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2011 December
  • Todd Vs. Pushkar # Vendetta in Vegas

    views: 4055

    Andre Vs. Michael is an EXTREMELY intriguing match and for me personally it is the most exciting on this “Vendetta Vegas” card, BY FAR.

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  • Merry Christmas

    views: 2911

    Merry Christmas to everyone from armpower.net team!

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  • Tickets for ARMFIGHT #40 Las Vegas on sale now!

    views: 3289

    January 13 2012 in Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel will be placed next professional fights of PAL organization - ARMFIGHT #40 "Vendetta in Vegas". Tickets on sale now!

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  • Year 2012 – armwresling events

    views: 2576

    Armwrestling events in 2012 – check out places and reserve your time! You must be there with us!

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  • Long awaited gold

    views: 2408

    Piotr Szymanowski interviewed the first Polish world gold medallist – Igor Mazurenko

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  • Igor Mazurenko - all the best

    views: 2703

    Today Igor Mazurenko from Gdynia celebrates his 43 birthday!

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  • WAF Worlds 2011 - success of the hosts, defeat of the WAF

    views: 3574

    I tell you that if anyone had tried to embrace the whole available potential it would have been a top amateur competitions in the history of our sport. But ‘thanks’ to the attitude of the WAF activists, it was, as it was.

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  • Pushkar about ARMFIGHT # 40 in Vegas

    views: 4917

    In just a moment, in a month and a few days, on the 13th January in Las Vegas it also will not be easy. The pending battle for the Intercontinental Champion belt, the precious, valuable belt and certainly not to take for free. Andrey certainly feels strong, but he does not disregard his rivals and he approaches this fight the most severely in his career.

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  • John Brzenk about ARMFIGHT # 40 in Vegas

    views: 5715

    Zoloyev vs Kadorette - if you would have asked anyone about this matchup a month ago, they would have laughed and said HUGE mismatch… Jerry will win easily with his size and power. We have all heard the stories about Khazimurat’s power in a hook, but no one would have guessed that it would be on the level of the best heavyweights on the planet...

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  • BRZENK is back !

    views: 6787

    Long time all armwrestling fans have been waiting to hear this. This is a great news for John's fans but bad for his opponents.... Brzenk is back !!!

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  • PAL on Facebook!

    views: 2728

    To all armwrestlers and armwrestling fans on Facebook!

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  • Worlds 2011 - Results from day 1

    views: 4395

    Obtaining the results of World Championships organized by the WAF is not easy. Unfortunately, a large number of working people in the organization of such competitions is not reflected in the rate of transmission of information. However, after 48 hours we received the results from the first day.

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  • Denis Cyplenkov about ARMFIGHT # 40 in Vegas

    views: 6832

    I would like to wish our guys a victory over the Americans .. I fought with almost all of them I can imagine what they are able to...

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  • Tibi Mihallcea about ARMFIGHT # 40 in Vegas

    views: 3353

    Armfight #40 Las Vegas is one of the best Armfight Vendettas in history. It represents the epic battle between continents: North America vs Europe.

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  • There is only one WAF

    views: 3912

    Denise Wattles posted today this information on N.E.B.: "General Osmand (Egypt) who has been in charge of the "other WAF" is in attendance in Kazakhstan has announced that the "other WAF" will no longer be doing events. Egypt has now become a member under the WAF currently headed by Fred Roy."

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2011 November
  • We know next places of European and World Armwrestling Championships!

    views: 6642

    Yesterday evening during XXXIII World Armwrestling Championships Kazakhstan 2011 the European and World Federation were met to talk about the most important things – future armwrestling events in the international arena. In 2014 World Armwrestling Championships will be placed in Latvia and next XXXV World Championships will be held in USA

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  • Worlds 2011 – after weight-in!

    views: 2511

    During XXXIII World Armwrestling Championship in – Kazakhstan 2011 was reported about 400 competitors from 42 countries. Unfortunately, record wasn’t fell.

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  • David Shead about ARMFIGHT # 40 in Vegas

    views: 2646

    Now I have talked about Jerry Cadorettes style before and how I don’t like it although it can be effective but I might not like his wrestling but I do like Jerry It takes a Big man to be humble in defeat and after being beaten in the Nemiroff world cup Jerry (And the others from the USA yes even Travis).

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  • Engin Terzi about ARMFIGHT # 40 in Vegas

    views: 3329

    I believe that Stojan will toproll Todd but the question comes after this point. Pushkar vs Todd - will be interesting. Zoloyev vs Kadorette -  this match unfortunately shows the low competetion level of the super heavy weights competetion in our sport. Liliev vs Lupkes - I believe that Richard is stronger than Arsen for sure ...

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  • ARMFIGHT # 40 Las Vegas - quality vs mass

    views: 3585

    What is the level of American armwrestling? Answer can be found, looking at the line-up of January’s "Vendetta in Vegas."

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  • Bob Brown about ARMFIGHT # 40 in Vegas

    views: 3011

    For ALL the matches I think that once you go into a 6 round match you must have endurance and sometimes the stronger/better man does not win.

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  • Is A1 a competition for Nemiroff Cup?

    views: 2842

    In July 2012, a very interesting international tournament, with a big - $ 113 thousand dollars prize poll, will take place. The tournament called A1 Russian Open Armwrestling Grand Prix will take place in the capital of Russia - Moscow and is the beginning of big changes in armwrestling.

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  • Worlds 2011 - A category for two!

    views: 3342

    Alexander Bulenkov from Russia will take part in the World Championships - Kazakhstan2011.

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  • America breathed a sigh!

    views: 10264

    Arnold Classic 2012 will take place without the participation of Denis Cyplenkov from Russia.

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  • Sarah Backman AFTER Nemiroff 2011 and BEFORE the Worlds 2011

    views: 14066

    She is just 20 years old. She is tall (173 cm), slender (65-68 kg) blonde. She is simply a beautiful girl. If only Miss election is held during competitions - she easily wins. He lives in Stockholm. She trains armwrestling trains twice a week.

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  • Ion Oncescu - Near Death Experience

    views: 5679

    A month ago, Ion started feeling that something is wrong with him. He had 2 separate blood analysis but didn't mention experiencing pain in the abdominal region.

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  • Are you ready for Kazakhstan?

    views: 4648

    Our Tables for XXXIII World Armwrestling Championships are ready!

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  • Engin Terzi about Worlds - Kazakhstan 2011

    views: 3881

    Read what Engin Terzi think about Worlds Armwrestling Championships in Kazakhstan and see his types.

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  • Matthias Schlitte in German Television on Tuesday

    views: 4116

    On Tuesday the 15th of November Matthias Schlitte will take part in the popular German tv-magazine Galileo on channel Pro7.

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    views: 3240

    It was GREAT to have the Irish Lads involved in the event & I'd been excited to see how they would fair with so much natural strength. - Neil Pickup

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  • EUROARM – Poland 2012

    views: 13176

    European Armwrestling Championship will take place for the twenty-second time already. Poland will be the organizer for the following time. Let’s recall that Poland has already hosted the World Championships in armwrestling, too. So we have experience and knowledge - how to lead such a prestigious undertaking.

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  • Engin Terzi - Ask the Champion

    views: 5726

    Engin Terzi is an experienced player of the world armwrestling scene. He has been training armwrestling since 1993. He is a leading player of the Turkish National Team. He’s had various medals of national and international – world and European rank. Every day he is a full-time player of a sports club and a private armwrestling teacher. He train for himself, as well as other players.

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  • M. Wawrzyniak - My impression of Nemiroff 2011

    views: 5730

    This start will remember in a special way - because I have never been mechanically maintained to fight...

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  • Bulgarians about Worlds 2011

    views: 3970

    Georgi Gaydardjiev - How do you feel before your forthcoming participation in the World Armwrestling Championship? Before the Worlds' 2011 I feel myself calm and confident in my abilities. - How goes your training for ...

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  • Poles at Nemiroff 2011 – It is NOT the time for assessment?

    views: 4935

      NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2011 Behind the scenes #9 There was such a period in the history of the Polish football (sorry for the association), that commentators, ending the account of the lost match used to say: ...

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  • “War of the Arms” 2011

    views: 2785

    Last weekend, 29th of October 2011 in Hilversum, Netherlands was held War of the Arms which is official international dutch armwrestling tournament. The first War of the Arms was held in 2009. In this year 56 armwrestlers from ...

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  • 23rd Golden Arm Championship

    views: 3686

    Welcome to one of the oldest and biggest armwrestling championships in Europe - the 23rd Golden Arm Championship! Date:  February 25th, 2012. Weight in: Weight in at Clarion Collection Hotel Bolinder ...

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  • This thursday on Eurosport 2: Michael Todd vs. Devon Larratt

    views: 5473

    Neil Pickup: "This Thursdays International Armwrestling Show on Eurosport 2 features THE EPIC CLASH from ARM WARS "ACID REIGN" Manchester between "MONSTER" MICHAEL TODD & "NO LIMITS" DEVON ...

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  • International Super Matches in Canada

    views: 2186

    Message from Mark Zalepa on Northeastboard.com: On April 14th in Woodstock, ON I will be hosting 3 Super Matches during the Southern Ontario Championships. I have 2 matches confirmed. Mike Gould (CAN) vs Tim Bresnan ...

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  • Matiushenko - Nemiroff World Cup is a great tournament!

    views: 3979

      For the first time, I visited "Nemiroff" in 2007, when I came to fight in the 95 kg category. I was in good shape, and had been preparing for several months. I was then third on the left hand, as I ...

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  • Viacheslav Karpov - feel invited!

    views: 3145

      Nemiroff World Cup 2011 Behind the Scenes # 8     We already know that Igor Mazurenko invited a Russian player Viacheslav Karpova to the next Nemiroff World Cup 2012. You could say that Slava ...

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2011 October
  • Dear Armwrestling Friends!

    views: 3694

      Nemiroff World Cup 2011 is already over. As the organizer I would like to thank you all for participation in this event. Your demands for as well yourselves as your opponents were high. Audience, who ...

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  • Will Voevoda come to A1?

    views: 6404

      You have known that our website www.armpower.net has been a body of opinion for long. Unfortunately, we also have to be vigilant if any unverified information about competitions especially of high international rank ...

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  • The Stars: Dmitriy Trubin

    views: 7269

      Behind the scenes # 7 It is often written in accounts that “a new superstar was born." In the materials after the NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2011 such a “star” forecast may also be ...

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  • XXXIII World Cup Cost Calculation - KAZAKHSTAN 2011

    views: 2746

      Below there is a preliminary cost calculation of the departure of the Polish National Team for this year's  "XXXIII World Championships - Almaty ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - Arsen Liliev - Destructive joy

    views: 7976

      Behind the scenes# 6 He fought like a storm, he went to the finals without a defeat. He dominated the -95 right hand category. First, he beat Ivan Pyvovarov (Ukraine), then Igor Miroshinyk (Poland), the following one was ...

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  • NEMIROFF 2011 – Jagnesak’s good form after a surgery!

    views: 3762

      Behind the scenes # 5                   Brother-in-law – The Trainer Attention should be drawn to the perfect way towards the Cup in the -95 kg category of ...

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  • NEMIROFF 2011 - Travis, what happened?

    views: 15083

      Behind the scenes # 4   Travis, what happened? We evaluate Travis Bagent performance at Nemiroff World Cup 2011. Let's look at three weight classes he took part in. Three? Yes! Here a serious question ...

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  • Open Nemiroff 2011 - a true win, or chess gambit?

    views: 5072

      Behind the scenes #3   Chess gambitDid they share cups? Is it just an impression? Intentionally? Did they conspire one for the left, the other for the right? After a cursory examination you can ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 – who did not show up?

    views: 7774

      Behind the scenes #2 Who did not show up?Always, since the first Golden Tur, the organizers have been trying to invite the best of the best, Starts, Champions, first to confront them with the others and between each ...

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  • Zoloev mixed in!

    views: 6128

       NEMIROFF behind the scenes#1   There are duels, which story begins long before the command “Ready. Go!”, there are clashes that have overgrown the legend, even before they ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - War of Two Worlds?

    views: 5957

      Nemiroff World Cup 2011XII Tournament for the Zloty Tur Cup ”IX Professionals’ World CupOzarow Mazowiecki14-15 October 2011               War of Two Worlds?What kind ...

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  • The first Day of the Nemiroff World Cup to Rustam Babayev’s dictation!

    views: 3369

      Rustam Babayev was the one who was dealing cards at a table in Ozarow Mazowiecki. He started with a warm-up, which was the whole way through his weight class for him. In total, during all of his fights in the ...

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  • Press Conference and the account of the weighting

    views: 3111

      A conference at the Hilton Hotel. Firstly, Mrs Iwona Guzowska a member of parliament, supporting Armwrestling for several years and genuinely supporting struggles of the World Cup, honored us with her ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - Right Hand Results

    views: 14204

    In this news we will publish results from right hand Nemiroff 2011. SENIOR MEN RIGHT 63KG1. JUSSUPOV, MAMED KAZAKHSTAN (7964)2. MALAS, SŁAWOMIR POLAND (7923)3. BORLAKOV, MURAT RUSSIA (7992)4. KNOWLES, BARRY UNITED KINGDOM ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - Open Class Starting List

    views: 2664


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  • Nemiroff 2011 - left hand results

    views: 12028

    Final results of left hand: F - Final bez porazki A - polfinal z grupy A  B - polfinal z grupy B SENIOR MEN LEFT 63KG1. JUSSUPOV, KRUBIN KAZAKHSTAN (7964)2. BORLAKOV, MURAT RUSSIA (7992)3. MALAS, SŁAWOMIR POLAND (7923)4. ...

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  • 8 steps to Live Broadcast

    views: 3443

    In view of the fact that our service plans to launch Pay-Pre-View live broadcasts of various sporting events, we will present an instruction for you how to get access to such transmission. Access to the live broadcast can be ...

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  • Coach John the first at Nemiroff 2011!

    views: 4506

      John Brzenk has already checked conditions for the American team before the STRUGGLE OF TWO WORLDS. He came to the Nemiroff World Cup for the first time  in a different role, not as a player, but as a guest of honour ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011Cup-finals - live in N Sport and TV Boets

    views: 3669

      We are pleased to inform you that this year's Professionals’ Armwrestling World Cup  - Nemiroff World Cup 2011, just as previous years will be broadcast live on several TV stations.Paid broadcast of ...

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    views: 5691

      On 2nd October in Ekaterinburg the first World Armlifting Championship finished. The main organizer was the WAA federation (World Association Armlifting) established in 2010. The Championships took place during ...

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  • D. Cyplenkov is packing his bags for Nemiroff 2011

    views: 8572

      Denis Cyplenkov – Let Bagent better not try his tricks! Denis will fly from Moscow on Thursday morning, after two hours, he will be landing in Warsaw. In a previous interview he mentioned that he had a cold, we did ...

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  • A. Pushkar -  strength, power, speed! 

    views: 5759

      Much will depend on the draw! - says Andrey Pushkar four days before the World  Cup   We have managed to ask Andrey a few questions before he starts to pack for travel, to Poland. How well ...

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  • ArmMusicLiveShow!

    views: 2547

    Relax! That will not be Frederic Chopin, although the concert will take place just 36 kilometers from the place where the great Polish composer was born. It also will not be Karol Szymanowski (equally famous musician), ...

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    views: 5873

      Battle Plan This will be the twelfth Zloty Tur already, and IX World Cup. Each of the edition has its own Hero, or Heroes, its own background, something that stands out in when we are looking forward to the first ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - Internet TV broadcast

    views: 3321

      Those fans of our sport who will not have an opportunities to come to Ozarow Mazowiecki and watch world armwrestling stars live at this year's Professionals’ Armwrestling World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2011, ...

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  • Marcin Skalski -  a walk form the form!

    views: 3638

      The Poles before Nemiroff World Cup 2011 Marcin Skalski "showed up" in November 2010, at the 11th Polish Cup. He was called a "Revelation of the contest," when after a murderous, long final duel of the open left ...

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  • A Conference Before Nemiroff 2011

    views: 3318

    In about a week (14-15 October 2011) Nemiroff World Cup 2011, as you know, will take place . A day earlier, ie on Thursday, 13th October 2011 in the Hilton Hotel in Warsaw a press ...

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  • M. Opalinska – I’ve trained hard before Nemiroff 2011

    views: 3173

      Poles before the Nemiroff World Cup 2011A few athletes I'm especially waiting for! - says Marta Opalinska Nineteen-year old girl, training in UKS Arm Fanatic Sports in Grudziadz announces to be in a good form at ...

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  • Nemiroff World Cup - 2012 CALENDAR

    views: 3943

      It getting hotter and hotter during organizing this year's Professionals’ Armwrestling World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2011, which will take place on 14th and 15th ...

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  • Black ARMFIGHT T-Shirt 

    views: 4028

      Some time ago we informed you that during this year's Professionals’ Armwrestling World Cup (14 - 15 October 2011 in Mazurkas Conference Centre in ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - R. Staron’s form is surprising!

    views: 3847

      Poles before the Nemiroff World Cup 2011This year it will be easier for me! - says Radoslaw Staron   Only 11 days left till the Nemiroff World Cup. So we did not want to bother a leading Polish ...

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  • D. Groch – an interview before Nemiroff 2011

    views: 3104

      Poles before the NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2011 I'll win the Cup in the Open!My goal is to win the NEMIROFF WORLD CUP in the Open class - says Dariusz Groch, 26-year-old, leading Polish player.      We're ...

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2011 September
  • A well-known athlete was arrested in Moscow

    views: 3317

      It’s a history worthy of the movie, happening on both sides of the ocean. The mystery that hides a winner of twelve international armwrestling tournaments, living in the United States and Russia. For 20 ...

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  • A. Pushkar best in Orava

    views: 4040

      Long-awaited ORAWA ARMWRESTLING CHALLENGE crossed best players’ arms. It turned out that previous advertisement of the event and accompanying movies promoting it - attracted names from the international ...

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  • Over The Top 2011 - 6 medals for Poland

    views: 4386

      On 17th September in Woslfsburg in Germany, in the city of Volfswagen, an international armwrestling tournament played annually - Over The Top took place. About 100 players from Europe arrived. In addition to ...

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  • Who will beat Denis Cyplenkov?

    views: 14554

      Now, we’ve invited as an expert, a person who spent at the table armwrestling more hours, days, months and years, than all the competitors taking part in this year's Nemiroff World Cup did  together. Someone ...

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  • Rustam Babayev – the Form Raising

    views: 6100

      Rustam BabayevSpeaks for himself and for his brother ... He appeared at Zloty Tur in Poland for the first time in 2001. A fight with Cvetan Gashevski, who then won, lasted 23 seconds. In 2002 - he was ...

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  • New ARMFIGHT T-shirts

    views: 4754

      Probably the most important event in the world of armwrestling - "Professionals' World Cup- Nemiroff World Cup 2011" which will take place on 14th (left hand) and 15th (right hand) October 2011 in Mazurkas Conference ...

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  • Nemiroff World Cup - information

    views: 3942

      Nemiroff World Cup  2011We would like to remind everyone that on 14th – 15th October 2011 at MCC Mazurkas Conference ...

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  • EUROARM 2011 - Doping Control Results

    views: 5022

      Here is the list of positive cases at EUROARM 2011 in Turkey: Merab KAKABADZE / GEO 160/ JUN MR80 Irakli GAMTENADZE / GEO 153/ SEN MR90 Eldar APPAZOV / UKR 467/ JUN ML70 Olcay AVSAR/ TUR 418/ DIS ML90Sanction decided by ...

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  • D. Cyplenkov - Let Them Fear!

    views: 3580

      Tuesday, 19th September morning, a quick phone to Russia to ask about the favourite of Nemiroff World Cup 2011. An interview full of exclamation points to ...

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  • T. Bagent – I’ll Beat Every Player on the Other Side of the Table!

    views: 7916

        Bad news for players from Europe!John Brzenk not only will be the guest of honour, but also will perform as a corner of the American team. Athletes from the U.S.A will have a counsellor and "Motivator" in ...

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  • Nemiroff ready to purchase

    views: 2348

    Only a month is left to the start of the Nemiroff World Cup 2011. But to meet your expectations and prevent problems just before the broadcast - we offer you the opportunity to purchase access to the live broadcast from today. At ...

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  • M. Wawrzyniak - Start at Nemiroff 2011 Is a Great Challenge

    views: 4949

      Charming, mysteries ...... intricacies before the Cup!   "Secret Weapon" or necessity, or maybe "Secret Intricacies"? Or maybe an attempt to adapt to the time when the finals will take ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - VIP ticket for 75PLN?

    views: 2583

      Are you going to this year's Professionals’ World Cup ? Want to be closer to the living legends from the whole armwrestling world ? Want a comfortable VIP ...

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  • Maciej Gralak - fighting attitude!

    views: 2617

      Maciej Gralak, a titled Polish armwrestler is preparing for Nemiroff World Cup. He found some time for a brief conversation. Read on, as he expects the start in the Cup. Red: How would you rate the past season, what were ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - Brzenk prompts and bets on!

    views: 2895

      There are only 30 days left to the start of the Professionals’ World Cup . We managed to have a word with John, who this time will be at the competition by another way ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 -  Babayev vs Zoloev

    views: 4688

    Rustam Babaev is an offensive puller, while Zoloev's control is better than his own offense.it is also because Rustam's wrist is stronger than Zoloev's wrist.so i believe Rustam will have a better start and if the match stops ...

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  • Arm $ - Armbucks what are they and how can you get them?

    views: 2032

      Each user of the site has an account, on which they accumulate points for activity. Because the name "points" sounds too corny, we decided to call our virtual currency - Armbucks, marking it - Arm $. In a ...

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  • It’s ok... Pushkar before Nemiroff 2011 

    views: 4908

      Andrey Pushkar will be clear and strong part of the Ukrainian Team at this year's Cup. Experienced, twenty-six years old, rich in junior and senior championships, known and liked in Poland (the memorable fight with ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 – Khadayev will not come!

    views: 3485

      Chermen Khadayev (Russia) retreated from participation in Nemiroff World Cup 2011because of elbow injury. At 39th Vendetta armwrestling experts, fans and lovers , who believed in his endurance and victory in duel with ...

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  • Ukrainian National Team Goes To the 1st World Armlifting ...

    views: 4277

      On the 29th September Ukrainian National Team consisted of 12 players are flying to Yekaterinburg, to take part in the World Armlifting Championships which will be held in Yekaterinburg on the 2nd October 2011, as a part ...

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  • Russian Team for Nemiroff 2011

    views: 3958

      In the Russian National Team for Nemiroff World Cup 2011 is getting very crowded. It results from the fact that in each weight class can start no more than 4 people from one country to the right hand and 4 people on ...

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  • Todd Hutchings – I hope to fight with Cyplenkov at Nemiroff

    views: 7457

        Todd Hutchings Birthdate: May 30, 1966Weight: 198 poundsHeight: 5’11”City: Bountiful, Utah, USASchool: Master Degree Mechanical EngineeringMarital status: MarriedHobby: Hunting, Fishing   How ...

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  • John Brzenk - Time will show whether I return to sport

    views: 31203

      As is already known will not see John Brzenk  at the table on this year's Nemiroff World Cup. It does not mean that John will not come this year to Poland. At the invitation of Igor Mazurenko Brzenk will be the ...

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  • Engin Terzi - about Nemiroff 2011

    views: 5962

      X Professionals’ World CupNemiroff World Cup 2011XII Zloty TurMCC MAZURKAS CONFERENCE CENTREOżarów Mazowiecki14th October – left hand, from 11.0015th October – right hand, from 11.00Semi-finals, ...

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  • The fair of HD! 

    views: 3584

        There is next Professionals’ World Cup ahead of us. Supporters "of the industry” know it for a long time, but I would also like to encourage authorities of other strength and combat sports ...

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  • Have balls to win

    views: 2892

      In dreams we always aspire to great things. But it happens that we do not achieve desired results. Why? What disturbs us?The average men could probably name at least three reasons why they cannot do or have ...

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  • How to get more Arm$ (points)?

    views: 2627

    Are You collecting points on our website? Of course, yes. When writing comments, giving informations in the debates, etc. Now it's time to earning points more easily. Simply to have an account on sites like Facebook, Tweeter, ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - What awaits us? 

    views: 6072

      IX Professionals’ World CupNemiroff World Cup 2011XII Zloty Tur MCC MAZURKAS CONFERENCE CENTREOżarów Mazowiecki 14th October – left hand, from 11.0015th October – right hand, from 11.00 ...

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  • 39 Armfight – Kostadinov vs Khadaev -  Expert Opinion

    views: 4058

      Engin Terzi – World Champion Expert Opinion about ARMFIGHT     ARMFIGHT 3920 – 08 - 2011Saint Vlas, Bułgaria Krasimir Kostadinov (BUL) vs Chermen Khadaev (RUS) The first round was as hard as I ...

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  • 39 Armfight - Pantaleev vs Radu - Expert Opinion

    views: 3848

      Engin Terzi – World Champion Expert Opinion about ARMFIGHT     ARMFIGHT 3920 – 08 - 2011Saint Vlas, Bułgaria     Martin Pantaleev (BUL) vs Georgescu Radu (ROU)   I was shocked ...

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  • 39 Armfight - Szewczyk vs Lengarof -  Expert Opinion

    views: 3542

      Engin Terzi – World Champion Expert Opinion about ARMFIGHT   ARMFIGHT 3920 – 08 - 2011Saint Vlas, Bułgaria     Tomasz Szewczyk (POL) vs Stefan Lengarov (BUL)   In the first ...

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2011 August
  • ARMFIGHT #39 rebroadcast

    views: 3102

    We would like to inform you that in next days we are going to rebroadcast Armfight #39 from Bulgaria (Saint Vlas). Fights will be broadcasted with additional material first time in our history. Additional materials: - standard 3 ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - Tickets

    views: 2577

      14th October 2011 (left hand rivalry) and 15th October 2011 (right hand rivalry) in the Mazurkas Conference Centre Hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki (near Warsaw) the largest annual event for professional armwrestlers: ...

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  • Vendetta 39 – Why did Szewczyk lose?

    views: 3901

        ARMFIGHT 39 20 – 08 - 2011 Saint Vlas, Bułgaria   Igor Mazurenko - PAL PromoterExpert Opinion about ARMFIGHT Tomasz Szewczyk (POL) vs Stefan Lengarov (BUL) A duel lost by Tomasz Szewczyk makes ...

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  • Vendetta 39 - Krassimira Kostadinov decided victory

    views: 4346

        ARMFIGHT 39 20-08-2011 Saint Vlas, Bulgaria     Igor Mazurenko - PAL PromoterExpert Opinion about ARMFIGHT      Krasimir Kostadinov (BUL) vs Chermen Khadaev (RUS) Anyone who ...

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  • Vendetta 39 - Krassimira Kostadinov decided victory

    views: 3965

        ARMFIGHT 39 20-08-2011 Saint Vlas, Bulgaria     Igor Mazurenko - PAL PromoterExpert Opinion about ARMFIGHT     Krasimir Kostadinov (BUL) vs Chermen Khadaev (RUS) Anyone who ...

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  • Armfight 39 is over

    views: 3515

    Last Saturday, 20th August 2011 in Bulgaria the 39th Armfight Vendetta  was held. The next professional armwrestling gala whereat the 10-year-anniversary of the Professional Armwrestling League. And taking into account ...

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  • Armfight #39 results

    views: 5578

    This is final result of Armfight #39 in Saint Vlas, Bulgaria: Stefan Lengarov vs Tomasz Szewczyk 5:1 Martin Pantaleev vs Radu Georgescu 5:1 Krasimir Kostadinov vs Chermen Khadayev 6:0    

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  • An Armwrestler died - Zbigniew Bugaj

    views: 2695

      On 6th August 2011 at the age of 56 years during the competition (long-distance running) in the USA died of a heart attack a Polish ...

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  • #39 Armfight Vendetta Live

    views: 3916

    There are only one day left to duel #39th Armfight Vendetta. Here are a few ways, how you can see the live broadcast of this event. 1st Armpower.net -> Community -> Live streaming. Cost is the only 3USD (additional ...

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  • Armfight #39 - the weight in

    views: 4270

    Sain Vlas in Bulgaria is sunny holiday city, great for all, who want to see the black see and take some rest. There is many hotels and resorts, where you can spent some time. But this is not the main thing for this day. Today at ...

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  • VENDETTA 39 - Expert opinion

    views: 3057

      STOYAN GOLEMANOV- World ChampionExpert opinion about the ARMFIGHT between Krasimir Kostadinov (BUL) vs Chermen Khadaev (RUS)I know well both two competitors, because I have fight against them. We are waiting to see a ...

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  • Rustam Babayav – I’m going to Nemiroff

    views: 2853

      For several years, Rustam Babayav fighting in 86kg class has been honoring us with his arrival. The king of light heavy weight class amazes us with his performances, as well during the year as at the ...

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  • Engin Terzi - special Interview

    views: 6071

    Name: Engin TerziDate of Birth: 18-10-1974Weight: 79kgHeight: 177 cmPlace of residence: Yalova,TurkeySince when have you practiced Armwrestling: 1993Hobbies: I like national and world wide politics,religious discussions,playing ...

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  • Jerry Cadorette – interview before Nemiroff 2011

    views: 6106

    Name: Jerry Cadorette Date of Birth: 2-22-1973Weight: 300”Height: 6'2Place of residence (city, state, country): between Boston MA & Providence RI. Education: I graduated from college, went to Arkansas, and Bridgewater ...

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    views: 3841

    Firstly I want say, that I promise a prejudice referee and objective adjudge. I believe there will be many attractive events The fight, not the fouls will be tolerated. About the event between Stefan Lengarov and Tomasz ...

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  • Marcin Lachowicz- Versatility is my weapon

    views: 4388

    Name – Marcin LachowiczDate of Birth – 25.11.1984Brothers and Sisters - NoMarital status – marriedBiceps – 43-45 cmForearm – 38-40 cmHeight – 182 cmWeight - 95 -100 kgPlace of residence - ...

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  • 39th Armfight Vendetta Live!

    views: 2591

    The live broadcast "39 Armsport Vendetta" will be held on the www.redmediatv.ru. Log into the appropriate section of the site will be carried out with thehome page. For PAY-per-View access user should :1. Go to the broadcast ...

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  • 39th Armfight Vendetta Live!

    views: 2770

    The live broadcast "39 Armfight Vendetta" will be held on the www.redmediatv.ru. Log into the appropriate section of the site will be carried out with the home page. For PAY-per-View access user should : 1. Go to the ...

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  • Travis Bagent - interview

    views: 19438

    Travis BagentDate of Birth - 10-03-1976Weight - 280lbsHeight - 6'3Place of residence (city, state, country) - Shepherdstown WV USAEducation - College graduateMarital status - marriedHobbies - Whipping RUSSIAN ASS is my ...

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  • Vendetta Bulgaria Live!

    views: 2851

    On 20th August 2011 in Bulgaria the Professional Armwrestling  Gala will be held. , Our team will broadcast live this event ...

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  • Grzegorz Nowak – A Special Interview

    views: 3155

    Name: Grzegorz Nowak Date of Birth: 04.09.1989 Weight: 103kg Height: 180cm Place of residence: Gdynia Club: Zloty Tur Gdynia UKS Education: Student Marital Status: Single Hobbies: ...

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  • 39 Vendetta - R.Georgescu special Interview

    views: 3936

    Name: RADU GEORGESCU Nick Name: VALAHUDate of Birth: 15.07.1975Weight: 130 KGHeight: 186 CMBiceps: 51 CMForearm: 45 CMFighting style: VARIOUSPlace of residence: BUCURESTIEducation:  UNIVERSITY – SPORT ...

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2011 July
  • BAM Russian Iron Hand

    views: 5175

      On 23th July 2011 in the city of Nowaya Chara the “BAM Iron Hand” tournament took place for the 6th time in a row. The prize pool of 350,000 roubles and a wonderful place of rest – that’s what ...

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  • 39 Vendetta - expert opinion

    views: 3684

    Vendetta Krasimir Kostadinov (Bulgaria) vs Charmen Khadaev (Russia)Engin Terzi (Turcja) - expert  opinion:   ARMFIGHT - 39 VendettaBulgaria - Saint Vlas20 August 2011 First time i have ever seen Khadaev was in 2004 ...

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  • 39 Vendetta – M. Pantaleev a special Interview

    views: 5390

      ARMFIGHT - 39 VendettaBulgaria - Saint Vlas20 August 2011 Name: Marin Georgiev Pantaleev (also known as "Bay Marin") Date of Birth:  18.08.1975 Weight:  110 kg Height:  187 cm Biceps:  45 cm ...

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  • Krasimir Kostadinov a Special Interview

    views: 6244

      On 20th August 2011 in the Bulgarian village of Saint Vlas a Professional  Armwrestling Gala of the international, professional PAL organization (ProfessionalArmwrestling League) the name voiced Vendetta, will take ...

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  • Szewczyk vs Lengarof – 39 Vendetta, Bułgaria

    views: 3986

      The 20th August 2011. This date will for sure be  engraved the annals of Polish armwresting in thick syllables. That day in Bulgaria in the village of Saint Vlas a Polish player - Tomasz Szewczyk (an interview ...

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  • A Must for Every Armwrestler

    views: 4121

    Can the start of armwrestling be defined? Everybody knows that, ancient sculptures perfectly document athletics and wrestling (it is well known that, they have always had a handicap as Olympic disciplines). What about ...

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  • Khadaev vs Kostadinov – Vendetta Bulgaria

    views: 5708

    Chermen Khadaev is a 25 year old competitor from Russia. He began his armwrestling career in 1999 - 2000. At that time, living in a small village near Vladikavkaz he began his first adventure with armwrestling. But his real ...

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  • T. Szewczyk – I Owe Arwrestling a Lot

    views: 3983

      Tomasz Szewczyk is a leading, Polish competitor. He participates in Armwrestling since 2003, when he started in the Polish Junior Championships, from which he returned with medals. He is an organizer of many local and ...

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  • J. Brzenk 47 Year Old Legend

    views: 9271

    Today (15th July 2011) are the forty-seventh birthday of a living armwrestling legend - John Brzenk from the United States.Though John, in his life in armwrestling achieved virtually everything that was possible to (recognized by ...

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  • R. Burnejka – I have never lost on hand

    views: 4209

      "I am preparing to Mr Olympia and I am afraid to wrestle just before the start. At present I'm worried about my elbow, which might be injured and I could not perform a few preparation exercises to bodybuilding ...

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  • A.Taynov – Ask the Champion

    views: 4082

    Artem Taynov is a known Ukrainian National Team competitor. Today his tournament weight is up to 78-80kg. On his account he has Ukrainian, European and World Champion titles and winner of Professional World Cup – Nemiroff ...

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  • A. Lilijev – Ask the Champion

    views: 2954

    As you could have noticed from the begening new armwrestling portal armpower.net from day to day improves. Nothing  strange that in section ‘Ask Champion’ occur much more titled names from world armwrestling ...

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  • S.Babayev – Ask the Champion

    views: 6191

    Known Armwrestling Champion - Sniezana Babyev from Kharkov (Ukraine) is a competitor, who has proved for several years that armwrestling is a discipline not only for men and her achievements on the national and international ...

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  • A. Antonov broke biceps!

    views: 4348

      On 28th of June 2011 in ‘City Crocus’ in ‘Akwaruim’ hotel (Moscow – Russia) I Selfdefence and Safety Acadamy Cup in armwrestling. It was interesting sport event, which we can’t often ...

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  • M.Gralak – Armwrestling is my whole life

    views: 3856

    Maciek Gralak from Dąbie is polish leader competitor from disabled class. He also easily manages in contests with other class’ competitors , which proves with many medals and titles of local, national  (manyfold Polish ...

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  • Change your points into prizes!

    views: 2091

    As you could have noticed, with opening new website, we extended for you new opportunities, which let to communicate with other fans/competitors easier and quicker .We also added something that let you in pleasant and really ...

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2011 June

    views: 5269

    Sunday 12 June 2011, on "Prosveta"  square in Pomorie (Bulgaria) has held THE PROFESSIONAL ARMWRESTLING LEAGUE BULGARIA 2011 - heavy weight class (over 86 kg). Emil Ilchev ( Iron Hands Pomorie) has won the competition ...

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    views: 3811

    5 June 2011“Planet Club” - Plovdiv (Bulgaria) has become in arena of incredible spectacular events from The Professional Armwrestling League, held late in the night on 25 June 2011. ARMFIGHT is a system, in that the ...

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  • Cyplenkov – ask the Champion

    views: 8355

    Denis Cyplenkov is a leading player of the Russian Armwrestling Team. He has several titles of national and international level. The most important and certainly the historical Denis’s achievements include his excellent ...

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  • Muszczak - ask the Champion

    views: 3154

    Dariusz Muszczak is an experienced player of the Polish armwrestling stage, who from year to year to improves his sports skills. Today Darek  is a leading player of MCKiS Tytan Jaworzno club and the Polish National Team . He ...

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  • PUDZIAN May Become a Leading Armwrestler

    views: 5226

    According to Igor Mazurenko, the president of  Armwrestling Federation  Poland, "Pudzian" has a great predisposition to become a leading specialist in the armwrestling world.Mariusz Pudzianowski (Strong Man) assures, ...

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  • D. Ovsienko at Nemiroff 2011

    views: 3980

    A little known Dimitry Ovsienko is a leading competitor of the Ukrainian armwrestling, who in 2006 was offered to participate in professional duel of the PAL (Professional Armwrestling League) organization with the Ion Oncescu ...

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  • Lotoshino Tournament - history

    views: 4657

    Russian annual tournament in armwrestling, in memory of W. SorokinVenue: Moscow Region, City: LotoshinoDate: the end of JanuaryPrize pool: 65.000 rub (2005) do 425.000 rub (2011)Organizer: W. Gromow At the end of January 2011 ...

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  • Turkish Federation Penality

    views: 3177

    Because of the huge organizational problems (the worst organization ever) with the 21st European Armwrestling Championship, held in Kemer, Antalia (Turkey) 08-14 May 2011, due to non-fulfillment of the contract between EAF and ...

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  • A. Lilijev at Nemiroff 2011

    views: 6030

      For various reasons Arsenov Liliejv (Russia) has already failed to arrive at the Professionals’ World Cup - Nemioroff World Cup several times in a row. And as he says: "at this time I am able to fight with ...

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    views: 4158

    From today (17-06-2011) it is possible to ask multiple Slovakian, European, World Champion, Professionals’ World Cup winner  and other national and international tournaments - Lubomir Jagnesak from Slovakia ...

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  • After the 12th Olympic Picnic 

    views: 4398

    On the 11th June 2011 "Open Championships in the Olympic Picnic" were held for the fifth time. Though this year's edition of the competition interfered Hands of Stone tournament, which took place the same day in this ...

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  • New armwrestling book

    views: 5484

      In 2010 Yurij Dragnev, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Assistant Professor of The Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education (the Institute of Physical Education and Sport, Luhansk Taras Shevchenko ...

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    views: 3486

    IX Professionals’ World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2011 is coming soon. This time, its host on the 14th-15th October is MCC Mazurkas Conference Centre Hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki (near Warsaw). Below there is an initial ...

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    views: 3613

    On the 2nd-3rd September 2011 in Istanbul (Turkey) after two years break, an international tournament, "Murat Boyraz” will be held. The competition will be divided into five men classes: up to 65kg, 75kg, 85kg, 95kg, +95 ...

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  • BŁONIE 2011 - Pros and Cons of The Tournament

    views: 2803

    We are pleased by the fact that from year to year regional activists of the Armwrestling Federation Poland get down to work on organization of open armwrestling events. As nothing can make you so not happy as a sparing at ...

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  • HANDS OF STONE 2011 - M. Skalski the best!

    views: 4303

    On the 11th of June 2011, entertainment Hall of the Błoński Cultural Center has become the arena of Polish (with a hint of international, since there was one representative of Ukrainie – Igor Miroszkin strating) ...

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  • Russian National Team for NEMIROFF 2011

    views: 3800

    It has long been since the Russian Armwrestling Team arrives at  various international competitions in quite a large group. And so it will be this time, while the rivalry at the Professionals’ World Cup- Nemiroff World ...

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  • Snieżana Babayev – a special interview

    views: 4293

    When it is said about a well-known wrestling family the name which occurs is Babayev. Those Ukrainian sportsmen from Kharkov have been the competitors of the highest world armwrestling class for a few years. Brothers and a ...

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  • ARMWRESTLING, MMA, STRONG MAN – what sport is for Pudzian?

    views: 9820

    Mariusz Zbigniew Pudzianowski, alias Pudzian, Dominator – the best strongman in the whole history of this sport. Eight time Polish Strongman Champion, six time European Strongman Champion (in2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, ...

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  • The New in armpower.net Team

    views: 2777

    We could have written a boring piece of information of hiring a new employ by us, and hence a further business flourish of the company. There are many of such ones. But that’s obvious. The development of armwrestling made ...

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  • Lubomir Jagnesak – a specjal intervwiew

    views: 15254

    When a few years ago someone asked about competitors of the Slovakian armwrestling there was just one name – Jan Germanus. Now, apart from Janek the icon of the Slovakian armwrestling is also Lubomir Jagnesak from the ...

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    views: 11124

    What has happened? There were many versatile athletes, I stress – there were. For example Lew Jaszyn, who stood with equal freedom in hockey and football goal. As the first football goalkeeper he began actively and ...

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  • test 4

    views: 1778


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2011 May

    views: 2114

    On the 5th of June 2011 (Sunday) at the Aviation Museum in Krakow (entrance from Bora - Komorowskiego Street) from 12.00 the eighth "Trakerski Armwrestling Tournament" will take place. This will be an event accompanying ...

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    views: 2513

    We are pleased to announce that on the 3rd June 2011 in the Bulgarian city of Varna there will be the next "Profrssional Armwrestling Ceremony - Armfight, Bulgaria, Varna 2011" of the Professional ...

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  • armpower.net New Website

    views: 3288

    We are pleased to announce that works on the new look of the www.armpower.net website have just ended. On the 6th of June 2011 at 12.00 Polish time you will be witness of birth of a completely different site associated with ...

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  • Nemiroff 2011 - Changes

    views: 3486

    Dear armwrestling fans. The IX Professionals' World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2011 is coming soon. This year's edition is coming back to the Polish capital - the city of Warsaw. This year's professional ...

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  • Success of the Polish Referees at Euroarm 2011

    views: 3484

    European Championships 2011 finished with two medals for the Polish National Team. And this is not the end of the success of our country during this tournament.As Harri Naskali writes to us - Piotr Szczerba (Head ...

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    views: 2139

    On 28.05.2011 the tournament under the name: "I OPEN RADOM ARMWRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP" will be held in Radom.All the competitors of the Armwrestling Federation Poland may take part in the ...

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  • Let's Help Chassis!

    views: 1922

    Do you remember Nemiroff World Cup 2010 in Sopot? During the finals we had the opportunity to listen to live music played by Chassis band. As far as we know, most of you really like their music. Now, we have the ...

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    views: 2013

    On the 22nd May 2011 year (Sunday) the Ziębice Open Armwrestling Championship for the Mayor's Cup will be held. This is another armwrestling event organized by ...

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    views: 2917

    Over 500 competitors from 26 countries, many international stars, 2 medals for the Polish National Team - the silver of Kornellia Maśnik from Choszczno for the right hand in +60kg class of disabled and bronze of Andrzej Głąbała ...

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  • Europeans 2011 Has Ended

    views: 2622

    The last 21 fights of the European Armwrestling Championships has just ended. After more than 2000 battles at the table, the winners of this year's tournament were selected. As you can imagine, also this time just ...

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  • Report of the First Day

    views: 2041

    The first day of the XXI European Armwrestling Championships has ended. Despite the many organizational problems the rivalry itself passed without any major problems. As a bitof gosip, we can say that we had yesterday, ...

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  • Results 2nd Day Europeans 2011

    views: 3313

    Junior Men Right 50  1. Gismat Vakilov, Azerbaijan, 10 points  2. Denis Porozhnyak, Ukraine, 7 points  3. Ruslan Ismagilov, Russian Federation, 5 points  4. Andrey Korotkij, Russian Federation, 4 points  ...

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  • The Summary of the 2nd Day

    views: 2289

    We have just finished the second day of European Armwrestling Championships. As we expected, for our team that day is far better than the first one. The total output of our team was increased of two medals - one silver and ...

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    views: 2294

    After all Armbets.tv team managed to cope technical adversity during the European Championships. Now, you can watch live broadcasts from the European Championships in Turkey. Today's finals at 04:00p.m. of Turkish ...

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  • views: 3824

    Junior Men Left 50  1. Vladimir Kostochka, Russian Federation, 10 points  2. Ruslan Ismagilov, Russian Federation, 7 points  3. Denis Porozhnyak, Ukraine, 5 points  4. Mithat Elci, Turkey, 4 points  5. ...

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    views: 1776

    We are pleased to announce that the entire board and the organizers on behalf of the EAF are in Turkey. Today the weighing of the competitors taking part in the classes played on the first two days took place. The whole weighing ...

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  • 500 Competitors at EURO ARM 2011

    views: 2393

    Nearly 500 competitors from 24 countries signed up to take part at the XXI Armwrestling Championships, which began in earnest today in the Turkish city of Kemer (Antaylia Region) in Turkey and will last until the 15th May ...

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    views: 2828

    On the 30th April 2011 in St. Anne Church in Smardzewice (near Tomaszów Mazowiecki) at 04.00 p.m. a wedding ceremony of leading Polish armwrestling competitors, multiple Polish Champions, winners of the Polish Cup and ...

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    views: 2270

    On 18.04.2011, in a dormitory at the Electrical School Compelx no 1 (Zespol Szkol Elektrycznych nr 1) in Cracow the II DORMITORY ARMWRESTLING TOURNAMENTS FOR THE DIRECTOR'S CUP was ...

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2011 April
  • Armpower.net History

    views: 1970

     Our page - Armpower.net - a few days ago ended seven years of its existence. Therefore, for your pleasure we show how our site looked like in ancient times. Unfortunately, not all the elements were possible to maintain, so ...

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    views: 1874

    We have already known Polish competitors who will represent our country at this year's XXI European Championships - Turkey 2011, which will take place on 9th-15th May 2011 in the town of Kemer in Turkey.Below there is the ...

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  • Free The World Champ - Roman Tsindiliani

    views: 2305

    Free The World Champ - Roman TsindilianiMessage from Robert Drenk on Northeastboard:"Roman has been locked up by immigration, they do not believe he is who he says he is... So I started a ...

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  • Armpower in May B&F

    views: 1764

    From the 27th April 2011 in the good press points the next issue of the all-Poland monthly "Bodybuilding and Fitness" ("Kulturystyka i Fitness") will appear and with it the next dose of ...

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  • Happy Easter

    views: 1054

    Healthy, peaceful and joyfulEasterevery success, spring optimismandevery success in private life,professional and sportswishesArmpower Editors 

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  • Jegnasak - A Surgery

    views: 1958

    As Armpower Editors got to know, on 25th April 2011 the leading Slovakian armwrestler, multiple Champion of Slovakia, Europe and World - Lubomir Jagnesak will have the preoperative examination of the right ...

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  • Armwrestling at the 12th Olympic Picnic

    views: 2232

    For the fifth time the armwrestling struggles accompanying the annual Olympic Picnic will be held. On 11th June 2011 from 12.00 o'clock in the Kepa Potocka park and Olympic Center at Wybrzeże Gdyńskie ...

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  • The Poles at FIBO 2011

    views: 2597

    Last weekend (15-17 April 2011) in the German city of Essen another edition of FIBO sports fair, so the European largest trade fair with the participation of the leading nutrient companies, sports and ...

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  • 17 Ukrainian Championships - the 2nd Day Right

    views: 2255

    Yesterday (14th April 2011) the second day of the national competition, 17th in turn Championships of Ukraine was held. Just like the previous day 245 best armwrestlers from Ukraine stood tocompete in a ...

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  • Cost Calculation - XXI EC Turkey 2011

    views: 1829

    COST CALCULATION  XXI EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 Below there is a preliminary cost calculation of trip of the Polish Armwrestling National Team for this year's "XXI European Championships - Kemer, Antalya - ...

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  • 17th Ukrainian Championships - Left Hand

    views: 2891

    245 competitors gathered yesterday (13 April 2011) in the Ukrainian armwrestling capital  - Kharkov at the 17th  Ukrainian Seniors' Championships to compete for the title  of the Champion of Ukraine and the ...

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    views: 2378

    We are pleased to announce that another armwrestling competition will take place on 3rd May 2011 in Tczew. "Magic Granit Strong – (Strengh Sports Festival Festiwal Sportów Siłowych” tournament is ...

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  • Polish National Team - Turkey 2011

    views: 2881

    Here is a list of competitors called to the Polish National Team for the upcoming European Armwrestling Championships 2011. We remind you that the championship will be held from 9th-15th May in Turkey.The following list ...

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  • views: 2307

    We would like to invite you to visit FitMax stand at the XXXV Polish Bodybuilding Championships, which will be held from 30.04 - 05.01.2011 in Czestochowa. All FitMax products will be offered with 40% discount during these ...

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  • HANDS OF STONE- Błonie 2011

    views: 2116

    We are pleased to announce that in June, and exactly on 11th June 2011 at the Cultural Center in Błonie at Jana Pawla II 1b Street armwrestling competition "Hands Of Stone" will take place ...

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  • XI Polish Championships Nisko 2011

    views: 2361

    Almost 200 competitors from 20 Polish clubs, great organization, a high sports level and many viewers and fans watching the tournaments both live in Nisku, and in front of computer screens on ArmBets.tv television - so you can ...

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  • The Results of the Polish Championships 2011

    views: 3061

    The final results of the Polish Championships 2011:Team classification:JUNIORPosition Club/Country Gold Silver Bronze Points1 UKS-16 6 2 2 922 SZAKI CLUB 3 2 2 813 BLACK SCORPION 2 4 0 634 ARMFIGHT 3 1 1 475 MCKIS TYTAN 0 4 1 476 ...

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2011 March
  • Polish Championships 2011 Weighing

    views: 1827

    We would like to informed that this time at the Polish Championships 2011 in Nisko, the weighting will be in the order in which teams will appear at the place of weighing. Nothing less than this means that each team can come at ...

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  • Real Armwrestling - POLISH BATTLE

    views: 1288

    To meet  expestations of our competitors, the  Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) organization decided to create a new product called: Real Armwrestling. What it will be? Well, this is a kind of ...

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  • 19 Clubs for the Polish Championships 2011

    views: 1343

    Today we made ​​teams registration for the Polish Championships in Nisko, which, to remind you, will take place this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Registration was made by 19 teams (in no particular order):- Arm Fanatic ...

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  • Watch The Polish Championships 2011

    views: 1724

    We are pleased to announce that armbets.tv and armpower.net areplanning a video broadcast from the upcoming Polish Armwrestling Championships 2011. The broadcast will take place at www.armpower.net (home) and armbets.tv ...

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  • 18th Second Hand Scores

    views: 2847

    Here are the scores of the just ended Senec Hand. 18th Senec hand, Senec, 26.3.2011Men's Juniors Right Hand 65 Kg1. Glod, Dominik (AWK Prešov)  10 Pts.2. Hristov, Yolian (BUL)  7 Pts.3. Kolník, ...

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  • Ustroń Postponed for 1 Day

    views: 2317

    Due to organizational difficulties, "II Ustroń Armwrestling Championships" which were to be held on the 1st May 2011 were postponed to the following day, ie, the 2nd May 2011 (Monday). We sincerely ...

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  • Euro Arm Turcja 2011 - UTRUDNIENIA

    views: 2109

    W dniu dzisiejszym otrzymalismy list od Prezydenta Europejskiej Federacji Armwrestlingu przedstawiający utrudnienia organizacyjne związane tegorocznymi Mistrzostwami Europy - Turcja 2011. Poniżej obawy i utrudnienia przedstawione ...

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  • Euro Arm Turkey 2011 - Problems

    views: 2004

    Dear Colleagues, Yesterday I have come back from my inspection in Antalia about the organization of the upcoming European Armwrestling Championship.The situation in Turkey is not good at all,Ahmet Hadimoglu is no more ...

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  • Igor Mazurenko's Video Blog

    views: 2447

    We are pleased to announce that, especially for our readers a Video Blog by Igor Mazurenko has been started up. As a promoter of Armwrestling, a founder of PAL, and an activist in many structures of our sport - Igor Mazurenko ...

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  • FAP Referee Training

    views: 1699

    Federation Armwrestling Poland(FAP) announces that on the 1st April 2011 on the Sports-Entertainment Hall of the Regional Vocational Education Centre (Hala Widowiskowo – Sportowa Regionalnego Centrum Edukacji ...

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  • FAP Congress PC Nisko 2011

    views: 1284

    Polish Armwrestling Federation Board announces that on April 1, 2011 (Friday), in Galicia Hotel (official hotel of the competition: ul. Podlądzie, 37-410 Ulanów) at. 23.00 Congress will be held Armwrestling Federation, ...

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  • The Polish Championships 2011 - Nisko

    views: 1062

    FAP Board reminds that each club is oblidated to send a written registration of the teams for the Polish Championships 2011 which will be held in Nisko. Teams applications and licence documents can be downloaded at: ...

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  • XI Polish C. in Nisko

    views: 1179

    XI Polish  Armwrestling Championships are approaching. This year's organizers are the UKS Wiking Nisko  with the co-operation of the Mayor of the municipality and city of Nisko and under the ...

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  • PC NISKO 2011 Next Hotels

    views: 2013

    Due to the absence free rooms in the competition official hotel (Galicja Hotel) XI Polish Armwrestling Championships- Nisko 2011, the organizers have negotiated additional rooms. Below are given details of the hotels ...

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  • R.Babayev Taught in Gdynia

    views: 2468

    On 19th-20th March 2011 in Gdynia Golden Bison Club we hosted a multiple champion of Ukraine, Europe and World and a multiple winner of the Professionals' World Cup - Rustam Babayev from Ukraine. His direct arrival ...

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  • Cyplenkov at the Russian Championships

    views: 2402

    Russian Championships 2011 are taking place today (Friday) and on Saturday. From 10:00 am Moscow time, you can watch them live on our website.A curiosity of this event is the presence of Denis Cyplenkov. Denis will participate in ...

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  • The Russian Championships Live

    views: 1884

    We are pleased to announce that there will a possiblity to watch the Russian Armwrestling Championships 2011 live. The Russian Federation will make this material accessible live on Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am ...

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  • A Seminar with R. Babyev

    views: 1893

    We would like to remind everyone that on 19th-20th of March 2011 in the Gdynia Students' Golden Bison club, at Marine 108a Street, 81-225 Gdynia a seminar withe a multiple champion of Ukraine, Europe, World ...

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  • M. Podgorski - 2 Gold Medals in Sweeden

    views: 2180

    Once again the Polish armwrestlers, and actually one - Mariusz Podgorski has proven that our national Armwrestling is on a high sport level . On the 26th February 2011 in a Swedish town of Eskilstuna an international tournament ...

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  • XI PC NISKO 2011- Hotel

    views: 2254

    XI Polish Championships are approaching rapidly. On the 2nd and 3rd April 2011 the best Polish armwrzeslers will come to Nisko to compete for medals and a title of the Polish Champion of 2011 and the right to start at this ...

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  • Denis Cyplenkov is a winner!

    views: 3967

    Finals began at 9.00. Stress, in anticipation of the final duel with Dennis and Michael Todd grew with each minute of waiting. Despite this, many people could not believe that Dennis will not be without the main prize. When asked ...

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  • Sensation – Dennis lost to Michael Todd!

    views: 3308

    Today as in the past times the competition started on time and nothing foretold a storm. Denis even did not feel the first match. His opponent was definitely weak, but here in the second match Denis got immediately ...

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  • 11 Medals for Poland in Check Republic

    views: 2271

    On the 26th February 2011 in the Czech town Židlochovice nternational junior struggles were held for the seventh time. 105 juniors from 5 countries, who according to the rules were under the age of 21 took ...

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  • Arnold Sports Festival 2011

    views: 2506

    The biggest sports festival in the United States, the annual Arnold Sports Festival, a popular Arnold Classic is coming inexorably. At such a prestigious event, which combines more than 40 sports disciplines (including 13 Olympic ...

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2011 February
  • Pushar's Photo-session

    views: 2445

    This weekend (26th-27th February 2011) a photo shoot of the multiple Champion of Ukraine, Europe and World, the winner of the Professionals Armwrestling World Cup - Andrey Pushar from Ukraine took place.The photo-session was ...

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  • The Little Webmaster's Birth

    views: 1857

    Today (February 25th, 2011) at 08.50 a.m. a webmaster of our page Armpower.net - Marcin Mielniczuk's son - Maksymilian was born.Baby at birth weighed 4280 g with a lenght of 62cm.Armpower Editors, ...

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  • J. Brzenk in March B&F

    views: 2385

    For all fans of combat sports and strength sports the March issue of the monthly magazine "Bodybuilding & Fitness" (a press patron of the Polish armwrestling), and with him a monthly Armpower allowance, a ...

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  • Poles 4 Gold Medals at Golem's Hand

    views: 2341

    Once again the Polish armwrestling team has demonstrated how important they are in Europe. This time, to the Czech championship "Golem's Hand", went only two competitors: Mariusz Podgorski from Warsaw, in the 70 kg ...

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  • Alexy Voevoda - Has No Week Points

    views: 3396

    The brusher of the Russian bobsleigh team  Alexei Voevoda, who starts with Alexander Zubkov, declared readiness to start and expressed his views on the development of bobsleighs on the 19th February in doubles at ...

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  • Request for Quotation - Purchase of Services

    views: 1470


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  • views: 3610

    The Russian team Alexander Zubkov and Alexey Voyevoda won the World Championship gold, in doubles competition taking place in Koenigssee (southern Germany). The Russians were in the lead after the first day of the ...

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  • R. Staron in Team Body Club

    views: 2893

    Everyone remembers the last medal start of the Radek Staron from Ostroda at "VIII Professionals' World Armwrestling Cup - Nemiroff World Cup" in the beginning of November 2010 in Sopot. ...

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  • How does L. Jagnesak train?

    views: 2833

    Yesterday (February 15th, 2011) Gdynia sports Golden Bison club was visited by multiple World and European Champion, a leading player of the Slovakian representation  - Lubomir Jagnesak. During the visit, ...

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  • L. Jagnesak Is Visiting Gdynia

    views: 2744

    Tomorrow (the 15th February 2011) the European, World and Professionals' World Cup Champion, well known competitor, both in Europe and other continents - Lubomir Jagnesak from Slovakia is coming to the Golden Bison Sports ...

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  • A. Pushkar Photo Sesion

    views: 1579

    Recently, we have noticed the increasing interest in taking photo sessions of their own among leading armwrestling competitors. And all that because many companies are interested is such professional ...

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    views: 2569

    We remind everyone that on 19th-20th March 2011 in Gdynia Golden Bison Club a seminar of the European, World and World Cup Champion - Rustam Babayev from Ukraine.The main topics that are going to be discussed at the ...

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  • South Polish Championships Are Fought Off

    views: 2089

    On January 9th  the fifth South Polish Championships in Wodzislaw Slaski under the auspices of the Federation Armwrestling Poland were held. The main organizer, as in previous years, was Wodzisławski Cultural ...

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  • Congratulations to the Korneks

    views: 2239

    As our colleague Robert Kornek reported, the armwrestling family has enlarged. Here's how the freshly baked dad enjoys:I would like to convey happy news, the armwrestling family has enlarged.. On ...

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  • Check Republic Is Waiting for Juniors

    views: 1857

    On the 26th February 2011 the Czech Armwrestling Federation invites all Polish juniors (ATTENTION! People who are under 21 years old) to participate in the "VII Visegrad Junior Grand Prix 2011", which will be held at ...

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  • Voevoda vs Olympics 2014

    views: 3799

    Already well known probably around the world Russian sportsmen (Armwrestling, bobsleigh) Alexey Voevod recently signed a bobsleigh long-term contract with the Russian Olympic Committee. As of today, he is one of ...

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  • D. Cyplenkov - Preparation for Arnold Classic

    views: 5390

    The absolute winner of the Professionals' World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup - Sopot 2010 - Denis Cyplenkov from Russia is preparing to a start at this year's Arnold Sports Festival 2011. The popular Arnold Classic ...

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  • Armpower.net Under Reconstruction

    views: 1624

    It's almost seven years (the origin at the 1st March 2004 - founder Igor Mazurenko) as our editors have been editing various sections of armpower.net. Over  these years, our site has published thousands of photos, ...

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  • D. Wiśniewski 3rd in Los Angeles

    views: 3789

    On January the 29th-30th in Los Angeles in the U.S. the second UAL The Ultimate Armwrestling League tournaments were held . On the first day of the UAL II Tournament which was divided into categories of amateur and ...

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2011 January
  • February Armpower Already on Sale

    views: 1853

    For all fans of combat and power sports a new February edition of the monthly magazine "Bodybuilding & Fitness" (press patron of the Polish armwrestling) is available, and with it a monthly allowance ...

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  • A. VOEVODA - The European Champion

    views: 3053

    Well known to all armwrestlers, the Olympian (bobsleigh) - Alexey Voevoda from Russia once again in the history of his take offs has enlarged his medal pool. This time, Alexey (brusher) with Alexsandr Zubkov (pilot) on the 22nd ...

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  • The PAL Birthday

    views: 2545

    This year, namely on the 21st July 2011, it is ten years since that first event under the umbrella of PAL organization (Professional Armwrestling League). Since the organizational meeting of Asena Hajditodorov (Bulgaria), Igor ...

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  • Małgorzata Ostrowska - Interview

    views: 2840

    Another Polish competitor of  XXXII World Armwrestling Championships, which took place on 06th - 12th December 2010 in the USA was the multiple medalist of the World and European Championships in the junior class, now a ...

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    views: 2410

    BECOME AN ARMWRESTLER - Gdynia 2011 Student Sports Club (UKS) Złoty Tur in Gdynia invites highschool and secondary school youth  (including disabled youth), who did not go anywhere for winter holidays 2011 to ...

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  • STAYER Supports The Best!

    views: 2865

    "The power and the temperament" is the main slogan of professional STAYER power tools. This slogan, however, can be also attributed to the young, small and delicate Natalia Staron from Ostróda, who on 27th-28th ...

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    views: 2941

    Mariusz Podgórski from Warsaw, virtually at the last minute decided to go to this year's XXXII Armwrestling World Championships, which took place on 06th - 12th December 2010 in the United States. The decision, as it ...

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  • Classes in Golden Bison Financed by the Municipality

    views: 1645

    We inform that classes taking place in the Student's Golden Bison Sports Club in the period from 01-01-2011 to 30-06-2011 are co-financed by the Municipality of Gdynia City on the basis of a ...

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