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2016 December
  • The USA Heavyweights: results of the year

    views: 2237

    Two of the best world’s armwrestlers from the United States shared with armpower.net their 2016 year success stories.

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  • Irakli Gamtenadze: results of the year

    views: 944

    Irakli Gamtenadze had two major international starts in 2016, European Championship in Romania and the World Championship in Bulgaria.

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  • Levan Saginashvili: Results of the year

    views: 2314

    Levan Saginashvili progresses from year to year. The outgoing 2016 has been not exception.

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  • Eight silver medals of Zurab Tavberidze

    views: 1479

    All of you are certainly not once noticed this picturesque Georgian athlete, but we want to tell you a bit more about him and 2016 season for him.

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  • Merry Christmas, armwrestlers!

    views: 527

    We wish you all the best!

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  • Moldova Open Cup: results

    views: 1545

    December, 18, National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova passed a kind of "certification".

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  • Armwrestlers, who changed the sport. Cvetan Gashevski

    views: 2326

    Cvetan Gashevski is an armwrestler Legend of Bulgaria.

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  • Three successful stories from Kazakhstan

    views: 1008

    At the last Professional World Cup – Zloty Tur, for the second year in a row in the team scores team of Kazakhstan wins. Most of their team are from a famous sportsmen club "Shardara Armsport".

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  • David Samushia: "I had a revenge"

    views: 1232

    Sports season of David Samushia can be called a success. In the spring, he became the champion of Europe, in October - the bronze medalist of the World Championship, and finished the season winning the most numerous category at the Zloty Tour.

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  • European Championship in Katowice!

    views: 1093

    December 15, Katowice, Poland, EAF commission tested readiness of facilities for the European Championship Euroarm-2017.

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    views: 1163

    ZLOTY TUR ARMWRESTLING WORLD CUP tournament original men’s T-shirt by ARMFIGHT brand. Colour – yellow.

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  • Principled pulling of Dmitry Trubin

    views: 1473

    Dmitry Trubin came to Zloty Tur with the main goal - to defeat Andrey Pushkar. And he has achieved his goal. In heavy fight Andrey was defeated.

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  • One foul! Really?

    views: 669

    ... or how to take gold medal for referees.

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  • Genady Kvikvinia: "When I pull, I don't see anyone around"

    views: 1327

    On Zloty Tur or refereeing low quality, or errors (and possibly both) did not allow Genadi Kvikvinia to pick up the category gold.

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  • Ukrainian Cup-2016

    views: 987

    December, 12 at the Sports Palace "Lokomotiv" in Kharkiv, Ukraine National Cup was held.

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  • Engin Terzi: Rustam Babayev is legendary

    views: 2256

    First time i saw him was 1999 Europeans in Hungary. He was a tiny boy then but following year in 2000 Europeans in İstanbul he was much stronger as he won the junior competetion easily with the right arm and took second place in senior 65kg division.

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  • Krasimir Kostadinov: «105 kg is my category!»

    views: 2402

    Bulgarian athlete Krasimir Kostadinov became a real master of a new 105 kg class. And probably his fights were one of the brightest and the most spectacular.

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  • Igor Mazurenko's birthday!

    views: 924

    Igor! You are at that age when it wouldn't do to mention your age :) All of us in the armwrestling world would like to wish you all the best!!!

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  • Know-how from Vitaly Laletin

    views: 1776

    Vitaly Laletin had rightly become one of the heroes of the Tour Zloty. Despite all the obstacles with which he was confronted, he fought well and surprised everybody.

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  • Referees with microscope

    views: 1701

    This is another one of my texts on refereeing. Let me start with saying that I am not blaming anyone in particular and I am not picking on anyone. But this is a problem that needs solving! Otherwise, every major event is going to have competitors blaming the referees.

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  • Shynbolat Raihanov: "I want to become a three-time world champion"

    views: 1022

    One of the strongest Kazakh armwrestlers, Shynbolat Raihanov, at this year's Tour Zloty took only third place. What was the reason?

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  • The marathon syndrome – on the protests!

    views: 1073

    “The marathon syndrome” - my first in a long time article on refereeing in armwrestling, more are to come. The issue is vital – read on!

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  • A successful debut of Georgy Khaspekov

    views: 980

    New Zloty Tur category (105 kg) gave all fans of armwrestling positive emotions, beautiful fights and, of course, new characters. One of these heroes, no doubt, became Georgy Khaspekov.

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  • Poles at Zloty Tur - the Bartosiewicz brothers

    views: 1070

    Two brothers, representing Poland, started at Zloty Tur. They both fought in the same weight class – 78 kg. And so, in one article, we have two separate interviews:)

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  • The improvement of Ermes Gasparini

    views: 2548

    The presence of Ermes Gasparini at Zloty Tur-2016 made a great influence not on results 95 kg class but on ultimate class also.

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  • Zloty Tur and Pay-Per-View: How it began

    views: 1026

    Zloty Tour is an event that outstrips any other in the world of armwrestling.

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  • Magzhan Shamiev: "I knew it would be difficult"

    views: 1002

    This year Oleg Zhoh left the category up to 78 kg and champion’s place on the left arm was vacant. Serious struggle turned for gold and Magzhan Shamiev from Kazakhstan became a new champion.

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  • After Zloty Tour, Part 3

    views: 1445

    The final part of the review Zloty Tour 2016. Category 105 kg and +105 kg.

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