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Oleg Zhokh: "I think Trubin wants revenge"


Oleg Zhokh about his off-season and competitions during it.

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Recently, Oleg Zhokh fill his collection with a different medal - the award for a victory in ultimate class. But was it difficult to pull in the "quiet" season between the two major starts – passed professional world cup and the upcoming European Championships (and qualifying for it championship of Ukraine)?

How the off-season passes to you? Do you train or rest?

- Off-season – this is when I can relax a bit. I do not train as intensively, but don’t leave workouts at all.

I train a little differently: I do not do heavy exercise for my hands, doing more for the rest – pecs, legs, back, press. In general, I do basic exercises.

I think that now I'm in good shape, and I wouldn’t lose it, because I always keep it.

How much time do you need to prepare for the competition?

- If I put some purpose, and it would be necessary to prepare well, then I would have about two months.

In the last competition, where you participated, you get gold of open class. How about this achievement?

- The fact that this is my first gold of open weight category, and it was very surprising to me.

I felt very well at these competitions, it was easy to pull in my class and very well – in the open.

I noted that Rustam Babayev is now in very good shape, and I think he can gain even better. Probably Dmitry Trubin wants a rematch with both of us.

Are you planning to pull at European and world championships this year?

- Yes, I think I will fight in these championships in the new season!

We are waiting for Oleg's new victories an for sure we'll present them to you. Stay with armpower.net!

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