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Oleg Zhokh: "I plan to focus on my right hand"


At the Ukrainian Championship Oleg Zhokh tried to pull on the right hand. How successful was the attempt of the Ukrainian athlete at the main national start?

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A couple of years ago, on the Internet, a photograph depicting a young man struggling with his right hand, in a T-shirt of Oleg Zhokh flew widely. Along with her, a rumor began that Oleg really was pulling on the right at the Ukrainian Championship. Then it was just a teammate who borrowed a T-shirt, and at the 2017 championship Oleg really became at the table to try the power of his right hand.

Oleg, for the first time in a long time you fought on the right hand. How does it feel?

- Yes, but ... I lost the championship of Ukraine (laughs - Ed. Ed.). But I realized that I can really well train my right hand and win. This defeat made me angry.

Do you specialize your training for each hand separately?

- Actually, I practice my left arm more accentuated. I was preparing for armfights, serious competitions, the Zloty Tur and its open class. And the right hand was an auxiliary, and I trained it for balance. Now I want to put emphasis on it. I think, probably in a year I can normally pull on the right.

In the gym I can compete on my right hand, but the lack of competitive experience still affects. Perhaps, if I pulled more, I would feel more confident now. But so far the left hand still remains in the priority.

Oleg, what's on your future plans?

- Now I'm ready to participate in any competitions.

Does this mean that we will see you at the European Championships?

- Yes, of course, I'm going to pull there. I am now in very good shape, I will fight in the 80 kg category. About the nearest tournaments – I’d like go to Italy, just to pull and relax.

It is worth noting that Oleg has all the conditions to bring his right hand to a high competitive level and show a good fight. We wish Oleg to reach success in this difficult business!

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