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Every user of our site after registration on Armpower.net, will receive access to exclusive armwrestling community. On your account you will collect points Arm$ for your activity.

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Arm$ - What is this for?

Armbaks (Arm$) - it's virtual money in our service. Right now you can exchange your Arm$ for gifts and use them to bet the fighting. In the future we plan to launch payment for certain services on our site with Arm$:
  • access to movie files, broadcasts of events
  • purchasing souvenirs and products in our store

How to get Arm$?
There are two ways to charge your account: the transfer of real funds and activity on the site:
  1. financial charging
    Necessary resources can be paid using bank cards or through e-payment. Virtual currency exchange rate will be published at a later date.
  2. Recharging through the activity on the site.
    This method gives a lot of opportunities to charge your account:
    • Comments in various publications (discussions, news, training, etc.) - for your comment you will receive one Arm$
    • Signing photographs and descriptions to give up to 2 Arm$ (for the title and description)
    • NEW! If you have an account on other social networking sites, then for each link to our site placed in it you will get 1 Arm$! Just click on the site and post a link to our materials.
    • Additional Arm$ can be obtained by attending and actively supporting contests, promotion of the site and for inviting new members