Powe Cup in Nisk

    views: 2345

    On Saturday the 28th August 2010 an event being the part of Power Cup cycle, so Nisk Open Armwrestling Championshios organized by the mayor of the commune and city of Nisk and the Viking Nisk Students’ Sports Club took ...

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    views: 1828

    Dariusz Wiśniewski - a representative of Pyton Warszawa club easily won at this year's X Polish Championships - Gdynia 2010 of left hand rivalry. To appreciate his recent achievements on the national and international field ...

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  • The Polish National Team for Nemiroff 2010

    views: 2024

    XI Złoty Tur Cup and at the same time VIII World Professionals’ Cup – Nemiroff World Cup 2010” is coming soon. At the beginning of November (5th and 6th of November 2010) in Sheraton Sopot Hotel we will host ...

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  • Dzambulat Corijev at Nemiroff 2010

    views: 1970

    The real surprise at this year’s Nemiroff World Cup – Sopot 2010 may the start of a Russian competitor from Saint Petersburg - Dzambulat Corijev. This Russian competitor declared his start at up to 95kg class at Sopot ...

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    views: 1633

    We regret to inform you that the I Open Maxiums Strengh Sports - Armwrestling Championships in Opole that were supposed to take place this weekend (28-08-2010) is called off and put off to yet undefined date due to some ...

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  • POWER CUP - NISKO 2010

    views: 1789

    The mayor of Nisko Commune and Town and the UKS Wiking Nisko would like to invite everyone to the Power Cup – Nisko 2010 tournamnets, that will take place on the 28th August 2010 (Saturday) on the Sokół Stadiumin ...

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  • III Seaside Tournaments - Gdańsk 2010

    views: 2234

    Extreme emotions, shocking settlements, adrenaline, and armwrestling on the highest level accompanied by beautiful, sunny weather by the sea shore – that’s how the final III Seaside Armwrestling Tournamnets may be ...

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  • Andrey Pushkar - Preparations to Nemiroff 2010

    views: 1874

    In last phone conversation we got to know that an armwrestling grand master - Andrey Pushkar from Ukraine is activelypreparin for this year's World Professionals' Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2010. As Andrey said himself: ...

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  • Fans of Nemiroff World Cup

    views: 1112

    Annual World Professionals' Armwrestling Cup -  Nemiroff World Cup is one of the few events that is visited by fans from all around the world. Before we observed only the national armwrestling fans in the hall of struggles ...

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    views: 2929

    Farid Uzmanov or maybe Farad Osmalnli appeared at the European Championships - Moscow 2010 as the part of the Turkish National Team. Such a change took place a few years ago, as Farad who lived in Uzbekistan until recently, being ...

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  • Scores of the III Seaside Tournaments - Gdańsk

    views: 2689


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  • II Seaside Tournaments - Ustka 2010

    views: 2207

    On Saturday the 14th of August the city of Ustka hosted competitors of the II Seaside Tournamnets organized by Marlena Wawrzyniak – the Strongest Woman in Poland and All-Poland Adults School Chain ...

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  • II Seaside Tournaments - Ustka 2010

    views: 2775


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  • John Brzenk at Nemiroff 2010

    views: 2419

    A few days ago the organizers of Nemiroff World Cup 2010 talked to John Brzenk of his arrival to this year’s Nemiroff 2010. As John said, he did not think of coming to Poland yet. After the conversation of the ...

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  • Jerry Cadorette Interested in Nemiroff

    views: 1929

    Jerry Cadorette is the one of the leading competitors from cross the ocean. That extremely strong competitor is really keen on coming to Poland for XI Nemiroff World Cup 2010 in Sopot. In a short conversation Jerry asked for the ...

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  • Alexey Voevoda's surgery

    views: 6157

    Alexey Voevoda is planning a special chirurgic surgery that will enable him coming back to armwrestling. As we got to know today, for the last few years Alexey Voevoda has had serious health problems that made him unable to come ...

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  • John Brzenk Is Looking For Support!

    views: 2113

    As we were looking through various Internet services we found information about John Brzenk and his will to come to Poland for the Professionals’ World Cup. As it turns out John Brzenk is looking for the ones willing to go ...

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  • Jagnesak at 95kg class?

    views: 1569

    Lubomir Jagnesak (Slovakia) has not been able to prepare well for the Professionals’ World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup for the last few years. Health problems, injuries, straining each time did not let him prepare well for ...

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  • The European Championships 2011

    views: 1556

    After long negotiations a contract for organizing the next year’s European Armwresling Championships has been signed. An organizer – Turkish side – has signed the contract for organizing of the Championships in ...

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  • I Seaside Tournamnets - Kołobrzeg 2010

    views: 2224

    On the 7th of August the first of three Seaside Tournaments organized by the Strongest Woman in Poland Marlena Wawrzyniak (UKS Arm Fanatic Sport Grudziądz) and All -Poland Adults School Chain “Twoja-Szkoła” took ...

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  • Tug-of-war at Night - Pobierowo 2010

    views: 2235

    At the end of July in Pobierowo an annual tug-of-war at night tournament  took place. One of the attractions of the tournament was the show of Grezgorz Nowak form Gdynia who has been called the strongest Pole in ...

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    views: 2112

    WILL TO VICTORY 2010ARMWRESTLINGintegrational tournament for disabled peopleI ROUND - Burgas (Bulgaria)Saturday, 31st July 2010 г.,On July 31st, 2010 (Saturday) from in Burgas (Bulgaria), on petrol station OMV-Izgrev hasheld the ...

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    views: 1552

    WILL TO VICTORY 2010 Armwrestling integration tournament for people with disabilities On 31 July in Burgas (Bulgaria), at 12:00 h in OMV-Izgrev petrol station will be held the first from the five integrational Armwrestling ...

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  • Sergey Tokarev - Will He Be at Nemiroff 2010

    views: 1887

    29 years old Ukrainian competitor - Sergey Tokarev after the victory for right hand at this year’s European Championships – Moscow 2010 is wondering if he should come and fight with the world’s best armwrestlers ...

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2010 July

    views: 2153

    On Saturday (the 1st of August 2010) in the seaside town Międzyzdroje an armwrestling tournament will take place. The rivalry kept under Małgorzata Mielczarek, Arkadiusz Nowaczyk and Tomasz Szewczyk care for right hand will take ...

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  • Rustam Babyev - Preparations For Nemiroff

    views: 2490

    The leading Ukrainian competitor, multiple European and World Champion – Rustam Babayev is in the initial phase of preparations for this year’s  Nemiroff World Cup – Sopot 2010, which will take place on the ...

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  • Denis Cyplenkov Trains

    views: 4006

    RRecently some photographs of one of the strongest armwrestling competitors – Denis Cylenkov’s trainings appeared on http://www.ciplenkov.ru/  web site. See how this extremely strong competitor trains.More on ...

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    views: 2050

    On the 30th of June 2010 from 6:00 p.m. Polish Championships in Pulling The Rope at Night will take place for the 8th time in Pobierowo (Rewal Commune) at Grunwaldzka Street. The special guest of the event will be Gdynia ...

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    views: 1906

    On the 23rd and 24th of June 2010 in Belgium (the 23rd July – left hand rivalry, the 24th – right hand rivalry) the international tournaments – Rochefort 2010 took place. They were the 19th international ...

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    views: 2139

    On the 17th of July 2010 in well known Bulgarian resort Słoneczny Brzeg the 4th (up to 86kg class) and 5th (over 86kg class) edition of the Bulgarian Professional League, where the leading Polish representative - Dawid ...

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  • The Poles are going to ROCHEFORT 2010

    views: 1030

    Between the 23rd-24th of July in Belgium (the 23rd of July – left hand rivalry, the 24th of July – right hand rivalry) the international armwrestling competitions - Rochefort 2010 will take place. Among international ...

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  • Lower Silesia Championships Przyłęk 2010

    views: 2617

    On Saturday the 10th of July 2010 on a square by the new built gymnasium in Przyłęk the Lower Silesia Open Armwrestling Championships organized by the local Black Scorpion Przyłęk Students Sports Club with  Marcin Zawada and ...

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  • VI Lubuskie Championships

    views: 1691

    For the 6th time UKS Szaki Żary Club representatives with Sławomir Szkoła and Rafał Fiołek in the vanguard are organizing Lubuskie Voividship Open Armwrestling Championships . The championships will take place on Sunday the ...

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  • Seaside Tournaments

    views: 1939

    UKS Arm Fanatic Sport Grudziądz from Marlena Wawrzyniak In the vanguard and the all-Poland school net “Your school” would like to invite to 3 seaside tournaments that will take place this year as follows: in Kołobrzeg ...

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  • A New Russian Correspondent

    views: 2059

    We are pleased to announce that a new foreign correspondent - Ilya Paramonov has joined us. He is a 32 years old inhabitant of Moscow, who permanently cooperates with Russian Armsport Association. Ilya will be informing us of ...

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    views: 3431

    We are pleased to inform of the new gym which is owned by the well known Lubomir Jagnesak from Rabca (Slovakia). Lubomir is a multiple medalist of the European and World Championships and the winner of Złoty Tur at 78kg class. ...

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  • The Champions in Ciechocinek

    views: 2177

    On Saturday (the 10th of July 2010) in a S&RC sports hall in Ciechocinek the first Kujavia Land Open Armwrestling Championships – Ciechocinek 2010 took place. A host of the event was the new armwrestling club ...

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  • Nowak Lost in Przyłęk

    views: 1721

    Last weekend, on the 10th June 2010 on a square by Gymnasium (Fabryczna 3 Street) on the initiative of Marcin Zawada from UKS Black Skorpion the next tournaments in Przyłęk took place. This time they were the 1st Open Lower ...

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  • Scores I Open Kujavia Land Championships - Ciechocinek

    views: 3100


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    views: 1934

    For the competitors and fans of our sports discipline, who will not be able to see live or start at the 1st Opne Kujavia Land Championships - Ciechocinek 2010 are in the name of the organizers invited to see the broadcast on KP ...

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  • After the 11th Olympic Picnic

    views: 1665

    On the 12th of June 2010 within the framework of the 11th Olympic Picnic in Warsaw (Kępa Potocka Park by the Olympic Centre – Warsaw Żoliborz) the Olympic Picnic Open Armwrestling Championships took place for the 4th ...

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    views: 1895

    On the 13th of June 2010 (Sunday) by Museum of Aviation in Cracow (entery from Bora – Komorowskiego Street) from 13.00 the Traker Armwrestling Tournaments took place for the 7th time. It was an accompanying event of the ...

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  • Armpower.net vs Facebook

    views: 1986

    Social portals are becoming much more popular in the internet. That is why we also cannot lag behind. From today each of you can publish any news on Facebook, which was presented on our web page. You should just enter ...

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    views: 3251

    The heat of the sun, record amount of competitors, the last sweat soaked from tensing muscles, hot doping and unforgettable impression. That’s how the 3rd Śrem District Open Armwrestling Championships, that took place on ...

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    views: 1847

    On the 20th of June 2010 on the playing field in Bardo a friendly 6-rounds duel for right hand for the title strongest of the Lower Silesia of up to 80kg class took place. A competitor from UKS Black Skorpion Przyłęk - Łukasz ...

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  • Śrem soon on Sunday

    views: 1790

    We would  like to remind all the fans and lovers of armwrestling that on this Saturday (the 4th June 2010) the Śremski District Open Armwtrestling Championships will take place for the third time.We would like to invite all ...

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2010 June
  • views: 1748

    As every year the winners of Open right and left hand class of the Polish Armwrestling Cup are signed in “Polish Records and  Peculiarities”.This time in the 10th jubilee edition of “The Polish ...

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  • Muszczak Won't fight in Bulgaria

    views: 1428

    At the last minute armpower red action Got to know that on the 17th July 2010 in the well known Bulgarian resort Sunny Coast, and more precisely in Chika Beach hotel in Bulgaria in the 5th edition of Bulgarian Profesional League ...

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  • Złoty Tur 2010 in Sopot

    views: 2076

    Soon many fans of our sports disciline will have apossibility to see struggles of the strongest competitors of our globe during this year’s, 11th Złoty Tur Cup and at the same time 8th World Professional Cup – ...

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  • Armwrestling on UT-1 TV Ukraine

    views: 1323

    We are happy to inform you that soon the board of the international, professional PAL organization (Professional Armwrestling League)  will soon sign the contract with Ukrainian TV station UT-1 for the periodical broadcast ...

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  • Rustam Babayev its already 28 years

    views: 1569

    We are glad to inform you that yesterday (26-06-2010)) one of the leading Ukrainian armwtrestlers of the worlds format - Rustam Babayev had his 28th birthday. Most of his life he has devoted to armwrestling. He has already got ...

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  • The Poles in Bulgarian League

    views: 2427

    On the 17th July 2010 in a well know Bulgarian watering place Sunny Coast more precisely in a five-star hotel Chika Beach in Bulgaria the 4th (beginning at 10:30 Bulgarian time) and 5th edition (beginning at 01:30 Bulgarian time) ...

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  • Amateur Fought in Bardo

    views: 1854

    On the 20th June 2010 during the Barda Days at the sports field the Amateur Armwrestling Championships for the Cup of Mayor of the Town and Commune of Bardo. The Black Skorpion Przyłęk club with Marcinem Zawada at the head took ...

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    views: 1673

    Holidays are good time to try your hand at summer armwrestling tournaments. So it is no wonder that the official representatives of FAP are organizing professional tournaments for all the armwrestling fans. So it happened ...

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  • Championships for the Casus Cup

    views: 2116

    On the 19th of June in a holiday resort Casus in Łasno the 1st Open Championships for the Cacus Cup took place. Arm Fanatic Sport club from Grudziądz with Marleną Wawrzyniak at the head, who was invited as the strongest women in ...

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  • After Krzęcin Championships

    views: 2022

    On the 19th June 2010 during Krzęcin Days 2010 with the co-operation of trans-board Krzęcin – Randowtal – Franzburg communes and on the initiative of Krzęcin Commune Village-mayor – Krzysztof Żuchowski and with ...

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  • III Śremski Poviat Championships

    views: 1646

    Armwrestling has visited Śremski Poviat for the first time. On the 4th of June 2010 by Grzymisławskie Lake in Śremie at 01:00 p.m. the next Śremski Poviat Armwrestling Championships will take place. A buoyant poviat country ...

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  • Armwrestler Noticed

    views: 2160

    We are very happy each time one of our armwrestlers is supported by sponsors- sports lovers in his sports career. Lately, one of our competitors - Dariusz Muszczak from Myszkow is the lucky one as he is supported by TRIBAG ...

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  • The Polish Vendetta in Bardo

    views: 1473

    On the20th of June at 06:00 p.m. on the Bardo town stadium (Lower Silesia Voivodeship) UKS Black Skorpion Przyłęk with Marcinem Zawada  in the vanguard are organizing the friendly, six rounds fight for a title of the ...

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    views: 2096

    During this year’s XX European Championships – Moscow 2010 which took place between 1st and 7th of June 2010 among juniors only one competitor - Natalia Kwiatkowska from Koszalin atup to 55kg left hand classstood ...

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  • Euroarm 2010 - the Polish Veterans

    views: 1459

    Among masters (over 40 years old) and grand masters (over 50 years old) during the XX European Arwrestling Championships – Moscow 2010 we, as usually hoped for the luck of the last year’s medalists of the European ...

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  • Euroarm 2010 - Maciej Gralak Without Any Medal

    views: 1413

    Maciej Gralak form Bydgoszcz is one of the competitors for whom Armwrestling is his way of life. Maciej has been the leading competitor of disabled class for several years, and starts among able-bodied competitors are the stuff ...

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    views: 1777

    As usually during the XX European Championships In Moscow we counted on medals of Polish seniors, especially on the brown medalist of the “World Professional Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2009” - Grzegorz Nowakfrom ...

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  • Broadcast Statistics of the European Championships

    views: 1744

    The sum up of the XX European Championships will come soon. However we have got for you the first statistic information. We are glad to inform you that the record of live broadcasts was beaten this year. All the 4 days of the ...

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    views: 1588

    A lot of world stars, a lot of emitions and armwrestling on a high sports level, the organizers team domination – the Russian National Team, two silver medals (the first one won by Igor Mazurenko from Gdynia in masters ...

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  • The Sum up of the First Days of the Tournaments

    views: 1851

    The European Championships that are currently taking place in Moscow reached the half of it. All the juniors, disabled and masters classes were already played. I have to admit that the first two days of the fights may be liked. ...

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  • Grzegorz Nowak in the Cup-final

    views: 1122

    As fast as we can we would like to inform you that Grzegorz Nowak got at the cup-final of the up to 110kg class. His opponent will be Genady Kvikvinia. Genady was better in the eliminations but it was vissible that ...

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  • The European Championships After 3 Days

    views: 1179

    At the beginning we would like to excuse for such a long time with no information. Unfortunately the amount of duties that our redaction had to deal with is such big that we do not have enough time for some things. Today – ...

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  • The Silver Grzegorz Nowak

    views: 1816

    Today is the third day of the tournaments and 3 medals for Poland. This time Grzegorz Nowak from Gdynia won the silver medal. Grzegorz was fighting at up to 110kg class during the tournaments. When you look at his results you ...

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  • Moscow - The First Impression

    views: 2056

    First people connected with the European Championships have already come to Moscow. After two weeks of the flight from Warsaw and 2 hours in a car (to get from the airport to a hotel  through Moscow) we are at the place of ...

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  • EuroArm Results - days 1,2

    views: 3973


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2010 May

    views: 1675

    From the latest information we Got to know that Rustam Babayev In Whiting for a New armwrestler thar will be born In October this year. The results of the medical examinations show that it will probably be the male ...

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    views: 1521

    On the 1st to the 7th of June 2010 in the capital of Russia – Moscow in Poviedniki (Moscow Region) the XX European Armwrestling Championships will take place. Almost 400 competitors from over 20 European countries as: ...

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    views: 1432

    In my own name (Tomasz Szewczyk) as well as in the name of the organizers I would like to invite all the male and female students from the whole Poland to the participation at the prepared specially for You armwrestling ...

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    views: 1992

    We are happy to inform you that materials connected with armwrestling will appear on N sport for the following time. This time it will be 25 minutes long document prepared by N sport journalist – Michal Wojak. It will ...

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  • The new clothes collection is coming

    views: 2679

    We are happy to inform you that the products line of the Professional Armwrestling League in coming into today. As the first product the PAL has prepared a T-shirt with the silhouette of the wll known, legendary armwrestling ...

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  • Coffee or Tea with Armwrestling

    views: 1806

    On Friday the 28th of May the morning programme of TVP1 “Coffee or Tea?” („Kawa czy herbata?”) between 6.00 and 8.45 will be produced at the Main Marketplace in Grudziadz. The television crew has been in ...

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  • Pawel - our Condolences

    views: 1668

    We are  immersed in grief due to the fact that the close relative of our college of Armpower.net redaction died. Because of the death of his mother Armpower redaction, FAP board and Mazurenko Promotion offer Pawel their ...

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  • VII Traker Cup

    views: 1695

    On the 13th of June 2010 (Sunday) at the Lotnictwo Museum in Cracow (entry from the Bora-Komorowskiego Street) from 01.00 p.m. the 7th Traker Armwrestling Tournaments will take place. It will be the accompaniment of the 17th ...

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  • Moscow 2010 - Details

    views: 2744

    Below there is a final cost calculation and details of the Polish Armwrestling National Team trip to this year’s XX European Championships – RUSSIA, MOSCOW 2010.   1. Date of the championships:  from the ...

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  • Polish Students Championships

    views: 1713

    On the 27th of May In POD KRECHA club in Kielce we will be able to see the 2nd Polish Students Armwrestling Championships.Swietokrzyska Technical University Students Centre Club took up the organization of the tournaments under ...

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  • Olympic Picnic 2010

    views: 1863

    For the fourth time we Gould like to invite all the fans of armwrestling to the Olympic Picnic Armwrestling Open Championships. On the 12th of June 2010 (Saturday) within the framework of the 11th Olympic Picnic in Warsaw (Kepa ...

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  • The Championships of Kujawska Land

    views: 1605

    Holidays should be the time of Rest, But why not to connect the rest with the real sports rivalry. To meet the idea of “sports holidays” the new  member of the Polish Armwrestling Federation – The Strength ...

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  • PAL Bulgaria - I round 2010

    views: 1979

    At 4.05.2010 in the showroom of „Ford Moto-Pfohe” in Sofia, was lead the I Round of The Professional Armwrestling League 2010. The races were very disputed and the Vice-European Champion Stefan Lengarov ...

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  • The Polish Championships - the Outside View

    views: 1465

    The beginning of the day was really tragic. While we were eating breakfast at 9:30 a.m. an information that the President of Poland, his wife and over ninety other people on board  were tragically killed, appeared on ...

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  • Visa to Moscow

    views: 1988

    The Polish Armwrestling Federation informs that on the 10th of May 2010 telephone, e-mail or personal applications may be made in order to have the Russian visa got by the Polish Armwrestling Federation. The prize of getting the ...

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  • The invitation to the European Championships 2010

    views: 2094

    Today the Polish Armwrestlin Feredation received the official invitation for the European Championships 2010.  People who gave us their passports’ numbers are asked to apply to FAP in order to receive a copy of the ...

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2010 April
  • The Chapionships of N-E Poland

    views: 2648

    Last weekend on the 24th of April 2010 in Suwalki the next edition of the North-East Poland Armwrestling  Championships for the Suwalki Mayor ‘s Cup. Many talented competitors not only from this part of the country but ...

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  • The list of people - Moscow 2010

    views: 2065

    Here is the final list of the people going to the Europan Chapionships 2010 in Moscow. Marcin Mielniczuk (service)Mazurenko Igor (the President of the FAP, competitor)Pawel Podlewski (service)Miroslaw Krawczak (service)Skalski ...

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  • AmericaOne and armwrestling.

    views: 1890

    Dear Friends,I’m proud to announce you, that from the next Wednesday 05.05.2010 America One TV Network  will start to broadcast our ARMFIGHT shows in USA. It will be weekly broadcast, every Wednesday in 10:30 p.m. East ...

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  • Attention - Polish National Team

    views: 1561

    By the end of the week we are going to publish the final list of the Polish National Team for the European Championships in Moscow on our internet forum. So today we ask the people who confirmed their trip to the championships to ...

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  • Armwrestling in Przezmierowo

    views: 2669

    On the 24th of April in Przezmierowo (Tarnowo Podgorne Commune) in St. Kanikowski Park we were witnesses of 3 really professional duels of the PAL organization (Professional Armwrestling League). Leading competitors of ...

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  • Vendetta: P. Kisov vs G. Szasz

    views: 2375

    The first professional duel in Przezmierowo was the six rounds clash for right hand in +95kg class of PAL organization between vice Champion of Europe and World, the winner of Bulgarian, professional league in 2007 - Plamen Kisov ...

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  • Vendetta: M. Grochowski vs K. Kostadinov

    views: 1320

    The second professional duel of PAL organization in Przezmierowo was the  clash in right hand up to 95kg class of the host, multiple champion of Poland and the winner of the Polish Cup – Mariusz Grochowski from ...

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  • Vendetta: S. Sharagovich vs G. Nowak

    views: 1882

    The duel of the evening of Przezmierowskie Days was the duel of the strongest Pole for right hand of 2008 and 2009 – Grzegorz Nowak from Gdynia and multiple Belarusian Champion – Slavy Sharagovich. Slava was preparing ...

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    views: 1880

    The fights of Vendetta In Tarnowo Podgorne are over. Unexpectedly for the organizers all of the fights finished with the result 6:0. And here are the exact results:G. Nowak vs  S. Sharagovich 6:0M. Grochowski vs K. ...

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    views: 2022

    Grzegorz Nowak was preparing for the Professional fights carefully and knowingly. In W Przeźmierowo on the 24th of April 2010 it will be his debut in this kind of rivalry (six rounds, right hand). After the World Cup he had a ...

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  • Drivers Championships in Gorzów Wlkp

    views: 1511

    On the 15th of May 2010 in Gorzów Wielkopolski we are going to be the witnesses of the next armwrestling rivalry. This time – the Professional Drivers Armwrestling Open Championships – Autosaloon Trades,  ...

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  • Varmia and Mazurie Championships

    views: 1284

    So called long May weekend is coming soon.  And on the first day of the weekend so the 1st of May 2010 we will be the witnesses of a next great armwrestling rivalry. This tme there will be a fight for the title of the ...

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    views: 2230

    On the 24th of April In Przemierowo (Tarnowo Podgórne commune) in St. Kanikowski Park the first pre-eliminations to the European Armwrestling League will take place. Leading competitors of international arena will meet in ...

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  • The Polish National Team - Moscow 2010

    views: 1782

    According to incoming date of submittion of the Polish National Team for the European Championships 2010 in Moscow, the Polish Armwrestling Federation asks  representatives of below listed clubs for cnotact:- SDS ...

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  • The 1st Open Tarnowo Podgórne Commune Championships

    views: 2135

    Today the organizers of European League (PAL)arranged the details of the tournaments with the Tarnowo Podgórne Commune’s authorities. According to the fact that next Saturday (24.04.2010) In the St. Kanikowskiego ...

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  • The Polish National Team for EC 2010

    views: 2902

    Below there is an initial list of the Polish National Team selected on the 11th of April 2010 during the 10th Polish Championships – Gdynia 2010”.According to the fact that FAP needs to submit the lineup of the ...

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  • The Costs of the Polish National Team for the EC 2010

    views: 1391

    Below there is an initial cost calculation of the Polish Armwrestling National Team’s trip  to this year’s 20th European Championships – RUSSIA, MOSCOW 2010.Date of the championships: from the 30th of May ...

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  • Ivan Matyushenko's New Site

    views: 2034

    A new armwrestling site www.matyushenko.com has come into existence recently. There you’ll find latest news, articles and interviews, Russian national rating, photo/video section, and a forum. The site is bilingual ...

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  • The Catastrophe of the President's Plane

    views: 1534

    Redaction of armpower.net, the board of the Polish Armwrestling Federation and Armwrestling Promotion Sp. z o.o. company are sharing pain of families and friends of the victims of the tragedy that took place in Smoleńsk on ...

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  • Video of the 10th Polish Championships in Gdynia

    views: 1264

    People who did not managed to watch the 10th Polish Championships in Gdynia may use archival recordings of the live broadcast at: http://www.justin.tv/armbets/all#r=GaARjLI~

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  • After the Polish Championships Gdynia 2010

    views: 1525

    Almost 220 competitors from 21 Polish cities, a lot of duels In several juniors, seniors, masters, grand masters and disabled weight classes. Right hand rivalry took place according to the regulations from early morning, at the ...

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  • Żary the Best at the Polish Championships 2010

    views: 1545

    This year’s 10th Polish Championships taking place on Saturday (the 10th of April) in sports-entertainment hall of Gdynia Sports and Recreation Centre at Olimpijska Street in Gdynia ,which were driven in the atmosphere of ...

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  • The 10th Polish Championships 2010

    views: 1660

    According to the tragic vent that took place on Saturday morning the Polish Armwrestling Federation deiced to shorten the period of the 10th Polish Armwrestling Championships to one day. That is why all the classes of left and ...

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  • The FAP Congres

    views: 1538

    The FAP board informs that on the 9th of April 2010 (Friday) at 10.00 p.m. in Sports-entertainment hall of GSaRC at Olimpijska 5/9, 81-538 Gdynia the Congress of the Members of the Federation of Polish Armwrestling will take ...

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  • Fitmax Cheaper at the Polish Championships

    views: 1596

    Because of coming 10th Polish Armwrestling Championships Fitmax company has prepared a special offer for all the participants and audience of the tournaments. During two days of the tournaments 40% discount for our supplements is ...

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  • The Polish Championships - documents sorting out

    views: 3563

    According to the fact that we were soft on license things and our competitors did not make good , this time we are forced to made no concessions. Below there is a list of the ones who did not complete the license documents so ...

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  • Happy Easter

    views: 2034

    We would like wish you All happy Easter, only positive training results, keeping the weight at the Easter table, inner silence before the next competitions and traditionally wet Easter Monday.

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  • Poland 6 medals in Slovakia

    views: 2007

    The beautiful city of Senec in Slovakia hosted European armwrestlers at an international tournament „Senec Hand 2010”, which took place on the 27th of March 2010 for the 17th time. 109 competitors from 6 countries f ...

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2010 March
  • PC Conference Gdynia 2010

    views: 2007

    “Gdynia, as a birthplace of Polish armwrestling, organizes the armwrestling tournaments for the following time. This time the 10th  Jubilee Polish Armwrestling Championships – Gdynia 2010 are going to take place ...

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  • Lilijev vs Brzenk - the whole truth

    views: 2373

    Dear armwrestling lovers. Not long ago we were able to watch quite interesting event (14-03-2010 Turkey) which was the six rounds social meeting Arsen Lilijev (Russia) vs John Brzenk (the USA). A lot of you jumped to the ...

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  • The Pole Second in the USA

    views: 2279

    On the 20th of March 2010 in Pennsylvania  the 7th Annual PA Winter Blast Armwrestling Tournament took place, As it turned out the tournaments were very popular. 100 strongmen who compete in amateur and professional classes ...

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  • The Best in Gdynia

    views: 1804

    On the 10th and 11th of April In Gdynia the 10th Polish Armwrestling Championships – Gdynia 2010 will take place. The event will take place under the patronage of the President of Gdynia. The event will gather the lead of ...

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  • A. Voevoda - Will He Get Back to Armwrestling?

    views: 2657

    On the 4th of March 2010 Alexey Voevoda (Russia) at special press conference in Krasnodar (Russia) announced the end of his bobsleigh sports career. During the conference he did not hide that he would like to get involved in ...

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  • Euro League 2010 - Who with Whom?

    views: 1847

    Final doubts of the starts of All of the competitors during this year’s European Armwrestlin League – Poland 2010 are finally dissolved.  Below we present the couples, which are going to fight in three weight ...

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  • Euro League 2010 - Eliminations

    views: 3316

    Below we present a list of who meets who and where in six rounds struggles for right hand during this year’s European Armwrestling League – Poland 2010 of PAL organization. Tarnowo Podgorne (near Poznan)In the first ...

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  • The 1st Silesia VWR Championhips

    views: 2579

    Over 50 participants of 12 regiments from Silesia voivodeship took part in the 1st Silesia Voluntary Work Regiment Armwrestling Championships. On Friday the 12th of March 2010 in a sports hall of 12-17 VWR Jaworzno at Batorego 18 ...

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  • Brzenk Beaten for Right Hand

    views: 1907

    A professional  fight of John Brzenk and Arsen Liliev ended yesterday in Turkey . it was the unofficial fight according to the rules of the Professional Armwrestling League. The result of the fight was 3:2 for Arsen. It ...

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  • School Championships in Tomaszów Mazowiecki

    views: 4079

    Armwrestling is getting to be perceived as the major sports discipline in school milieu. Apart from leading football, volleyball, athletics, basketball and others disciplines well known among youth the rivalry at the table is ...

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  • D. Spannagel - Back to Euro League

    views: 1986

    A few days ago we informed you that a well known German armwrestling representative - Dieter Spannagel resigned of the start at this year’s European Armwrestling League – Poland 2010 of up to 86kg class. However after ...

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  • FAP Referees Course

    views: 1909

    Federation of Polish Armwrestling is accepting applications for referee C class course of FAP organization. The scheduled course will theoretically take place on the 9th of April 2010 (on Friday) in Students’ Sports Club ...

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  • Debutes 2010 - the Amateurs Cup 2010

    views: 1147

    The next all-Poland event for all amateurs of our sports discipline is coming. On the 13th of March 2010 (Saturday) in Tomaszów Mazowiecki we will be able to become the witnesses of armwrestling amateurs rivalry. Only ...

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  • Armwrestling Live from Sweden

    views: 1843

    We would like to invite all people who are interested in watching armwrestling live to page: http://www.worldchallenge.se/ where today (the 8th of March 2010) you may watch tournament called "World Challenge 2010" ...

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  • Birth at the Mazurenkos’

    views: 1828

    We are glad to inform you that today (the 4th of March 2010) Mikołaj Mazurenko, the son of multiannual armwrestling activist in Poland and in the World – Anna Mazurenko and creator of Polish armwrestling, active competitor ...

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  • Euroarm 2010 - Important information

    views: 1468

    Coming European Armwrestling Championships carry some important for our competitors regulation changes. We ask for acquainting them before the arrival, in order to avoid Any surprises on the premises.1.    New ...

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  • Registration for the Polish Championships 2010

    views: 1741

    In connection with coming 10th Polish Armwrestling Championships, which are taking place on the 10th of April 2010 in Gdynia, we would like to remind, that each club is obligated to submit the list of competitors delegated for ...

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2010 February
  • armpower.net at the Olympics

    views: 2056

      Our page armpower.net has been given a nice surprise. Thanks to the information of our reporter from Olsztyn area, we got to know that information from our page were used on the official page of the Olympic Games. ...

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  • Euroarm 2010 - Dieter Spannagel doesn't fight

    views: 2121

    Two days ago at the phone conversation with the board of PAL (Professional Armwrestling League) representative of German Armwrestling - Dieter Spannagel gave up starting at this year’s European Armwrestling League – ...

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  • 4 Medals for Poland at Check Golem Hand

    views: 1745

    The next abroad trip of Polish competitors made us prove Europe for the following time, that we are in the running. Quite small team of 4 competitors went to the international tournaments "Golem’s Hand” in Check ...

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  • The European Championships 2012 - the Official Logotype

    views: 1781

    We – as an organizer of the 22nd European Armwrestling Championships in 2012, are pleased to present you an official logotype of the tournaments.  Today the logotype was approved by organizer and has become the ...

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  • The Hotel - the 10th Polish Championships Gdynia 2010

    views: 1891

    The 10th Polish Championships – Gdynia 2010 are coming. In April (on the 10th and 11th of April 2010) in a sports-entertainment hall of GOSiR at 5/9 Olimpijska Street the jubilee all-Poland rivalry is going to take place. ...

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  • Hungary - 7 medals for Poland

    views: 1851

    Last Saturday (20-02-2010) in Hungary, in the city of Good (near Budapest) Junior Armwrestling Visegrad GP, for juniors up to 20 years old took place for the 4th time. Some of you remember that city for sure. A few years ago (in ...

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  • A. Voevoda Has the Olympic Medal

    views: 1838

    On Sunday the 21st of February this year the former armwrestler Alexey Voevoda from Russia at Winter Olympic Games - Vancouver 2010 won his second Olympic medal at bobsleighs. This time the Russian stood on the brown Olympic ...

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  • The 1st Amateurs Cup is Coming Soon

    views: 1816

    On the 13th of March 2010 the Polish Amateurs Cup  in Tomaszów Mazoweicki is going take place. For some time the competitions of these kind are called Debuts, as only the beginners, who did not stared at the Polish ...

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  • Łódź Students Championships

    views: 990

    It all seems that this year will be really full of events for students. Last week the decision of organizing the 2nd Łódź Open Armwrestling Championships for students of all Polish universities. The private university ...

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  • The New Page about Armwrestling

    views: 1595

    We are glad to inform You, dear readers that the new web page devoted to the discipline which we all love has just been put up into action at the address:www.tdm-armwrestling.pl Of course the page will be regularly actualize ...

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  • Euroarm 2010 - location map

    views: 1686

    The European Armwrestling page published a location map of the important places  at the European Championships 2010 in Moscow. More information at: http://www.eaf-armwrestling.com

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  • Winter Holidays with Armwrestling in Choszczno

    views: 2013

    Within the events organized by Choszczno Community Centre (ChDK) during this year’s winter holidays the Choszczno Students Sports Club “Złoty Orzeł” carried out the ChDK Open Armwrestling Tournament – ...

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  • Alexey Voevoda in Vancouver 2010

    views: 2550

    On the 21st of February 2010 lots of Armwrestling fans may observe the well known armwrestler - Alexey Voevoda from Russia, who is in the Russian National Olympic Bobsleigh Team - Vancouver 2010. For today Alexey Voevoda and ...

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  • The European League 2010 - 95kg

    views: 1785

    We have already got to know the first competitors of this year’s European Armwrestling League Poland 2010. This time we know who will fight with whom at up to 95kg class. This class is in fact from the very beginning the ...

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  • The 10th Polish Championships Gdynia 2010

    views: 2063

    The 10th Polish Armwrestling Championships which are going to take place on the 10th and 11th of April 2010 in sports – entertainment hall GOSIR at 5/9 are Olimpijska Street in Gdynia, are coming. A round anniversary of the ...

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  • Championships of Suwalki Schools

    views: 2995

    On the 27th of January the Suwalki High School Armwrestling Championships took place for a cup of the Director of the School Complex no. 6, which initiator and organizer was students council in Ewa Frydrych - Moldenhawer’s ...

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  • We know the program of the European Championships 2010

    views: 1968

    The official web site of the European Armwrestling Federation (www.eaf-armwrestling.com) has published a program of the coming European Armwrestling Championships 2010. Information is accessible at: ...

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  • The 4th South Poland Championships

    views: 2000

    “We organized the armwrestling championships in Wodzisław Śląski for the following time. The fact that also women, who were absent three years ago take part in the tournaments attests to increasing interest in them” ...

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    views: 1856

    It seems that the European league tournaments with participation of the leading competitors will take place in Poland this year.The Polish branch of PAL - Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion is going to  select the best ...

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  • Information of the European Championships 2010

    views: 1589

    As the official page of the European Armwrestling Federation says information about visa procedure and accommodation for the Armwrestling European Championships 2010 which are going to take place in Moscow has been already ...

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2010 January

    views: 1894

    WINTER ARMWRESTLING SCHOOLBECOME AN ARMWRESTLER - GDYNIA 2010Złoty Tur Gdynia Student’s Club would like to invite youth who are not associated (including disabled youth) from Gdynia, who did not leave for Winter holidays ...

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    views: 3006

    On the 10th of January 2010 the The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) played for the 18th time this year. Money that were collected this year will be transferred for treatment of children with oncologic problems. ...

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    views: 2317

    The beginning of each year is the summary of sports achievements of the previous year. In each part of the world different kinds of plebiscites for the sportsman of the year take place. That’s how it also was in the city of ...

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    views: 1673

    Winter holidays are a good time to spend it with sport. To get away the school youth from TV-sets and computers the Community Centre in Choszczno together with Złoty Orzeł Choszczno Student’s Club on the 6th of February ...

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    views: 1518

    During last months the Polish branch of PAL - Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion is thinking of promotion of polish up-and-coming competitor Grzegorz Nowak from Gdynia. His last achievements on the national field (the strongest ...

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    views: 2044

    At the beginning of the development of Polish Armwrestling there were people, activists who have already secured their place in the history of armwrestling. One of them was Zbigniew Świątecki – an artist, plastic from ...

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    views: 1946

    Each year the president of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek supports the sports activity of Gdynia and awards the best sportsmen, trainers, teams, organizers of sports events of the last year and the sponsors  actively ...

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    views: 1963

    Not long ago we have finished the annual plebiscite ”the Polish Sportsmen of the Year”. Among many talented Polish candidates 4 armwrestlers were qualified to the lead. But the pursuit for the title of the Best ...

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    views: 3579

    On the 9th of January 2010 in Valley Forge Convention Center, near Philadelphia the second edition of the tournaments Battle of the Titans took place. On the same day and in the same place fairs and shows of MMA, kickboxing, ...

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    views: 1918

    For sure 2010 is the year of international tournament Złoty Tur. As we all know at the end of 2009 the jubilee 10th Złoty Tur Cup took place in Warsaw. However the tournament took place for the first time exactly on the 20th of ...

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  • Maciej Jurczenia and the 1st Złoty Tur

    views: 1999

    Maciej Jurczenia from Gdynia is a person who is unknown among our armwrestlrs. But for sure his name has secured its place in history of international tournament Złoty Tur Cup. In 2000, more precisely on the 20th of February ...

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    views: 3692

    At the end of 2009 during world armwrestling promoter – Igor Mazurenko’s stay in Athens (Greece) the meeting with one of the most talented athletes of the European Armwrestling Federation – Pantaley Filikidi ...

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  • Happy New Year 2010!

    views: 1569

    Happy New Year 2010! We wish all our readers to fulfill your as well sports as private dreams, successful starts and endurance at trainings!

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  • Classes in Golden Bison Financed by the Municipality

    views: 1385

    We inform that classes in the Student's Golden Bison Sports Club in the period from 01-01-2010 to 16-12-2010 are co-financed by the Municipality of Gdynia City on the basis of a contract 06/D/JB/09/z-2010 ...

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